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Interview with artist David Rusbatch

I chat to the painter about his new exhibition Lost and Found......
First things first. What conversation/meeting/thought lead to this project?
OK, well I'd just finished a previous exhibition, and was starting to sketch out new idea's. At this time I become good friends with the DJ Emma Borley, (previously DJ'd alongside Two Bears (hot chip) and Leeds based outfits AudioJack and FreakyBehaviour). Listening to her talk dramatically about dance music, I deduced it practically defined who she was, akin to a religious dervish talking about their gods and their all encompassing impact on their life. It made her like make sense like nothing else. This was mind-blowing to witness, and led to a exploration further into the sub culture.
Is this scene, genre of music, something you were already familiar with?
Yeah, as a MixMag subscriber years before, I was fairly familiar with Dance music. It wasn't an obvious choice of subject, as the media portrayal had always suggested a vacuous art form that needed drugs to attribute any substance to it. This has always seemed unfair to me, and I wanted to challenge that notion. From a visual perspective, compared to other genre's of music, it still seems to have a confused vague visual identity, the excitement centred on defining this further.
Do you prefer to know and be passionate about the themes you are painting about, or do you enjoy the challenge of having to research and familiarise yourself with something new?
My teenage years comprised of swimming through my own vomit 8 times a week at swimming training, so my formative years were restricted more than most, so I always wondered what i'd missed out on. So I didn't and don't claim to be an authority on the subject. So it was a foreboding undertaking, almost a regression back to the mid-90's for me. A period of re-education ensued.

Are you someone that likes to paint with music on in the background? Does it influence the style you paint and the may you manipulate your material? 
YES. My dog ate hotdogs for 2 weeks whilst I paid off a quality sound system. I do think the music informs the work massively, though its hard to know whether its the relaxed state it puts me in, the blinkering of senses or subconsciously filters into the work. Trance music and chill-out artists like Bonobo and Fink seems to work best for me.

How involved were UTAH SAINTS in the project? What was their role exactly?
Well, it was an honour to have them involved, their role was to conceive my life long love of electronic music. They were the early pioneers of sample led music, I remember vividly being in a sport shop , and their seminal Kate Bush sampled "something good" came on, and we had an impromptu party in the corner of the shop, oblivious to the scowling shop assistant. Being from Leeds, we were all proud to have them flying the flag alongside KLF, SNAP, SHAMAN etc etc. We have mutual friends, and they liked the paintings  - and kindly wrote an introduction to the exhibition.
David has done an amazing job of visually interpreting the sonic palettes of electronic dance music.He has produced stunning contemporary pieces which have so much depth they are also able to reference the journey of dance music over the last 20 years."  UTAH SAINTS 2014
"Liking these paintings a LOT!. Rusbatch is like a visual mash-up put through a TB-303’ Norman Cook/FATBOY SLIM 2014

What were the surprising things you learnt about the scene during your time working on this project? How has it changed you relationship with the music?
The biggest apparition for me was realising how seminal dance music has been not just to hardened clubbers but to EVERYONE.. Going to a night club, getting drunk, dancing till 3 am, has become a standard coming of age ritual, which is either dismissed as time goes by or something that stays with you, each track keeping alive the feelings of YOUTH and REBELLION  flooded with nostalgia.

Can you tell me about the research you did for this body of work?
Yeah various sources. Sarah Thornton's excellent social essays "Club Cultures - Music, media and subcultural capital" was very informative, and influential. Talking to hardened clubbers, about getting naked and lost in fields in the middle of West Yorkshire, seeing golden pyramids and spiders whilst dancing at Full Moon parties in Thailand, tales of care free abandonment against the stark reality of a grey 9 to 5 job.
Are you someone that has done a lot of Clubbing in their time. What did you get out of those experiences?
One of the best moments of my life was being passed a dirty bottle of poppers by a random stranger under a huge tent in the Hampshire countryside with mates, whilst The Chemical Brothers fired up their set. I'm not a religious man, but it felt cohesively perfect and blissful. Happiness has been defined historically as "absence of anxiety" - and the sea of humans swaying around me like one sweaty combobulated (sic) body seemed to confirm this.
How important are other art forms in terms of influencing the work you do?
I think all art forms are very interchangeable, at the heart is CREATION. All forms of CREATIVITY have the potential to influence and life-affirm. I did take a spare ticket to the ballet recently and I really tried to get it, but I struggled.

