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BEAUTY REVIEW - Divine Décolleté with OCCO Raiyia No6 Body Treatment Mask

I have to admit to a fair few years of reckless sun worshipping which has left me with a prematurely aged décolletage. If I sleep on my side in the famously comfortable foetal position I wake up with deep chest creases, which due to the reduction of elasticity remain for an inconveniently long time. This is not my only battle though. Due to various allergies which show reaction via skin rashes, predominately on my chest region, I am also often having to amend my outfit ideas to hide and cover, most regularly via Jaegar statement necklaces and vintage silk scarves. I was hoping. OCCO Raiyia No6 97% natural Bergamot, Ginger & Cocoa Butter Body Treatment Mask might contribute to a solution. It is advised to intensely scrub the area of the body where you will be applying the mask. I did so using one of the aforementioned products. although Raiyia offer their own thoroughly recommended No6 Bergamot, Ginger & Olive Stone Body Scrubs. After applying this gloriously rich, good-enough-to-eat product they suggest you fasten a towel around your chest and sit with a cup of herbal tea (unless like me, despite the obvious benefits, you find it impossible to enjoy a cup) while it soaks in,. After 10 minutes wash it off in the shower or let it melt away in a warm bath before following with a moisturizer. While the Vitamins A and E helped to improved elasticity and stimulated collagen production, the super-hydrating Cocoa Butter and Glycerine leaving my skin feeling baby soft, the gloriously rich nature of the product seemed too much for my sensitive skin at first. Annoyingly I found myself coming up with spots, the mineral rich Kaolin which is included to cleanse and remove toxins might well have been behind this.That said, after a few treatments my skin appeared to adapt and the product would become one I would look forward to using again and again. The delicious fragrances of Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Mate, Rosemary, Petitgrain, Ginger, Nutmeg and Anis helped to make the process an even more relaxing experience while they bestowed their many therapeutic benefits. After a few sessions my chest was smooth and clear and I could finally wear all those sexy, flesh exposing summery numbers with confidence. P.S I know that the results are the main issue but it should not go unmentioned that the packaging and delivery of this product was wonderful too and would make for a great gift.

BEAUTY REVIEW - Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

Many believe that frying your face in the sun will cure or improve spot prone skin. While it might be a quick and temporary fix, drying up the oils and leaving your skin apparently smoother, in the long term it will actually encourage sebum production, leading to even more spots. As previously stated I have battled acne for many years and found applying sun cream to my face would aggravate the problem further, I would therefore unwisely omit this from my tanning regime. I would use foundation in the hope that it would least prevent a few harmful rays penetrating my skin, but this should definitely not be relied upon for adequate UVA/UVB protection. In the past I have tried face sun screens from very well known beauty brands and found them so rich my pores have been overwhelmed, deciding to throw a hissy fit in the shape of a red and bumpy breakouts. For my trip to LA this summer I managed to find a face lotion that not only did it’s just job protecting my sun exposed visage, it lead to a soft and gorgeously moisturized complexion, a far cry to crime scene I have experienced before. Hawaiian Tropics range of Sensitive Sun products are lightweight, Oil and Dye free and contain skin nourishing anti-oxidants ( the vital ingredient in reducing the chance of a sun cream induced breakout). As well as being a delicious cream to apply no other brand or packaging says ‘summer’ or ‘holiday’ more than Hawaiian Tropic... just a glance of the bottle spurs me to search Skyscanner for cheap flights....

BEAUTY REVIEW - Connock London's Wonderbalm

Hawaii to the rescue again, they sure know what they are doing when it comes to skin care, and if their women are anything to go by - Nicole Scherzinger - I definitely need a bit of what they have! Containing Kukui Oil, used for centuries by the natives and traditionally for new born babies to protect their fragile skin from the harsh effects of the glaring sun, abrasive salt water and drying winds this really is a miracle balm.
The incredibly silky balm is suitable for any area of the body, I found it particularly useful in soothing sensitive areas of the skin that had somehow escaped a barrier of sun-cream, like my eyelids and chicken bits (the unattractive floppy bits of skin by the armpit) and the top of my shoulders and ears. As well as it’s calming effects the product is a brilliant emollient and left all areas treated to an application incredibly soft.
The oil contains very high levels of linoleic and alpha linoleic acids ( essential fatty acids) and as well its aforemetioned powers tending to skin affected by sun exposure it is also said to aid those suffering with symptoms connected to Eczema, Psoriasis and acne.
When your holiday day-bag is bursting at the seams, jam packed with sun creams, tanning oils, hair protectors and all the other must-have holiday gubbins, the compact, pocket sized frame of the Wonderbalm means that it needn’t get lost in the chaos, it can reside in its very own sweaty habitat of your short pockets instead..... handy!

