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LEGO® Disney Princess Cinderella and Frozen Sets Launched

Ok, so you've probably been hearing a lot about this new Disney because of the uproar relating to the size of the star's waist (and it's possible negative influence on the young viewers)....I want to take things a bit lighter today and inform you of some rather fantastic news relating to the movie. 

You can now bring the on-screen fairy tale to life with Cinderella’s Romantic Castle (£59.99) and Cinderella’s Dream Carriage (£24.99). The Romantic Castle is packed full of features so you can recreate scenes from the new movie at home. With ample different rooms to explore, find the key that unlocks the treasure chest full of jewels and the love letter under the bed. Lead Cinderella on an enchanted carriage ride to the ball at the royal castle, where you can watch Cinderella and Prince Charming enjoy their first turn around the dance floor.  But don’t forget to leave behind her famous glass slipper on the stairs outside so the Prince can find her again!  

And to add to the excitement, movie theatre goers are in for a further treat as Cinderella is preceded by the brand new Frozen short ‘Frozen Fever’.  Following the phenomenal global success of the original animated film, LEGO Disney Princess has recently seen the launch of Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (£34.99), a truly must-have item for Frozen fans who wish to re-live the magic of the film.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015


Not that I want to completely shatter the illusion, but the life of a journalist isn’t exactly a financially fruitful one (for me at least). On a more positive note the odd freebie here and there can help us (me) to rationalise our chosen career path, and feel less grumpy about the hours/£ ratio. After the initial high of a freebie delivery subsides, you are often left fe

eling that actually you’ve just been gifted with something you don’t need, and that it is essentially just adding to the extensive amount of work related clutter currently monopolising your house.

Then there is a delivery like the UE MEGABOOM. I sometimes feel a pang of pressure when a free gift arrives. In return and as a thank you, you want to give the product a plug on your social media outlets and via a review. That said, I refuse to write a review for something that is irrelevant to me, and I will never write positive hyperbole about an item undeserved of such descriptions. I can’t tell you the relief I feel when I get a product that I would actually like to own and even better, a product that is bloomin’ amazing. More gushing about the speaker in a bit….

A few weeks ago team Ultimate Ears invited me the launch event of their new MEGABOOM wireless speaker. This wasn’t your average shindig to celebrate a product. It wasn’t set in a generic bar in a cool hotspot of London, it was in Milton Keynes. Invitees weren’t celebrities who say yes to the opening of an envelope, in the hope to be papped and featured in the Metro. It was me, and a bunch of other journo and bloggers, who wouldn’t mind confessing to being a bit geeky over tech items. We weren’t dressed in our latest on trend evening wear, we were kitted out in our best practical leisure wear. This may not sound like the dream night out for many of you….but let me assure you,  it was a rather refreshing change!

So we met at Milton Keynes Station where we were then taxied to SNO-ZONE, a real snow indoor snowboard and ski slope. We were going to be advised by none other than Olympic Snowboarder Aimee Fuller. Pretty Cool eh? 

Why? I must confess I didn’t instantly join the dots, and just thought it was a cool concept for a cool brand and product, but no their was some logic involved. 

Aside from the other impressive features of the MEGABOOM, which I will go in to later, it is designed to be able to cater to any party, in any location. It is shock-proof, waterproof and light (under 2 pounds), so it isn't too cumbersome to carry on any adventure you happen to be on. Its durable nature makes it the perfect entertainment enabler for those spur of the moment trips, when you can’t be confident about the weather conditions you may find yourself revelling in. 

My track record with snow sports is frankly embarrassing. I went on the school ski trip, with visions of me traversing the slops with ease, and looking pretty cool doing so. The reality couldn’t have been further from the truth. Day one, on the baby slope, I started to slide down when queuing to take my first go. I grabbed on to the nearest guy, kindly pulling him down with me. He managed to regain composure before hitting the bottom. I on the other-hand, got stuck in a fence and had to be yanked out by some dashing Italian instructors. Despite my disastrous introduction to the sport, the next day I dared to try the sky lift. My Ski pass got tangled, wrapping itself round the chair, so when I went to jump off I got pulled back. I ended up dangly off the chair by a mere bit of small rope, in a rather cartoonish manner, thinking that these would be the last seconds of my life as I peered over the mountain edge. I survived but knew that this wasn’t going to be my sport.

Fifteen years later, I find myself back on the snow, about to embark on a new snow sport…and in front of an Olympian no less. I wish I could end this segment of the article with an uplifting tale of triumph, but alas, I was an accident waiting to happen. In fact the evening activity highlighted my limitation due to my M.E diagnosis. Just standing still on the slope proved too tiresome for my withered legs. 