These works seem to be the most vivid work you’ve done in terms of palette. Were you comfortable with this, or was it difficult to adapt to initially?
Very true. Although the palette changed, the beginnings of the paintings all go through the same process. Though it’s hard to see, it’s been a natural  and comfortable progression from previous work. After throwing previous work in a skip pre -exhibition, my gallery were understandably on edge, at the new work, and like new things needed time to get familiar with them as all new things do.

Is there anything about the process behind these works which is unique to this project?
You wouldn’t ask Paul Daniels how he does he trick would you? would…ok.....erm...I guess the materials are unconventional, which has changed the thinking process, almost a re training of the brain. Some artists deal with one subject their whole life, but my restless brain needs new stimulation.
I can imagine these will be extremely popular to private collectors and those looking to jazz up their homes. How has the response been so far?
The response has been surprisingly bonkers actually! People seems to really understand and like the work, and we've already sold quite a few paintings pre-exhibition too. The cliche is paintings look much better in the flesh, and these seem to provoke a really positive instinctual guttural response.
Is there ever an element of sadness when you see your artwork go to their new homes?
Yeah, definitely. There are some paintings that I hate to let go, my heart is constantly broken..  You have a short lived intense relationship with each painting.....

How have you orchestrated the opening night shindig to befit the theme of the exhibition?
At the opening night, we have FREE DRINKS, and Utah Saint’s introduction in the catalogue and displayed. Also an exclusive  playlist of tracks that influenced the work as well as a special mix recorded and mastered especially for the occasion by DJ Emma Borley - the mix that started the whole adventure. COME ALONG..WHATS NOT LIKE?!!!
How do you cope with opening nights. Are you comfortable in schmoozing with attendees etc?
Yeah, great, it is an essential part of the art industry. Everyone has a commonality in the love of art, which is great.
How do you feel about dissecting your work and the themes and meanings behind the painting?
When I was starting out as an artist, I remembered a Stereophonics album, the sleeve artwork, detailed the provenance and meanings behind each track. But this was seem as a negative when applied to visual art, as people like to project their own meaning to a painting. Also, given everyone has a blank canvas at their disposal, sometimes its nice to remain ignorant as why a painting has been conceived, and that there - is the addiction of painting - that subconscious glint of meaning thats never explained.

You’ve previously work with Howard Marks on some work. How do you cope with collaboration in general. Are you accepting of outside opinion and ideas?
Howard was very generous and accommodating, he was a fan of my work so no real stipulations were put on the work and I was left to my own devices. Only the confines of the subject matters can prove frustrating sometimes. Collaborations and discussion can be healthy, but, the freedom of painting lies in doing what you want to do, unrestricted.
A productive collaboration recently was with Film maker Andrew Barnes, who did a short film about my work CREATE &DESTROY:
Your work can also be purchased in the form of t-shirts from Harvey Nichols. How do you feel in general about your work being transformed into sellable items other than their original forms?
Erm. Great question. I've not seen the finished clothing yet, so hard to answer, will take a bit of getting used to, my paintings are one of a kind, the only ones in the world at what they are, so the exclusivity informs a intimate value to them. When on clothing they'll suddenly become more of a commodity. Like a girl friend who leaves you to sleep with the rugby team.
Any plans to bring the show to London?
YES. In discussions about showing the work with a new Covent Garden based gallery later this year. Watch this space for more details or
Would you consider another project capturing another music scene?
I don’t know. The appeal with dance music was the unexplored visual realms. Most other music forms are established, well versed imagery, but who knows what the future holds. 
Last song played on your iPod?
Oooh...probably one of the tracks from the Lost and found play list....:



After the huge success of 2013’s nationwide opportunity, Red Bull Studios is back for 2014 preparing to launch a new nationwide opportunity on 24th March, offering aspiring unsigned bands the chance to take their career to the next level through a professional studio experience, expert mentoring and a slot on stage at the prestigious Download Festival, June 13-15th 2014.

