Saturday, 31 January 2015


Mmmmmm Pizza, glorious pizza. There's not much better is there. By the looks of all the products on sale these days regarding humans love for the cheese/tomato combo I know I am not alone. Can you imagine talking to someone and finding out they didn't like pizza...I think I'd find that information hard to digest....
So last night I went to one of my fave pizza haunts, PIZZA EAT in Shoreditch, with my friend Grant. He had bestowed the responsibility on me to pick somewhere good in London to eat during his weekend down from Exeter. We both have a limited budget but love pizza so I thought this would be the best option, and I managed to get a booking at 9.30. Its hugely popular so it is particularly necessary to book on a night like Friday unless you are willing to queue. 
I was really hoping it would deliver considering I had mucked up the pre dinner drinks. I thought it would be easy to find somewhere to serve us beer nearby, but I was wrong...very wrong.
In fact, it proved to be easier to find sex/strip joints...which is what I did, unfortunately. Awkward. 
As well as delivering the best rustic looking pizzas, the most garlicy (and greenest) garlic bread, Grant was rather chuffed with his large tankard of pale ale. 
The only down side of Pizza East on their busy nights is the volume - its a large space full of a lot of customers, so the level of chat noise is very high. That said, I far prefer a restaurant with atmosphere then a quiet and clinical space. 
The choice of music should be noted too - we had a wonderful mix of Lionel Richie, Back to the Future soundtrack and some other retro classic....

Would you like to know more of my fave pizza places?

Let me know! x



Hardly one of my most inspiring outfit...but you know some days you just throw things on and hope that they aren't too offensive on the eyes. I was only laying about the house and breaking the day up by going for a quick walk, so all I sought was comfort and ease from my outfit....oh, and something that was clean. So I started off by putting on my soft slightly baggy new jeans from Primark and teaming with a standard white v neck tee from American Apparel. I thought I'd carry on the neutral tones with my Jeffrey Cambell platform trainers. It wasn't actually that bitter weather wise so I could reach for my classic trench from Debenhams without risking my health. My hair was diabolical but I could not be arsed to wash, so I reached for my tope coloured trilby from TOPSHOP.
I have to be honest, I'm not really a fan of this outfit, but in keeping with the honest theme of my blog, I thought I'd show it anyway.....



My dinner date was delayed last night, so I had some time to kill in Waterloo...which always results in some naughty purchases in BOOTS. I'm quite lazy when it comes to doing my make up, I pretty much stick to the basics, changing up my regime very rarely. One part that is generally omitted from my routine is the lips. I feel like I'm one of those people that can't take too much make up. I always feel like I look like a man in drag - perhaps its because of my strong Bruce Forsyth jaw?!
I love that sixties beauty look with the bold lashes and pale lip, so thought I'd buy a nude lip which may allow me to achieve this, or at least attempt it. 
I know with objects of this size I am likely to lose them so I just can't allow myself to spend more than about £5 on a lipstick, so everyone's favourite MAC shades were out of the question. Also I know that the majority of the time the lipstick will reside on me teeth, so I resent forking out oodles of money to look ridiculous. 
So after testing a few on my hand I settled on an affordable one by SEVENTEEN.

The formula feels quite wet on the lips and on first swipe doesn't seem very rich in colour. I put on another layer and that gave me the density of colour I was after. Due to the fact it is a subtle/light colour, the fact that it is so moveable on the lips is a bit of an issue. The colour can become somewhat inconsistent. I feel like I may have picked the wrong nude tone for my colouring, as it feels too close to the shade of my actual skin, which in turn gives me a washed-out appearance. 
This may work better for me if I line the lips, so that I can create some definition between my skin and lips. The big plus point for this lipstick is the silky feel it has on your lips...I just think it wasn't quite what I was after. The hunt for the ideal nude for me continues....

P.S I do like the shiny/matte design on the outside of the lipstick, it looks pretty high end for an relatively cheap stick. 

