Monday, 30 April 2012

My Interview with Benji of Skindred

I was extremely thankful that Benji took time out to chat to me for a few minutes prior to his headline slot at the Festival... We spoke about the problems with the music industry, his upcoming trip to Japan, lame crowds and curry kebabs....


My Interview With Canterbury from TakeDown Festival

I chat to the lads about the stresses of doing things organically, making the album, brotherhood and the merits or fruit.....


Converse Block Party

I'd had a pretty awful weekend and was in the midst of wallowing when my mate Dave Chandler persuaded me to stop feeling sorry for myself for a couple hours and pop by the Converse Block Party.

I must say it was a bit of treat to be at an event and not have my mind possessed by interview questions and schmoozing... it was just a good ol' night of music, mc battles, skateboarding... and jerk chicken.

I didn't get footage of all the performers, but here is a little video montage of what I did capture...
Big shout out goes to my friends in Clement Marfo and The Frontline who predictably impressed! x


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Get Ready To Awwwwwwwwww

Last weekend I was on bonnie Scotland for my friend Alice's hen do. To maintain some dignity and to keep some friends it is probably best that I don't post any pictures of us hens, so instead please enjoy the picture and footage of one of the beautiful Pandas from Edinburgh Zoo. We were lucky enough to meet the two sort-of love birds, who found fame when interest grew in their sexual activity recently. Sadly they didn't 'do it'. but the zoo keepers are hopeful they will at some point over the next ten years!


I’m not saying Sophie is losing his hair, but each day it takes her longer to wash her face.

Thinning hair is not actually funny to me, in fact it is actually making me very sad and effecting me in ways I never knew it could.  I will go into more detail soon.

Above is an image of how my hair was a few years and how I would love it to be again.....

I am currently trying out various products to try and rectify or improve my current situation. First up are these items by Nanogen. The company have an array of products for hair-loss to cater for both men and women on their website. Will let you know how I get on!! Wish me luck...


My interview With Evarose from Takedown Festival

I had a very spur of the moment chat with the lovely ladies from Evarose... I particularly like their answers to who they'd like to takedown if they had the chance, Alan Partridge would agree with one of the answers!

My interview With Proxies from Takedown Festival

Here is my chat with Proxies filmed at Takedown Festival a few weeks ago. We talk about their single with Sean Smith, touring with Hadouken, spooning and Nandos!

I must apologize for my interviews from Takedown, I had 8 in a row and my brain was struggling to function and recall information on all of the bands.... I hope you can get some enjoyment out of watching them though!! x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Olga Berg Press Day (Fearnhurst PR)

Olga Berg are a brand that have found their style and stuck with it. I'm not saying that each collection is the same, but they have found what women want from their clutches and they ensure that they deliver it every season, albeit with a little twist or extra detail. This season you can everything from Origami to the Art Deco period informing the designs. They have pretty much every colour covered with their collections with the warmer jewels tones appearing in their A/W creations. Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and Millie Mackintosh are among the various celebrities who have wrapped their hands round one of these beauties. Their is a huge range in terms of price - the Swarovski embellished ones obviously stretching the budget the most, but if you want a stunning bag to complete your evening look this is clearly the place to go.


Jaeger (Women) A/W Press Day

As always the brand have delivered a stunning collections of clothes and accessories for A/W. The Boutique range gets stronger every season, with some fantastic bright/neon knitwear and polka dots in various sizes and hues. It also features cute patterned winter jumpers with adorable Christmas puddings adding humour to collars. There are plenty classic pieces in the main line that are great investment pieces. There is striking print occasions-wear and a particularly stunning lace jump suit. There are sexy and racy pieces in the form of a PVC look belted trench and pencil skirt, as well as decadent faux fur collars on various jackets.

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