In 2013, 8 promising new acts from all over the UK made it to play at Download in front of thousands: Searching Alaska, Akord, Semperfi, Surrender the Coast, Forever Can Wait, Falling With Style, Press to MECO and Sky Valley Mistress.  

Red Bull Studios Live at Download 2014 will officially launch at on Monday 24 March. Bands will be invited to upload a video to the site where they will be voted for by the general public and judged by a panel of leading industry experts including Kerrang Radio presenter Katie P, Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Red Bull Records label manager and music industry aficionado Angie Somerside, plus much revered band and Download Festival veterans Don Broco.

From the bands that enter, 100 will be shortlisted by public vote and put forward to the judges.  15 bands will then be chosen by the panel to head to Red Bull Studios in London for an all-encompassing professional studio experience. Of those, 8 bands will go through to play on the Red Bull Studios Live stage at Download Festival. 

What do bands need to do?
Bands have three weeks only, From the 1st April – 21st  April to upload a profile to Bands must be unsigned, aged between 16 – 25 and residents of the UK.  Once they have uploaded their profile, it will be monitored and ranked in real time on a chart which measures the amount of hype bands are creating across the web, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sources of online activity. However, good old-fashioned votes will still be the most powerful source to help bands rise up the chart. 

Then what?
At 5pm on Monday 21st April the top 100 bands that have promoted themselves best, securing the most hype and votes will go through to the next round to be judged by the panel.

Exciting! – and then?

5th – 9th May:  From the top 100 hyped bands, our panel of expert judges will choose a final 15 to head down to the state of the art Red Bull Studios in London where they will be given a professional studio experience, getting them ready to take to the festival stage.  For unsigned bands it doesn’t come much better than this: to experience the lifestyle of a professional musician, the 15 bands will get to record in the studio with expert producers on hand, be mentored by the music industry panel as well as get practical tips from Don Broco. They will have professional press shots created, media training to help them practice their interview technique, plus other surprises to be unveiled on the day.

What about the festival slot?

On the 16th May short films of each of the 15 finalists performing at Red Bull Studios will then go back online for the public to decide who they think should make it on to the Red Bull Studios Live stage at Download Festival 2014.  Six bands will be decided by the public and two will be chosen as wildcards by the judges, with four bands playing across 2 days of the festival.

Twitter: @RBStudiosLondon

Instagram: @RedBullStudioLondon


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Bookshop hangs with Brandon Boyd

This Saturday I went to the extremely quaint location of The Society Club to meet Brandon Boyd for a chat about his new book So The Echo and his new music project Sons of the Sea. By a weird coincidence my friend Joe has just purchased one of his prints, so came along to pick up the artwork from the man himself. 

Interview coming soon....

P.S Below you will see the motley canine crew that reside at The Society Club. 


Outfit Post - Feeling Fragile?

Outfit Details

Nasty Gal Jacket
TopShop Jeans
Kelly Shaw T-Shirt
New Look Boots


Friday, 21 March 2014

Bleach London - Blonde Ambition

The Result

The Inspiration....

Apparently the pictures I showed Loren at Bleach were all quite different in technical terms, so involved dip dye, others all over colours, some darkening the roots, and others highlights. After a discussion about whose look I wanted the most (Blake Lively) and about the practicalities (like upkeep) we opted for half head of highlights using bright blonde and golden tones. 

I was very pleased with the result, as it found the balance of looking more dramatic than my natural tone but not so bright that it couldn't be a natural sun bleached affect. They were my first ever highlights, so I was a bit fearful I'd end up with that ever so nineties stripe aesthetic. I needn't have worried, Loren is an expect, and she coloured such small strands with each colour that it looked like the natural variance you find in blonde hair. 

A week into the transformation...


Two's Company....

 Went for another beautiful walk in Virginia Water this week, and look who we bumped in to!!

Anyone know if they are frogs or toads?


Thursday, 20 March 2014


Following the expansion of the Festival last year to encompass even more music and genres, Reading & LeedsFestivals are back with a line-up that’s more spectacular than ever! Bringing the biggest and best names in rock, indie, dance, alternative, grime and hip-hop to the UK for the bank holiday weekend that remains completely unrivalled, it really is the only place to see such an exciting mix of acts!