Of course, it is near impossible to come away with just one item when you are faced with the expanse of glorious colours displayed in these I thought I'd also purchase a more vivid colour. I have seen a lot of people opting for orangey tones on their lips lately, and I find it a refreshing change from classic red.....

 BARRY M-54 
The formula of the lipstick feels extremely moisturising and it glides on to the lip very easily. Due to the fact it is quite creamy it does move around on the lip when you pushing your lips together which can affect the evenness of the colour. As the colour is quite dense though it isn't too much of an issue. This orangey peach colour is great addition to your make up collection because it can fit in with all seasons outfits. It adds a nice punch to neutral or monochrome looks in the winter, but will also look great with summery prints. It doesn't have a scent and hasn't made me sneeze yet, which is a rarity for me. All round it is a great value lipstick and I would recommend a purchase, but in terms of personal preference I currently prefer lipsticks with a completely matte finish. 


Friday, 30 January 2015

Sophie Eggleton Interview Grace Neutral - PART 1

I recently headed to KIDSLOVEINK (EAST) to chat to tattooist Grace Neutral. This is the first of two chats with the talented and inspiring 25 year old. During this video we delve into her youth, embracing her differences, the search for supportive female friends and spreading positivity via social


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

One for the Dog Lovers out there....

So I am finally up and about after this particularly horrendous bout of sickness, and who was there to welcome me back to the land of the living, my favourite curly friend Rosie the Cockapoo. 
Although I like to think I might be like a part time mum to this noodley cutie, I am sadly not her proper mummy (obviously not her birth one, I mean I'm not her official human mum).

Rosie and I had our first meeting last year when she was still a very small pup, and it was love (and cuddles) and first sight. We came together thanks to the website Borrow My Doggy. If you are not familiar with this websites and a dog lover/owner you must check it out immediately. Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to own a dog and give it the life it deserves, but I have always wanted a dog and have a lot of love and care to offer on a part time basis. This site allows you to make your position known the dog owners nearby that may need an extra hand looking after their beloved pooches - perhaps due to ill health, work duties, holidays or hobbies. 

The first doggy we met was a handsome chap called Milo who is Beagle. He loves to walk and sniff...everything. He is great with other dogs, and a very gently peaceful dog, aside from when he wants treats and does his very cute/loud Beagle howl! We had thought a Beagle may be the dog we'd choose eventually to own, so thought this would be a great way of getting familiar with the breed. We adore Milo, but we now know that we are looking for a more needy, affectionate dog. 

Next we met the majestic Albert, the weimaraner. We have always thought they are beautiful looking dogs, with that stunning grey velvety looking coat, so were intrigued to find out what the breed was like, personality wise. We were shocked when Bert arrived, he was huge, it felt like we were looking after a small horse. He was gentle though and liked a play. It was clear that he was a bit frightened being separated from his owner. He had warned us that the breed our known for their loyalty and dependance on their owners and had earned the nickname 'Velco' for their need to be closeby.
Albert would run to and from the gate repeatedly to see if he could see his owner, which was sad to see, and it was hard work to try and keep him distracted. It would work in the end and we would get him to a relaxed place by the time he was due to be picked up. Once again we learned some valuable information to draw on when we eventually are in a position to own our own dog. We hope to see Albert again soon, but realise we can only do so when the weather is better, as are house isn't suitable to accommodate such a huge creature!

So, at the moment a cockatoo, with its loving temperament, hypo allogenic fur, and size, seems like a good choice for our future pet. 

Its amazing what the affection of a dog can do for your mood. It really is like the best kind of therapy....

Enjoy some more pics of the adorable Rosie....



The other day I set myself a strict target to go shopping and come back with some plain black pump heels for an upcoming wedding. I told myself that I was not to be distracted by sales temptations, even if they were 'great investments' or 'useful'. Of course I failed....So here is one of my naughty purchases, some animal print sandals from NEW LOOK, a steal at only £14.99. You can forgive me right? They're pretty cute, and I can actually walk in them without falling down! 
Watch the video below to what else I just HAD to have this month....Woopsy!

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