Monday, 19 March 2012

Takedown Festival - Instagram Spam

So Yesterday myself, Edward and Samsun headed to my old uni town of Southampton for Takedown Festival 2012 - our first major musical event of the year. We wanted to grab chats with some of our favourite acts on the line-up many of whom happen to be good friends of Cheer Up Clothing. Sadly this meant we were stuck in the press room all day and unable to actually watch any of the cracking music, but hopefully the graft will be worth it and you will enjoy watching some of the 8 interviews we managed to capture on the day. Although it was essentially 'work' on a Sunday, it actually proved to be a delight. Everyone was in a great spirits, banter was at an all time high and the bands we got to talk to were all of the lovely variety. 

Keep checking back as soon I will be posting footage of my chats with Don Broco, Canterbury, Polar, Natives, Proxies, Deaf Havana, Evarose and Skindred. 

Deaf Havana

Don Broco


 Mic Check 1, 2

Deaf Havana

 Deaf Havana, Ed, Samsun and I


Don Broco

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