This year sees amazing Main Stage co-headliner shows from rock heroes Queens Of The Stone Age and pop-rock trailblazers Paramore who share the prestigious stage on Friday at Reading and Saturday at Leeds in their only UK performances of 2014. They join headliners pop-punk legends Blink-182, who perform their only UK shows of 2014 on the Sunday at Reading and Friday at Leeds, and the inimitable multi BRIT and NME Award winningArctic Monkeys who will grace the stage in an England and Wales festival exclusive set on Saturday at Reading and Sunday at Leeds.

With festival veterans You Me At Six returning to Reading & Leeds and Jake Bugg making a well-deserved step up to the Main Stage, the line-up is certainly taking shape! The Grammy Award winning, Vampire Weekend and multi Grammy Award-winning hip-hop duo and one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2013, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit the Main Stage for what promises to be an incredible set alongside fellow Americans Imagine Dragons and Foster The People, and the UK’s Deaf Havana.

Over on the NME/Radio 1 Stage alongside previously announced headliners Disclosure and Courteeners are the incredible Bombay Bicycle Club, who return to the Festivals with their exceptional new Number One album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, as well as catchy electronic pop group Chvrches, UK single chart toppers Clean Bandit and mysterious London hype duo Jungle.

This year’s BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage is shaping up to be as exciting as ever with already confirmed headliners Netsky Live joined by Australian superstar Flume and a special DJ set from drum ‘n’ bass heavyweights Pendulum.

Across the festival there will be performances from Klaxons, David Rodigan MBE, Lower Than Atlantis, Boys Noize,Danny Brown, Eagulls, The Fat White Family and many more.

With many more acts to be announced in the coming weeks across these stages, as well as the Festival Republic Stage, Lock Up Stage, The Pit, BBC Introducing Stage and the Alternative Stage, this year promises to be one of the best yet for the UK’s best Festivals!

A-Z of Artists announced so far for Reading & Leeds Festivals 2014

A Day To Remember **
Neck Deep
Andy C
Enter Shikari **
Nero (Live) **
Annie Mac
Netsky Live
Foster The People
Of Mice & Men **
Arctic Monkeys *
Paramore **
Gorgon City
Ben Pearce
Pendulum (DJ set) *
Blink-182 **
Pusha T
Bombay Bicycle Club
I Am Legion
Queens Of The Stone Age **
Imagine Dragons
Royal Blood
Boys Noize
Jacob Plant
Sleeping With Sirens **
Cage The Elephant *
Jake Bugg *
Jimmy Eat World
The 1975
Circa Waves
Joey Bada$$
The Fat White Family
Clean Bandit
The Hives **
Courteeners **
Klaxons *
The Neighbourhood
Danny Brown
Krept & Konan
Vampire Weekend *
David Rodigan MBE
Vic Mensa
Deaf Havana
Die Antwoord
Lower Than Atlantis
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis **
Wolf Alice
Don Broco *
You Me At Six **

* Exclusive festival performance
** Exclusive performance


Queens Of The Stone Age and Paramore to headline,
Vampire Weekend, Enter Shikari, Deaf Havana,  Hacktivist, Temples
 and Drenge added!


Main Stage co-headliners Queens Of The Stone Age are certainly no strangers to Reading & Leeds Festivals, having graced the Main Stage four times and appeared at the festival five times in total since their inception in 1996. This year the band take a well-deserved step up to headline the Festivals for the first time,  playing a UK festival exclusive performance and their only UK show of 2014. From their 1998 self-titled debut and 2002’s true breakthrough album ‘Songs For The Deaf’ which contained the ubiquitous single ‘No One Knows’, through to last year’s triumphant Number One US and Number Two UK album ‘…Like Clockwork’ they are a true rock tour de force. The band’s back catalogue is full of undisputed anthems peppered with truly iconic riffs and frontman Josh Homme’s distinct, soulful vocal. Following a year of arena tours the only true home for a band of their calibre is stepping into the prestigious Main Stage headline slot to close the festival on the Friday at Reading.

