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I chat to Tom and Tim about how swimmingly things seem to be going, touring with One Republic and Ellie Goulding and their upcoming performance at Reading and Leeds Festival.

When researching you guys for this interview I found it hard to find out much about you as people. Are you hoping the music will do all the talking (it seems to be working)?
TOM - I think it’s half that and half the fact that we’re a bit unorganised... I like your version better though so we’ll stick with that!

Can you give me a potted history about your formation, including previous bands/jobs..
Josh and I (Tom) met in Exeter and played in bands together for years before moving to London to start S&L. Dan was my next door neighbour when I was 2 and we met Tim through mutual friends, and it just kind of worked! Between us we have worked in bars, pubs, in music venues, ran rehearsal rooms, worked as bin men, in warehouses, at airports, in offices, as drivers, cooks, waiters... (the list goes on and on...). Anything that allowed us to make music in our spare time really!
Are you surprised at how fast things seem to be progressing for you - securing great tours and festival so early on? 
Yes! We feel ridiculously lucky to be playing festivals like Reading & Leeds at this stage.

You heard yourselves for the first time on radio this week, did anyone tape it old-school style? How did you all react (honestly)? 
If I had a tape player I would be all over that, but no such luck. Dan slept through it. I was honestly really excited; I was listening on headphones at home, in the dark and had a ridiculous grin on my face.

I am personally a big fan of One republic and think Ryan Tedder is an amazing songwriter. Were you fans of theirs prior to securing the support slot?

Yeah, we are massive fanboys, both of the band and of his writing. (Best song = Battlefield)

Did you try and secure a writing session with the good man while you were there? What else did you take away from the experience?
I didn’t no – too nervous to ask. Would love that though! 1R as a band were really supportive and also, playing Shepherds Bush Empire was a massive deal for us, loved every second.

You also supported Ellie Goulding, a fellow Turn First artist. How important is it to have the right people behind you to help you progress? (managements/press/label etc)
Having the right team behind you is really important, although I think it’s as important to have other artists supporting what you’re doing, which is why it was so great that Ellie took us out as we’re all big fans.

After playing with the likes of Ellie, One Republic, Nina Nesbitt is there a noticeable influx of new fans joining your Facebook, following on Twitter etc. How does it compare to the response you get from a festival appearance?
This is first real summer of festivals so I couldn’t really tell you, ask us in a few months! People have been really lovely about us after some of the shows we’ve played, it means a lot (not just saying this) that people take the time to say they enjoyed something that we’ve done.

Is the dynamic of touring with a female artist compared to a male band very different? In what ways?
Not massively, we had a great time with both. I guess we partied a bit more on the Ellie tour as we got to know her and her band better.

You recently got on a plane to film your video for Ghosts. Can you tell me about the video? Are you guys naturals in front of the camera?
Definitely NOT naturals! We’re pretty awkward for 95% of the time. We had an incredible time filming it though, we went to a tiny island called Inishturk just off the coast of Ireland to film – never been anywhere like it. Can’t wait for people to see it.

From playing in different bands that vary in terms of their heavy-ness, do you find you are less stressed and calmer when in a less heavy band, or does heavy music allow for more venting and help stress? 
TIM - I think you are less stressed if you are happy doing what you are doing, regardless of genre. Heavy music is obviously a release for a lot of people, and I relate to that, but personally I am much happier playing this style of music!

Tim you have played Reading and Leeds before - what about the rest of the band? What has Tim and others told you to expect from it?
TIM - Playing Reading before was an amazing experience (especially having attended the festival for years), but it being on an outdoor stage was slightly marred by it pissing it down! Luckily our slot is on the festival republic stage, which has a great line-up, and if it rains, who cares! 

Have you got anything special planned for your appearance (cover/production/guest appearances)?
TIM - Awkwardly now you’ve asked – no. We have a few ideas in the pipeline though so hopefully we can get them sorted for Reading/Leeds!

How have all your other festival dates prepared you? Are there any things you’ve changed and adapted throughout the festival season? 
TIM - We’ve changed our set a little as it’s a very diverse audience at festivals but we’ve generally got better at the logistics – getting used to no sound check and 10 minute change overs etc.

What sets are you hoping to catch and who might you try and stalk on the day?
TIM - SO MANY. Personally I would love to see Eminem, Chvrches, Crystal Fighters, MO, Deap Vally, too many to name. Going to be a fun weekend!

Please tell me something surprising about you...
TIM - Last time we went to Reading Festival we crowd surfed to a DJ playing ‘Call me maybe’. It was a delight.

Plans for 2014?
TIM - Play as many shows as we can and release our first album!


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