£18.50 , Connock London’s Kukui Oil Wonder Balm (10ml), Urban Retreat at Harrods and Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly and

BEAUTY REVIEW - TriAcnèal Treatment cream and Cleanance Gel by Eau Thermale Avène ( from the Cleanance/Triacnéal range)

In the same way that well fitting underwear works as a foundation for an outfit , clear, smooth skin is the perfect base for make-up. Sadly this is not something that comes naturally or easily for me. When I was an insecure youngster I would sneakily raid my mums bathroom cabinet for foundation to cover my spots before school, hoping to avoid the cruel taunts of the bullies. I would pray that these teenage years would fly by, foolishly thinking that as soon as they were over my skin would return to its peachy blemish free condition. As previously stated this would not turn out to be the case. Currently well into my twenties I still struggle with acne and have tried just about everything.... masks, cleansers, diets, and most successfully an antibiotic called Zineryt. Sadly after years of use my skin became immune to Zineryts power so I found myself longing for a new miracle. Thankfully, sensitive skin-care expert Eau Thermale Avène, has come to my rescue. I’ve become newly reliant on their Cleanance Gel in particular, which I use in the morning and evening to wash my face. Not only has the gel lead to a soft and nearly blemish-free face it also leaves the surface perfectly matt. However, If some spots still manage to thrust through they have another miracle product which rectifies the problem sharpish. In a recent trial 85% of patients who used TriAcnèal observed a lasting reduction in acne-induced scars and 42% decrease of inflammatory lesions on the face. TriAcnèal encourages the elimination of blemishes with its unique combination of three active ingredients: Efectiose® an anti-inflammatory-like active that mimics Rhamnose, a natural occurring sugar in the skin responsible for decreasing skin inflammation. It mixes with the skin’s own sebum easily reaching the inflamed sebaceous gland and so helps reduce redness, swelling and soreness often linked to pimples. Retinaldehyde helps to regulate keratinisation preventing thickening of the skin and the formation of blackheads and thus unblocks the pores. It has an anti-bacterial-like action: it combats the excessive development of P.acnes - the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of blemishes. It also contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory scarring. Glycolic Acid (which features in many acne treatments) has a surface peeling effect to flatten the surface of the skin.All of these ingredients are combined with the soothing action of Avène Thermal Spring Water which is clinically proven to have soothing and anti-irritating dermatological properties, thereby reducing the redness and ‘blotching’ frequently present in acne-prone skin.
So enough of the science stuff... in short, this product works, and the affect that improved skin can have should not be understated. I am in the 54% of women who feel depressed when they have a flare up, my confidence was often linked to how good/bad my skin was, some days I’d hide behind my hair or even stay in rather than show my face. If you are an adult and looking for an acne product aimed for your age bracket then I urge you to give this range a even improved my existing acne scarring.

£32 - TriAcnèal Treatment cream

BEAUTY REVIEW - Superdrugs OPTIMUM SWISS Apple Skin Renewal Day Cream

‘Wonder’, ‘miracle’ and ‘revolutionary’ are serious buzz words in the anti-aging skin industry. The amount of products claiming to achieve results more drastic than ever before enter my inbox in annoying abundance. Most will be proficient in hydrating and moisturizing and even temporarily plumping, but any drastic or long terms affect are few and far between. You can therefore allow for my skepticism when receiving info of Superdrugs extremely affordable OPTIMUM SWISS Apple Skin Renewal Day Cream. When Superdrug launched the Superdrug OPTIMUM Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum in August 2010 it was an instant hit, selling out in stores across the country, with almost one hundred thousand bottles sold to date. The product was Superdrug’s best selling anti-ageing serum in 2010 and the team thought it only right to complete the regime by adding another product to the Swiss Apple family. Developed by scientists at the Mibelle lab in Switzerland, the Day Cream contains the same Apple Stem Cell wonder ingredient used in the original serum as well as Hyaluronic acid, which provides exceptional moisturisation and UVA and UVB filters to help protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Clinical trials on the anti-wrinkle effect of an Apple Stem Cell ingredient directed at crows-feet was evaluated in a study with volunteers aged 37 to 64; applied twice a day for 28 days, results showed a significant decrease in visible wrinkle depth for all involved in the tests. I found that after even just a week my pores appeared less gaping and the deep frown ridge between my eyebrows had become less prominent, people even commented that my skin looked glowing. The overall surface was improved too and became a much nicer base for make up. Although I complain I am getting old, realistically I am still relatively young so I wanted to see if my mother (60+) thought of it. She wouldn’t mind me saying that she has deeper lines and furrows, but she too saw a noticeable change in the in the texture of the skin and also saw an improvement in the areas of fine lines. We both also commented on the fruity scent and how well it soaked into the skin.