Returning to Reading & Leeds, co-headliners Paramore bring their gold certified, Number One self-titled album to the Festival for a set that promises to blow crowds away this summer! With four trips to the festivals thus far, three of which saw the band tread the boards of the Main Stage, they return to take their rightful place at the top of the bill in UKfestival exclusive performance and their only UK shows of 2014. With a veritable arsenal of hit songs including the likes of ‘Still Into You’, ‘Misery Business’, ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and ‘Ignorance’ they are unmatched in the field of anthemic pop-punk and rock. Hayley Williams and co. have grown up in the public eye and on the stages of Reading & Leeds and 2014 promises to be a landmark performance for the band. They will close the proceedings in spectacular style on the Saturday at Leeds.

Reading & Leeds Festivals are THE only place in the UK to see both of these bands in 2014!

Start dreaming of blue skies because possibly the best festival sunshine band, the Grammy Award-winning, Vampire Weekend return to the Reading & Leeds Main Stage for the first time since 2009. New York’s finest will bring a plethora of hits to the stage including sing-alongs from the Grammy Award-winning 2013 album ‘Modern Vampires of The City’. Last year’s Shikari Soundsystem almost blew the roof off the tent, and for 2014 the Enter Shikari guys return to their rightful place on the Main Stage for a fully live set for the first time since 2012. Expect a trademark rawkus and explosive show to get those Reading & Leeds circle pits revolving.

Since their formation in 1993 Jimmy Eat World have positioned themselves as one of the most influential and longstanding groups in emotional rock music. Wearing their hearts firmly on their sleeves and with now legendary records the likes of 'Clarity' and 'Bleed American' under their belts they return to Reading & Leeds all guns blazing for a festival exclusive set this summer.

Joining the co-headliners on this day are Norfolk alternative rock band Deaf Havana whose acclaimed 2013 album ‘Old Souls’ saw them enter into the big league and storm into the UK Top Ten with their collection of soulful, and melodic tunes. Hacktivist debuted at Reading & Leeds last year on the Lock Up/Rock Stage and have now moved up to the prestigious opening slot on the Main Stage for 2014. Rap/metal with serrated edges will be the order of the day, a rude awakening to kick start the crowds.


Joining stage headliners Courteeners, as well the already confirmed SBTRKT and Warpaint and championed by the likes of Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher, Temples bring their expertly executed tunes to the NME/Radio 1 Stage after releasing their Top 10 debut album ‘Sun Structures’ as the first of many names to come for this day of the Festivals.

Having made their Reading & Leeds debut in 2013 with a storming set on the Festival Republic Stage, the ‘Best New Band’ NME award-winning sibling duo Drenge will be bringing their noisy grunge rock to the NME/Radio 1 Stage.


After an amazing first year as a three day stage, this year the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage returns across all three days of the Festivals with already announced headliner Netsky Live leading proceedings.


Just confirmed to join Arctic Monkeys will be
Imagine Dragons, Foster The People, The Hives, Peace, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chvrches, Don Broco, Cage The Elephant, NERO (Live) and Pendulum (DJ Set)!


With crowd favourites and dominators of this years BRIT and NME Awards, Arctic Monkeys returning to headline this years Reading & Leeds Festivals, and song-writing wunderkind Jake Bugg already announced to take the stage there’s plenty more to announce for this year’s Main Stage.

Having stormed the NME/Radio 1 Stage in 2013, Grammy Award-winning American alternative rockers Imagine Dragons make a well-deserved step up onto this year’s Main Stage line-up. With debut album ‘Night Visions’ currently certified platinum in eight countries, their calibre is unquestionable. This is a band very much on the ascent and a welcome addition to the line-up.  Joining them are Indie-pop trio Foster The People who need little by way of introduction. Their crossover hit single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ was so ubiquitous that you’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed it. Their upcoming sophomore full length ‘Supermodel’ is due to land this March and with songs as catchy as ‘Coming Of Age’, the Reading & Leeds crowds are sure to be singing every word back at them.

Swedish masters of rock ‘n’ roll and festival favourites The Hives return to Reading & Leeds for what is sure to be one of the most energetic sets of the weekend. Rounding off this Main Stage announcement, indie champs Peace step up to the plate, backed by last year’s sublime album ‘In Love’.


