Sunday, 27 February 2011


My Fashion week was rather diluted this time round... juggling four jobs meant I was unable to take out a hope week to immerse myself in the jam packed catwalk schedule. However, I did manage to get to one menswear show at Freemasons Hall and that was Korean designer DG Nak. I picked wisely... this week would turn out to be musical legend week, where I would find myself sharing a room with many of my heroes.... Maintaining some cool was the aim.... I managed to remain nonchalant with Weller, unfortunately the same can't be said for Grohl... Sorry, I digress, now back to fashion...

The models, including Pauls Son, all fitted under the following adjectives... waify, geek, androgynous... none of the hunky, musclebound types and this was matched perfectly by the designs. Their were large rucksacks pulled close to the back in cherry red which intentionally jarred against navy coats. There were exaggerated Duffle coats and Sherlock Holmes inspired coats.... mustard was also a key colour, something that Paul Weller had already cottoned onto with his chosen attire of cable knit jumper.

Video of complete show coming soon......

Paul Weller and family taking in the finale.... yes that is me sitting behind trying not to stare at the mod legend
The usual chaos before a show...
Some examples of front row fashion...
My favourite look from the show.... a Sherlock holes style cape trench... fantastic tailoring and yes the back of Paul Wellers Silver mane.
An example of the geek chic sported on DG NAKS catwalk.... duffle coat with bright lining
Mustard was a theme throughout


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