BEAUTY REVIEW - Sun-Chlorella Cream.

Im opinion good skin is one the key ingredients to looking healthy and feeling good. As someone who struggles with acne and allergy induced rashes I know how having the opposite of a glowing complexion can harm your confidence. Years of sun worshiping in an attempt to counteract the aforementioned issues has also left me with an uneven tone, premature lines and noticeable pores. I am always on the hunt for new wonder creams in a hope they will improve some of my personal skin qualms so when a press release reached me commenting on a cream that took inspiration from Japanese ideas I was immediately intrigued.
Japanese women are often envied for their beautiful complexions, and while some of their beautifying regimes, Bull Semen in the hair for instance, might seem a bit too bonkers this particular Advanced Nourishing Cream seemed worth a try.
Harnessing the unique power of Chlorella( green algae) which is naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients the cream also boasts a unique ‘growth factor’ ingredient that has the power to reniew and regenerate ageing skin. In cultivation, chlorella naturally reproduces from four cells on day one, to one billion cells on day fifteen. Useful when taken in supplement form, it’s even more effective when applied direct to the skin. Paraben-free and with a pure aqua and natural chlorella base, new Sun Chlorella Cream keeps skin hydrated and healthy, and formulated in Japan by some of the world’s leading experts in chlorella, it is the very best in natural beauty.

Celebrity fans - Beverley Knight and Victoria Beckham

New Sun Chlorella Cream® is priced £59.95, and is available from and

BEAUTY REVIEW - Shape Changers I Hour Inch Loss Detox Body Wrap Kit

After enjoying great success within the salons the kind people at Club Cleo are offering the 1 hour inch loss detox body wrap kit for use in the comfort of our homes. The wrap promises to draw toxins out of the body, leaving you visibly slimmer, firmer and smoother.... now that is quite a promise. Even better it's not a water wrap, so you won't regain the inches when you drink fluids, in fact the more you consume the better, prolonging the benefits of the treatment. In the past I always veered away from products which involve various items and instructions, preferring the no thinking necessary, slap on and rub in approach. As I was faced with having to bare my body, which has abandoned any sort of gym activity for the last three years, amongst the body beauty in LA I though it perfect time to reconsider my lazy approach to beauty regimes. After one go I was metaphorically kicking myself for voluntarily missing out for so many years. I chose to concentrate on my wobbly thighs, which have always managed to stay meaty even at my lightest weight and remain defiantly against any sort of toning exercise methods or instruments. For those that argue with other parts of their body more ferociously than their thighs this treatment is wonderfully versatile, the bandages can be wrapped round any of the classic problem areas including the stomach ( spare tyre, paunch) upper arms ( bingo wings), hips (muffin top) etc.
The clay, which you leave in boiling water alongside the bandages for half an hour prior to mummifying of the chosen body part. is a new and improved formula, one that is extremely friendly to your skin, tightening and toning the skin and even tackling difficult ‘imperfections’ cellulite and stretch marks. Without using those made up words or getting too scientific, in short the treatment works by drawing out toxins which live in and around the fat cells, the the pores of the skin. The wrapped bandages act like a giant poultice drawing the impurities out of the body and further toxins continue to be flushed away even after completion of the treatment.
Okay, so it takes a bit more effort that slathering on some cream after a bath or before bed, but I actually revelled in hvaing an excuse to take some time out of my evening.

It left my thighs looking visibly sculpted and the skin was incredibly soft, I actually couldn’t stop stroking myself. It’s by no means permanent fix to our wobbly areas but the affects lasted longer than I predicted and it was not the messy, and hard going process that I had always anticipated.... happily proved wrong!

Speak to one of the experienced team on 0871 2211340.

All products are available from and are usually dispatched within 1

working day. There is no animal testing in any of Club Cleo’s products.