Hailing from North London, Bombay Bicycle Club have never shied away from experimenting with a variety of genres. Their sound encompasses indie, electronica, world, folk and rock and having previously released three Gold records, February saw their fourth album 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' claiming the UK’s Number One chart spot amid much critical acclaim. These songs display a maturity beyond their years and with a thrilling live show they are the perfect headliner for the NME/Radio 1 Stage. 

Lead by the tender vocal of singer Lauren Mayberry, Chvrches were a true breakout act last year. Their 2013 debut album ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ was full of unparalleled, catchy electronic pop that has garnered them attention on both sides of the pond and with choruses as strong as those found on singles ‘Recover’ and ‘The Mother We Share’, it is more than deserved. Reading & Leeds are ecstatic to have them back!

Almost impossible to categorise, South Africa's Die Antwoord's futuristic rap-rave hybrid needs to be seen live to truly be appreciated. Fronted by vocalists Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er, they are an authentic representation of a counter culture and forthcoming album 'Donker Mag' is sure to be another slice of truly original crossover rap. Joining the stage are a band that made their debut at Reading & Leeds in 2011 on the BBC Introducing Stage and last year completely owned their slot on the Main Stage, Don Broco, who are this year returning with their hook laden rock tunes. The band add"R&L is the absolute highlight of our summer and we are thrilled to be back again this year to tear up the Radio 1/NME tent. We've got a rich history with the festival, whether volunteering at it, going as punters or playing it, we always look forward to coming back and having a blast."

In addition to this, excellent American rock band Cage The Elephant will be returning for the first time since the release of last year’s incredible album ‘Melophobia’.

As an extra treat for the festival crowds there will also be an amazing closing set from Grammy Award-winning London electronic trio NERO (Live), who’ll wrap up proceedings with a flurry of hits.


Drum ‘n’ Bass heavyweights Pendulum will be bringing their distinctive mix of world-beating heavy rock and pulsing electronic music to Reading & Leeds, unleashing an extra special headline DJ set on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage, a set not to be missed!


Just confirmed to join Blink-182 will be
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens,
Clean Bandit, Jungle and Flume!


With pop-punk heroes and undisputed band of a generation Blink-182 back to headline Reading & Leeds 2014 with a new album in tow, the rest of the line-up is taking shape too.

To say that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis rise to stardom has been meteoric would be a complete understatement. The hip-hop duo comprised of rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis were this year nominated for seven Grammy Awards and walked away with an astounding four on the night, ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Best Rap Album’, ‘Best Rap Song’ and ‘Best Rap Performance’. Their independently released album ‘The Heist’, which featured a vast array of guest stars including Schoolboy Q and Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell, has been certified platinum in five countries and sold in excess of a million copies.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis comment on their appearance: "We have been all over the world this past year and are thrilled to be coming back to the UK to play the Reading & Leeds Festivals. It is a huge honour to be asked to perform at a festival with such a rich history."

As previously announced, Hertfordshire rockers You Me At Six will be returning to the Main Stage for 2014 along with songs from this year’s incredible Number One hit record ‘Cavalier Youth’.

Returning to the Festivals for the first time since 2010, and fresh from their biggest UK tour yet, US rock titans A Day To Remember will be bringing their incredible mix of metalcore and modern pop punk to the Main Stage this summer. Their show promises to be one of the most exhilarating and heavy sets of the weekend!

Following on from their Number Three Billboard charting album 'Feel', American rock band Sleeping With Sirens will be making their Reading & Leeds debut this year. Hailing from Orlando, Florida the band’s mix of heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics, driving drums and heavy guitars is sure to take the Festival crowd by storm! Kellin Quinn said "We feel very honored to be a part of such a legendary festival - we're playing nothing but the bangers, so come out and yell every word with us!  Can't wait to blow the roof off!"


In keeping with the spirit of the festival, this day is looking like a veritable who’s who of the UK’s premier talent. Having already announced the incredible BRIT and NME Award-winning house duo Disclosure as the headliners this day, as well as the unstoppable indie band The 1975 and crowd favourites Metronomy for Reading & Leeds 2014 the impressive line-up continues to grow.

