Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mika and Swatch Partner Up

Legendary watch brand Swatch have announced a partnership with recording artist Mika. Renowned for being creative with his visuals, always displaying a hearty dose of fun,  Mika feels like a perfect partner for Swatch, a global brand similarly admired for its quirkiness, vibrancy and colour. There is another significant link between Swatch and  pop star, too: 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of non-stop innovation from the iconic Swiss watch maker, since its launch back in 1983, and Mika will also celebrate being 30 years young! I have to be honest that I am not exactly the biggest fan of Mika, in fact one of his songs really got on my wick, but I have to admit that this does feel like a good match, I have admired his video work and I know a lot of you will be excited about the collab.

The partnership between Swatch and Mika comprises of a succession of exciting interactions between both parties. Firstly, you may have noticed Mika sporting his Touch Blue watch in his latest video for  Popular Song . This marriage of music and style then resurfaces in the TV advertising campaign for the Swatch Scuba Libre collection, which launches on June 1st and features the track Underwater, from Mika's most recent album, The Origin of Love.
As of May 2013, for the second time, Swatch will be partner of the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia and is pleased to be accompanied by Mika. The singer is notably featured within the amazing SWATCH_Faces concept, which is the signature theme for Swatch's presence and partnership with this world renowned exhibition of contemporary art. SWATCH_Faces is also located in one of the two principal venues of La Biennale di Venezia, the historic shipyards known as the Arsenale, and is realized by a specially created wall of art, showcasing images of 30 people whom, as with Mika and Swatch, turn 30 years young in 2013.
Conceived as a visual statement to celebrate Swatch's decade-spanning commitment to creativity, innovation, provocation and its long-standing support of the arts, this Arsenale-based art wall features photographs of 30 carefully chosen individuals all born in 1983, each of them proudly wearing their favourite Swatch and each of them represented by a separate stunning portrait.
The multi-media collaboration between Swatch and Mika will further evolve later this year when the singer brings his unique  style flair to a special watch design.

Mika comments on the partnership with Swatch:
'Swatch is such an iconic brand. I have always admired their creativity - from their classic and pure designs, to their exciting and wacky collaborations with artists. It's a design brand that has been able to reflect every decade since it launched, while remaining incredibly consistent with its unique design principles. I grew up with Swatch and have been a fan for years, so to be one of the 30 people chosen to represent the brand at their 30th anniversary is brilliant! I look forward to seeing what the next 30 years will hold, too.'

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