So admitting defeat I slid down to the bottom of the slope enjoy the sounds provided by the DJ and delivered to us via the MEGABOOMs. I had to stop myself from being my usual worrywart self when seeing the speakers nestling in the snow, I just wanted to grab them and put them somewhere safe. You would have thought seeing the representative from UE throwing the product on the floor during the presentation would have assured me!

I was incredibly impressed by the versatility and functionality of the product, but I wanted confirmation from someone in the know when it comes to sound. It sounded fantastic to me, but perhaps I am relatively easily pleased seeing as my actions seem to connote that loud = good. I turned to my boyfriend who is in a band who often talks all too much about issues relating to sound quality and what not. I begrudgingly let him borrow and live with the MEGABOOM for a few days, in return for his valued opinion. So he came back with the extensive ‘it’s awesome’ verdict and confirmed my opinions - while also mentioning he would quite like to keep it. 

News spread fast and I’ve already had former CC interviewees Dry The River and You Me At Six asking if I can help them get one……


Amazing 360-degree sound with deep, heart-pounding bass–everywhere you go.
With dual passive radiators, performance drivers and advanced digital signal processing UE MEGABOOM drives loud, rich, clear and balanced sound.
You can wirelessly Double Up with a second UE MEGABOOM or UE BOOM.
Using the app you can control the balance and to choose between Stereo or Double sound.
Bold, iconic design; 100 ft Bluetooth wireless range; 20-hour rechargeable battery; Ultra-fast micro USB charging.
You can control the party from up to 100 feet away. Or connect to two devices at once so you and a friend can take turns sharing music and playing DJ. Or, take a break from the music with crystal clear speakerphone calls.
UE MEGABOOM has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 20 hours of non-stop music. The specially-designed, ultra-fast micro USB charger can return it to full power in as little as two and a half hours. Press the + and – buttons together at any time to see how much juice is left.

Buy for £249.99


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


As promised, here is a follow up to my honest vlog regarding my skin problems. In this video I will talk through some of the products I have used over the last 15 years or so that have worked for me, or at least improved the state of it in some way. Hope it help any of you that suffer from ACNE. Let's look out for each other and pass on any great discoveries, after-all I don't have to tell you how much having bad skin can affect your confidence. 



The One Hundred. One of those bands that are getting people a really excited in this jaded industry. Despite the fact they lack a label and therefore money, they are creating a huge level of buzz and securing some impressive support and festival slots. I spoke to the guys about touring with childhood heroes Papa Roach, Download Festival and having to play alongside very different musical acts (including Chrissie Hynde). 

Mallory Knox had only come back from America and their tour with Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce The Veil and Pvris the day before, so were struggling to function on a human level ahead of their headline slot at Takedown Festival. Despite their yearning for bed we had a typically fun catch up. I wanted to find out about how they coped with homesickness, their views on U.S Nandos, and their plans for the rest of the year. 

Due to the flamboyant nature of shows and style choices Fearless Vampire Killers have joined the ranks of BVB as a band labelled as ‘polarising’. I wanted to ask them about UK bands and unwillingness to join them on tour, and discuss why the US might be the place for them to flourish. 
I also wanted to find out more about their social media site Obsidian Bond. 

It is no exaggeration to say that my Twitter feed is being hogged by Moose Blood of late. Music fans and critics aren’t simply saying they’re good, they are hailing the band the next big thing. No pressure guys. I was half expecting to meet some big headed guys looking pretty chuffed and over confident, considering all the positive hyperbole being directed their way. However they were the most humble and grateful gents I’ve met in a while. I spoke to them about the aforementioned hype, giving up their day jobs, and playing Brixton Academy. 


Monday, 2 March 2015

LFW with Ticketmaster - Which musicians influence style today...

On the final day of LFW I headed down to the very windy Somerset House cobbles to chat to the fashionable milling about. I wanted to find out how much music and musicians influence how they dress.....Watch the video below to see the results. I don't do very well at hiding my surprise at a couple of the answers though....each to their own though eh!? 


Sunday, 1 March 2015


Missguided Top/dress
Missguided PVC Leggings 
Zara Wedges
Empty Casket Necklace

Due to the oversized nature of my ears, I rarely have them on show. When my hair is at a level of grease that requires it to be tied up I will generally opt to cover with a hat instead..anything to avoid exposing one of my least favourite body parts. However, as I put this outfit together I really felt it needed either a slick back wet look down do (which I can't do as my hairline looks like I'm balding) or a sleek pony. So here we go...soak it up while you can. It is not a sight you will see often...



My final backstage trip of LFW was to the Giles show, with arguable had the most exciting array of models participating...from legends to current 'IT' girls. Check out the video and images below to see the likes of Erin O Conner, Lily Donaldson and Kendall Jenner getting extra beautified ahead of their catwalk stretch.

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