Chart toppers Clean Bandit captured the UK airwaves this year with their omnipresent Number One single ‘Rather Be’. Their sound fuses live classical instrumentation and full on house beats and with debut full length ‘New Eyes’ due this May on Atlantic, their run of success is set to continue on the same trajectory as it’s started.

Joining Clean Bandit are recent XL records signees, and the UK’s most mysterious band Jungle. Despite their anonymity and having only released a handful of singles, their shows are already selling out with rapturous gig goers and bloggers alike clamouring for a glimpse of the duo’s slippery, soulful hip-hop and funk laden tunes.


Australian 22 year old producer and DJ Harley Edward Streten is better known by the name Flume. His much lauded debut album was filled with intimate R ‘n’ B and hip-hop inspired electronica, of a calibre that saw him reach huge critical and commercial success, topping the charts in his native Australia. He will be heading to the Festivals to headline this day of the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage.


Andy C is a figurehead of drum ‘n’ bass and founder of Ram Records. He has relentlessly DJ’ed all over the world for over two decades and will be displaying superhuman skills on the decks at Reading & Leeds.

Barely a couple of years into their hiatus, thankfully the UK's most beloved emo/indie rock band Basement are back and making a long overdue trip to the Reading & Leeds festivals. Their 2012 sophomore full length 'Colourmeinkindness' is a modern classic and they're sure to cause a storm over at The Pit.

With last year’s Top Ten single ‘What I Might Do’ still proving to be a club favourite, British DJ and producer Ben Pearce’s mix of deep house with elements of hip-hop, electronica, soul and metal place him as a real original of the dance music scene.

Bondax are the hottest duo on the electronic circuit at the moment with their sounds incorporating elements of R ‘n’ B, garage, and house. Despite their young age the boys have a mature, sophisticated sound, which has gained them notoriety on the dance floors.

Electronic German DJ Boys Noize has played on the world’s biggest stages and collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Erol Alkan and Skillrex.  He is known for his unique, formidable sound and is sure to rock the festival crowds.

Breach is the house-techno pseudonym of Ben Westbeech, the multi-instrumentalist originally signed by Giles Peterson who achieved chart success last year with the incredible single ‘Jack’.

Liverpool quartet Circa Waves are bringing their garage-rock sound to Reading & Leeds for the first time for what promises to be a set to look out for!

One thing that can be said without exaggeration is that there isn’t another rapper quite like Danny Brown, his style is truly unique and with a career-spanning over a decade and last years Fools Gold full length ‘Old’ receiving widespread critical acclaim, his high octane set is not to be missed.

Master of reggae, dub and drum n’ bass, David Rodigan MBE has been unstoppable in his passion for Jamaican sounds in the clubs and airwaves over the last 30 years and knows every bass heavy reggae track going. A true legend, his energetic DJ sets are perfect for the Festivals!

Leeds residents Eagulls’ 2014 has already been a whirlwind. With their debut full length LP recently released and having appeared on the revered ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ over in the States, they are one of the UK’s most exciting new bands.

Widely regarded as one of the bands to watch in 2014, South London sextet The Fat White Family’s debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust’ is a riotous slice of snarling, visceral rock ‘n’ roll that is only intensified when played live.

South London rapper Giggs returns to the festival after a spectacular 1Xtra Stage set in 2013. From debut full length 'Walk In Da Park’ through to last year’s 'When Will It Stop', he has placed himself as one of UK hip-hop's most consistent talents and brightest stars.

With the ubiquitous top ten single 'Ready For Your Love' still fresh in the mind of any discerning dance fan, North London production duo Gorgon City are heading for R&L. Comprised of noted producers Kye 'Foamo' Gibbon and Matt 'RackNRuin' Robson-Scott, the Black Butter Records pair have been turning heads with their incredible brand of bass heavy house.

Jacob Plant is fast becoming a major force on the UK electro scene following his singles ‘Shakedown’, ‘Fire’ & the ‘Warehouse EP’.  He has remixed some huge songs including Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ and has also seen support from other huge acts like Nero, Sub Focus and Chase & Status.  