BEAUTY REVIEW - MÁDARA Ecobody Organic Anti Cellulite Body Cream

This product from award wining Latvian Eco beauty brand helps to attack cellulite by promoting the splitting of fat cells, eliminating toxins and stimulating lymphatic drainage. It claims to reduce the "orange peel" look with noticeably smoother skin in just 4 weeks. I started to use the product 3 weeks before the daunting moment of poolside flesh unveiling amongst LAs beautiful people. So after my morning shower and before bed I diligently applied the Baltic horsetail, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Algae and Caffeine lotion, a combination of ingredients which create a refreshing zesty citrus smell - one which is often present in successful cellulite products I have used . The problem with reviewing creams that have the purpose/promise of toning, firming or reducing of the orange peel, is that it can be hard to gage how much is down to the powers of its contents as opposed to the action of the regular upward energetic massaging. That said, the consistency and aroma of the cream makes the application a pleasurable one and I definitely felt an extremely positive change to the texture of my skin, so much so that I couldn't help but stroke my thighs...almost to degree that I would understand nearby folks feeling a tad uncomfortable. I am also confident that there is a notable reduction in the undulation of the meatiest parts of my body targeted with the product.


BEAUTY REVIEW - Elemis - Tan Accelerator

Time spent with an Elemis products always feels like a treat. The bottles and containers are always some of the most elegant and luxurious on the market and you always trust that they will deliver whatever the given product is claiming to achieve. With its simple but suitably summery gold tube the Tan Accelerator is no exception. Wrong or right it is my primary goal to be transformed from dry and pasty to a bronzed and smooth in the summer. I applaud and admit envy towards the pale Dita Von Teese beauties of this world, and wholeheartedly encourage you to follow their ethos on tanning, but personally If I don’t come back tanned from a holiday I can’t help feel that is has been a wasted trip. What can I say, I just feel better bronzed and can’t be doing with the process of fake tanning particularly with my very high chance of an allergic reaction to their contents. The point before the transformation to summer goddess can be an awkward one, so I am always relieved when the UK treats me to some garden basking before its true holiday bikini time. I started using the Tan Accelerator two weeks before reveling in the intensity of the Californian rays alongside my desperate attempts at UK sun worship. Containing a blend of Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Tyrosine the sweet smelling honey coloured lotion became a product I would look forward to applying. Not only did I look forward to its summery yet nutty aroma, it gave my skin a pleasing sheen while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. My skin was left in optimum condition which helped to result in an even, golden, long-lasting tan.

£19. 40

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Interview with Darmaki for Stylebible



If held at gun point and asked to choose just one Summer specific product (I have an inkling that this is unlikely) it would be the trusty dry shampoo Spending the majority of my summer at festivals means that my beauty regime generally falls under ‘making the most of a bad situation’ rather than aspiring for optimum glamour. Mosh-pit sweat, furnace like tents and lack of showers do nothing for ones hair, and although I love a beanie, it is not the ideal solution on those rare balmy UK days. For years the Bastite classic spray has been a staple in my festival bag alongside wet wipes and toilet roll, but why go for the original when they offer so many fantastic alternatives. My new addiction is the XXL version which gifts your hair with the usual benefits of dry shampoo with the added bonus of extra volume, reviving your hair more than ever before. As well as ‘Boho’ ,which is perfect for festivals with its sweet fragrance, the range even includes ‘Gold Shimmer’ edition which adds a pearl glisten to your tired locks. I’d like to say that these products are purely for festival times, but if we are honest with ourselves a few more minutes in bed are far more appealing than showering and and we regularly make a decision based on this fact.... I therefore think we should all take time out to say a big thank you to the dry shampoo gods!
Prices from £1.49


Call me a woos, call me lazy, I will fess up to both. I am a wax virgin. While I have never been completely satisfied with results achieved by shaving the thought of someone tending to my excess hair has never really appealed and having another thing to fit onto the schedule too...well it just seemed to be something I could do without. But sadly I knew I couldn’t escape some sort of waxing treatment in a feature about prepping for holiday as hair management is a major issue when confronted with the prospect of showing more flesh. I thought I would enter the waxing game tentatively with two half legs, rather than going gung- ho with the brazilian. Knowing how my irrational body reacts to new things it could be naive and dangerous to do attack my sensitive areas first.
I visited the Ministry of Wax website prior my visit to their Covent Garden concept store. Set up like a fun eatery/juice bar they give off an impression that this is a fun and pleasurable jaunt and the thoughts and fears of self inflicted pain temporarily disappear. The store itself also has the same relaxing affect and as I sat waiting for my appointment flicking through their array of fashion magazines I found myself looking up at the ‘menu’ and considering more treatments. After a short wait it was time to go underground to the cavern of treatment rooms. Thinking I had done the right and helpful thing growing my leg hair so it was at the fluffy almost comb-able stage the wax technician gently told me that it didn’t need to be quite that long to be optimum for removal. In response I quipped that I had been going solo for a couple years and currently found myself in an extremely dry patch in the romantic department... as if this confession made my gorilla leg situation less cringey, I was now also a desperate singleton. Well Done! Thankfully she seemed completely unfazed by my thick layer of fuzz and promptly got to work. Laying on my back she started to roll on the wax after checking it was okay temperature. It was right on the cusp of being too hot but I could handle it and predicted it might make the ripping of the strips less painful. She gave me a quick warning she was about to begin but there was no hesitation on her part, I was thoroughly impressed with how quick she got through the roughage of my first frontside. I’m not going to lie, It blooming hurt, my face had a work out as did my fists which clenched and retorted with every pull of a strip. The back of my legs was worse on the pain front but at least I could hide my telling facial expressions. I had always thought my pain threshold of the high variety but she warned me that, like many things, the first time is always the worst/most painful. The more regularly you wax the better the result and the less anguish caused. So once it was all over she soothed by legs with a silky aftercare lotion and I left the funkiest waxers around a few pounds lighter albeit with a slightly red post treatment rash. The skin anger subsided after a day or two to reveal legs which had a natural sheen for the first time ever. They were not as smooth as I thought they would be, it would appear some cunning hairs had escaped the wrath of the wax, so I improved some areas with some minor shaving. All in all it made my short, skirt and bikini wearing much less hassle and I can understand why people try and manage their schedule to fit in a regular sessions.


