Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Interview with Tigs for Motel Rocks

My Full Interview........

How would you describe your personal style?
Glam grunge, 90’s slacker chic.


Who are your style icons?
It depends on the day but Ashley from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when she was in her hot teenage phase, Lauren Bacall, 90’s Kate moss and 70’s rockstar wives.

You have said that looking at the artwork of your previous album, you are not as happy with it now. Does the same go for previous fashion choices in promo’s or videos?
Yes of course, it is human nature to change and progress so you will always look back from time to time and think....oh bollocks.

In the video for Hurricane you have hit one of Motel Rocks favourite trends by wearing an embellished green crop top. How much input do you have in terms of styling? Has anyone ever attempted to style you in a way you’ve really disliked?
We have total control over what we where and how we look. On a shoot you work with a stylist who brings a bunch of stuff and then you pick out what you like. You've already had a conversation before the event, about what you'd like to wear, so in that sense it is a joint effort. Of course occasionally you'll work with someone new who doesn't really get who are you are, and they'll suggest something you hate. In that instance you just have to be strong with them, and say no.


Do you change you update style frequently? What inspires your style...the music scene, street style, magazines, films etc?
I don't consciously change my style but it kind of subconsciously overhauls itself from time to time. I don't have a long attention span so I guess that runs through everything in my life. It's most obvious with my hair I suppose. I change that a lot because I just get bored. Everything around us is inspirational, it informs the lyrics I write and the way I dress.
Do you tell band mates if you are not into what they are wearing?
Yes. It doesn't happen often though, James dresses very well.


I believe you now have a fellow female on tour with you. How has that changed the dynamic? Have you found there are girly things you have been discussing that you weren’t able to before?
The music scene, being in a touring band, is a very male environment. From crew to bands to venue staff, I always found myself with men, and that has been fine, but when we were out on the road I did really miss female company. Having another girl around has taken all the loneliness out of touring for me. It's pretty awesome.

As an artist how do you strike to balance of having style but not letting it overshadow the music?
I don't wear anything outrageous because that's not the way like to dress. And I would never want my style to be the first thing people knew me for. It should be about the songs.

Trends you wish would disappear or reappear?
Disappear - boot-cuts. Who the fuck still wears these?! People in West London. Reappear - Fondue. I missed it the first time round and it sounds awesome. I love cheese.

What are your beauty/style secrets for tour living?
Cheap underwear that you throw out after wearing. Not very environmentally friendly I'm afraid. Lots of face-masks. If we have a late start one morning, I'll do a little pamper at the hotel, makes me feel like I'm at home.


Your current favourite performance look?
Just gone back to sequined knickers and a tiny crop top.


What Motel Rocks items would find themselves on your wish-list?
Razzle dazzle sequined shorts. I'd wear them on stage.

What do you hope Chew Lips will achieve in the coming year?
A critically acclaimed 2nd album.





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