Joey Bada$$ is New York’s hottest rapper and a founding member of hip-hop collective Pro Era. His two critically-acclaimed mix tapes have attracted attention from legends Jay Z and Talib Kweli for his lyrical intellect so look out for him at this year’s Reading & Leeds!

Bursting into the public consciousness in 2006 with their ubiquitous 'Gravity's Rainbow' single, London's Klaxons have constantly evolved. Their breakthrough Mercury Prize-winning album 'Myths of the Near Future' and its follow up 'Surfing the Void' established the band as very much their own entity, with new single 'There Is No Other Time' and upcoming album 'Love Frequency' promising to be another tour de force of forward thinking dance-influenced pop.

LA post-hardcore quintet letlive. made huge waves with their sophomore full length and Epitaph records debut 'Fake History' and only fuelled the fire of their meteoric rise with last years follow up 'The Blackest Beautiful'. Their live energy levels are unrivalled and singer Jason Aalon Butler's livewire performance style is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. They are not to be missed!

Hailing from Minneapolis by way of Houston, Texas, Lizzo is a breath of fresh air in the rap world and with a distinctly old school approach and sardonic wit she certainly stands out from her contemporaries. Her skills have taken her from hip-hop, through electro pop and riot grrrl to working with Gayngs mastermind and Bon Iver collaborator Ryan Olson.

Having stormed the Main Stage in 2013 UK rock favourites Lower Than Atlantis will be back at Reading & Leeds this year for their third visit in as many years! Having recently completed their as yet untitled upcoming album, crowds can expect one of the best sets of anthemic punk rock that the country has to offer.

Having signed to much lauded metal label Roadrunner Records at the tail end of last year, Yorkshire five-piece Marmozets’ star is certainly on the rise. Their energetic mash up of rock and punk and the intense vocal of singer Becca Macintyre prove them to be the most exciting young heavy band in the UK.

North Wales pop-punk band Neck Deep have evolved from a piece of casual fun into one of the most exciting names in the UK scene in just one year. Full of anthemic hooks and honest lyricism, their Reading & Leeds debut is not to be missed.

Having just supported The 1975, Californians The Neighbourhood bring their infectious pop infused indie rock across the pond.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, 20 year old hip-hop prodigy Vic Mensa has turned heads with a flow beyond his years. As a frequent collaborator with fellow one to watch Chance The Rapper, and having just wrapped up a European tour with Danny Brown, his name is one that is sure to become well known very quickly. 

With nods from NME and DIY, Wolf Alice are widely regarded as ones to watch in 2014. The youthful quartet’s humble beginnings as an acoustic duo have been left behind in favour of ferocious, grungy pop songs like 2013 single ‘Fluffy’. Led by the howls of band creator Ellie Rowsell these noisy kids with a penchant for rugged, energetic live performances show no signs of slowing down this year!
With sold out crowds at both Reading & Leeds Festivals in 2013, fans still have the opportunity to secure their tickets for 2014 at 2013 prices until 31st March only. This is easier than ever with the improved £50 deposit scheme: until 31stMarch, simply put down £50 to bag your place, then pay three further instalments of £53.50 a month, which includes the booking fee, but with postage payable. 

Weekend tickets £202.50 plus £8.00 booking fee ● Day tickets Friday, Saturday, Sunday £92.50 plus £7.00 booking fee ● Early entry permits £15.00 ● Campervan permits £60.00 ● Lockers £16.00  ● Reading car parking £5.00 ● Weekend ticket prices include camping


Tickets are strictly limited to a maximum of four per person/address/payment card for those booking by telephone or online. Credit Card line: 0871 231 0821

In Person

Reading tickets can be bought at face value, in person when paid for in cash at outlets including the Reading Arts & Venues Box Office, The Hexagon. 

Leeds tickets can be bought at face value, in person when paid for in cash at outlets including Leeds Visitor Centre.

Please note that picture ID/proof of address will be required at the time of booking. Tickets are subject to availability. Limit of two per household/person for personal callers.

For a full list of national outlets please visit: here for Reading and here for Leeds

Children 12 and under are admitted free but MUST be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. Please note there is no separate children's area at this event.
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