When actually making an effort or finding the time to create a ‘look’ my desired hair aesthetic tends to fall into one of two popular and eternally winning styles... the retro Hollywood starlets soft waves or the intentionally undone tousled beachy look. My hair falls more comfortably into the second style, being that it is blonde with a natural gentle wave, but it lacks the texture that connotes that I could be as cool as Cameron Diaz and actually be a Californian surfer chick. Thankfully Tommy Guns has come up with ‘Clever Curls & Waves Texture Spray’, which has enabled me to get a step closer to the Blue Crush way and with pretty much no extra effort or time added to my sparse daily hair regime. After washing and towel drying all you have to do is simply spritz the lightweight mist enriched with seaweed extract, vitamins and minerals and jujj your hair with your fingertips. Allow the natural wave of your mane to be transformed into textured, super-sexy curls. For more defined waves, just follow the same process but dry using a large round brush. £6.50


Since my first ever dye-job earlier this year sadly my hair has become more prone to dryness. If I’m honest I wouldn’t be surprised if a horse thought it appropriate to start gnawing on it. After I ran out of the amazing samples given by my hairdressers of Kerastase nourishing treatment I reverted back to my supermarket own brand shampoo and conditioner, and used my manic work schedule as an excuse to abandon any pre straightening/blow drying hair protecting measures. Since my colour treatment it became apparent that my lackluster approach to hair care would have a much more noticeable negative affect. I wanted to try and get my hair back in shape in preparation for the LA Sun which I knew would give it a further battering. Forced to sit still while body masks did their work I would use this period to simultaneously mask my locks. MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask is infused with Argan oil to help dry and damaged hair faced with environmental stresses to restore its shine and manageability. After washing and towel drying I would apply to my damp hair to seal in the moisture. It was incredibly successful in leaving me with a mass of soft and silky strands. It hadn’t felt or looked this healthy in a long time. I usually curl my hair using my GHDS, and can go without hairspray, the dryness and rigidity meaning the style usually stays in place without and spraying of styling products. If I tried my usual routine after a mask treatment the curls would fall out in next to no time. However inconvenient, this only says a lot about the improvement in texture of my mane.

P.S This may be too much info but my newly soft locks even received a compliment from a man who seductively ran his hand through.. and they say men don’t notice these things!

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Boxer Rebellion POP UP Session in Carnaby Street for HP/LAST FM

HP and recently announced a partnership, celebrating the Beats audio technology that comes with HP Premium PC, laptop and tablet devices through a series of live music events and artist interviews, curated by

The partnership kicked off with a secret pop-up acoustic session in Soho Square last month, hosted by Black Cab Sessions and featuring Sheffield duo, Slow Club. The Boxer Rebellion secret pop-up session took place on Thursday July 14th at 1pm on Carnaby Street.


Dead Heroes Clothing - Behind The Scenes

A couple of months ago we shot the S/S lookbook and lifestyle shots for Dead Heroes Clothing. Mike was still in LA doing the finishing touches to Lostprophets 5th album so myself and Pete were there to oversee the shoot. We had on board an amazing photographer called Lee Goldup, stylist Amanda, Daisy on Makeup/Hair, and the vital ingredients of two gorgeous models....

Here is some footage I took on the day ...


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Nicky Clarke Launch Party

Video and Review.... coming soon.....

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