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Interview with Giovanna

With the influx of talented young ladies creating stirs within the music industry of late it is necessary to have something that sets you apart... luckily for Giovanna she has this in spades. This songwriter, performer, producer and vocalist is an exotic and intriguing character, with an ancestry made up of Italian, Hungarian, English, Scottish, Irish and French roots ( she is bilingual in French and studied Italian for 5 Years) and an extremely eclectic mix of influences, she is sure to deliver sounds that suprise audiences. As a definite one to watch for 2012 I wanted to find out more about the processes that have gone into creating her EP... as well as how she feels about googling herself!

Your track Out in Bold is extremely atmospheric and raw, it feels quite a mature sound for a 21 year old. Would you say that is also mirrored in your personality?

That's very kind of you to say so; not sure if I have an atmospheric personality ! And I can be very immature!! but I guess its up for people I meet to make their mind up about my personality. Its not up to me!

What I have heard of your music it doesn’t feel over produced and your voice is very exposed, this makes me think you are extremely confident in your sound.Did you always know the sort of music you wanted to make?

Thanks, over the last couple months and year I've really come to terms with what my kind of sound is, what kind of music I would like to make, what I’d like to hear, and I am still developing! Don't think that ever stops.

You seem to cover a lot of different genres and use some unpredictable instrumentation. But journalists love to pigeon hole though.What genre do you think would be most accurate to describe your music?

Wow. I'd say its open for interpretation but my music tries to get the best from a lot of genres- incorporate that into some soul, afro-beat, ambience. I’ll leave it to others to define my genre.

From your brothers success with Mumford and Sons you have no doubt been given a great insight into the industry and what happens to peoples lives when things go big. Has anything shocked you about what is involved. What has been the biggest tip/lesson/invaluable tit bit that will help you as your success grows?

I'm always a bit hesitant when I have to answer questions about Mumford, because my sound is completely different, but I'm really happy for them that they're doing so well and to be associated with them is a real compliment. Nothing's really shocked me its just a beautiful thing their whole sound. They've taught me to 'work more earn, more live more have more fun!' in other words it takes time but you always reap what you sow! (I know that's a Laura Marling Lyric ;) )

Has his success spurred you on further? Is it important to you that you separate yourself from what he does and carve your own identity as an artist?

Winston has taught me to persevere and don't be afraid to repeat sets as they will only get tighter. Definitely like I said before we have really different sounds.

Did your family create an environment encouraging of creative/music endeavors? Did they help to cultivate your talents?

Definitely, my parents are the ones who made sure that I carried on playing piano- there was one point when I wanted to quit, but they were like ‘no! We're not having any of that!’. My parents are very musical but didn't pursue it as a career.

Your EP "Shaky Ground" is scheduled for release early 2012. Will you read reviews and start googling yourself? Do you worry about what you will see?

I thought about this, and I don't thinks so - I read one negative comment in an email that was sent to me and it sort of put me off! I definitely don't worry about reviews in the creative process.

What do you cover lyrically on this EP?

Love, spirituality, friendship, romance, tragedy, fate .

Will we hear you showcase your flair for languages?

Unfortunately for this Ep there's only one French lyric 'Un amour indestructible'', but expect more from my album! There’s also an accordion!

Can you describe to be the environment in which you work and your personal process when creating a song?

Well music can come spontaneously in the most obscure random places- a dream, shower, lying awake in bed at night, or (most commonly) at the piano. Reading and listening to music inspires my work- I do a lot of work in the studio.

Do you tend to be more creative in times of turmoil or when content and happy?

These are good questions! I must say a lot comes out if I'm in turmoil, I think its easier to create in turmoil. But I love to create in peaceful serenity.

Did you produce this EP yourself? If so is it hard to step back and access and be critical of work so close to you ? If not, do you find it hard to hand over control to someone else?

I co. produced it with some fine gentlemen at MI7 records. I loved every minute of it- even being critical is fun!

Why do you think you and Mi7 are such a good fit?

Well first- how awesome is the name?! Its a secret mission organisation in collaboration with James Bond, now I've told you I may have to kill you! No, but really I love the doors its opened me, to work with some real wizards and really be as creative as I want with no boundaries.

Do you get more out of the live performance or from creating the songs?

They're both really different and I completely love both in really diverse ways. I love the exhilaration you get in live performance, and I love how being in the studio is like having a painting pallet with an unlimited amount of colours.

I am yet to see you live, do we see you sitting at a piano? Are you an expressive and kinetic performer or static and introverted (in a mesmerizing way of course)? Is there much stage production or is it pretty stripped back?

About half the songs are at the piano and half standing up! Production is key, Im quite kinetic- I love to dance! (I won't say more – you’ll have to come to a gig)!

Will we see you take a big interest in your styling and video treatments too?

I think styling is a great way to express yourself just like music. As N.W.A say ‘Express yourself!’

What is on your ipod right now?

In no particular order:Enya, Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys, Laura Marling, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Moby, Prince, Sinead Oconnor, U2, The Fugees, James Horner,
Dream Collaboration?

Any or all of the above.

Dream stage/festival?

Hammersmith Apollo

Aims for 2012?

Release my EP, continue working on my album- see where that takes me, play lots of gigs/concerts and grow in the art.

Out In Bold - TNT Remix (TruFix and Twiggy)
Out In Bold - Music Video

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