Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Nails

I've been terribly lax when it comes to looking after my nails of late. Okay, so I've never been the sort of girl that goes and gets her nails 'did', but they're still a darn sight better than they were in my teens. The skin surrounding the nail is no longer pulled to shreds, and they're also not chewed down to nub level. However, more often than not they are chipped, with some nails revealing previous nail polish colours underneath.

As I found myself in a position where I had to make an effort for Halloween, I thought I'd dedicate some time to my neglected talons. I rememberd that I have some nail transfers in a recent Motel Rocks goody back, and although they weren't strictly Halloween themed I thought they were close enough.

It's an extremely simple and quick process, but I thought I'd show you, just in case any of you are as inept as me in all things beauty....

So I thought the best base for the black transfers would be white, although silver would have looked just as good and complimented the print on my dress even better. It was the first time using this Essie polish, and unfortunately it was more sheer that I'd hoped. I should have guessed considering it was part of a bridal set. You could still seen my yellow stained nails underneath after 2 coats, so I just continued painting until they were a nice milky white, and nearer the opaque end of the scale.

So decide which design you are going to use, I decided to use different symbols on each nail, but you could decide on one theme, as each pack has mulitples of each image. Ensure the nails are dry before you start on this next stage otherwise you'll ruin the finish of your base.

Cut round the design you want, then place on the nail (design facing down). The board it's only is slightly more rigid that you'd like so it's hard for it to mould against the nail. Press on it so it moulds round the shape of the nail and stays in place. 

Put a finger in some water and dab it onto the nail that has the transfer facing down on it. Press and hold for a few seconds. In no time at all you'll move the cardboard and see that the design has been left on the nail. If it doesn't work straight away pop it back down and leave a bit longer. 

 Complete these action for your fingers..... and voila! 
I knew that with my lazy attitude to grooming and beauty this wouldn't happen again, so I took some measure to ensure it would last as long as possible. 
I put on a top coat of Essie's clear Gel varnish, which also gave them a more polished and professional look.

 The finished result


I know, it's an extremely obvious and unimaginitive costume idea, but this is still more effort that I'd like to put in. It's very rare I get an opportunity/time to look nice, so I sort of resent having to use one of my social evenings to try and look a ghastly. To spend money on the process of making myself look more rank is also not a particularly winning concept. 

I should like Halloween, as I enjoy things on edgy side of life, and have no problem with gore....but, I dunno, it's just all too much faff! I think the fact that I don't scare easy also makes it less fun than it should be. I'm yet to find a film that truly rattles or disturbs me, so anything that's created to haunt, shock or make me jump, I approach with scepticism. If anyone can reccommend a film they think could break me, please do!

I'm consitently tired, lacking in funds and time, but in October I feel particularly stretched. There's my birthday, as well as my brothers and many of my best friends, so Halloween always rears it's freaky head at what feels like the most inconvenient time. 

Howverer this year, I got invited to a party at YouTube HQ. I am trying really hard to build my channel, so I thought I best go, and make more effort than normal with my costume. I know many of you looking at this outfit will think it fairly lazy, but for context I'll tell you that the last time I dressed up I went as George Clooney, wearing a paper mask with jeans and a jumper. 

So continue reading for the for the ingredients of my spellbound look....

Everly Ankle Boots In Black Velvet 
If you aren't already aware of the footwear brand Public Desire, you are going to want to give me a bit old smooch after this intro. They have such an impressive array of trend lead shoes, at reidiculously affordable prices. Their strappy heels show themselves on a daily basis on my instagram feed, but it is their selection of ankle and knee length boots that really do it for me. My wishlist is increasing as I type. I thought these velevt pointed toe boots were perfect to complete my witchy look, with the bonus of being extremely comfy. Sadly I would be walking to and from my party, and not flying on the broomstick like those proper witches.... 

 ASOS Glitter Star Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress
I discovered this dress thanks to Instagram, when one of my fave style bloggers, ASOS Megan, wore it in on of her outfit posts. I shouldn't really be spending money on clothes, but I instantly fell for the vintage shape of this maxi dress, but also loved the Kate Moss-esque star print. It's that perfect combo of vintage and rock n roll. I thought that if I bought it for the intention of using it for Halloween it was a justified purchase....Who am I kidding?

Witches Broom from Party Superstores

A found this ring by chance in Accessorize when on a blogging job in Brent Cross. I bought it for Halloween purposes, but I kinda love it. Reckon I'm going to wear it Halloween or not.....

Accessorize Witch Hair Band


Thursday, 29 October 2015


I've been wanting to make a video like this for a while, after-all there has to be a use for all this stuff that I've accumulated from fests/gigs/interview over the years, that I can't bear the part with. Even though all this stuff has been a cause of so much stress lately (I'm literally drowing in clutter) in does represent some good times and bands that have punctuated, or been a consistent part of my life. 

I think I was further pushed to make this video now because of what happened Young Guns recently. Surviving as a band in the alternative scene is hard enough without heartless people stealing £30,000 worth of goods. The band have publicised many of the things they lost in a hope to get them back, but most don't know the extent of work and personal stuff that was lost due to the loss of laptops, hard drives, phones etc. 

I wanted to create a video that reiterated the important of fans supporting the artists they love. In buying tickets to their shows, and hopefully buying merchandise, you are keeping them alive, giving them the opportunity to travel the country/world and progress and evolve into the band they want to be. Wearing the merch you are also acting as a walking advert for the band while showing off you allegience and passion for them and the music they make. I'll stop before I get into rant mode....just watch the video.



I needed an outfit that would work for mooching around then heading straight out to a fairly nice (but not overly posh) restaurant. These days the likelihood of me wearing heels is extremely low, but I can just about handle a modest wedge. I remembered these old New Look boots that I'd bought a couple years ago but had never worn because they kinda looked like clogs from a distance. The top of the boot is also slightly higher than I'd like, hitting a chunkier bit of my leg. I prefer ankle boots that actually show the the ankle, aka the slimmest part.  However, I thought they'd tone in nicely with the autumnal print of this Boohoo dress, which is a perfect  transition dress due to it's long sleeves and faily covered up nature. I gave it a bit of an edge by adding my new leather (it's not actually leather though) jacket and a beanie. 

I actually enjoy the challenge of converting clothes I've worn in the summer into acceptable A/W looks. How you guys getting on during this tricky phase?




Yesterday my boyfriend Simon bucked a few of our relationship trends. He managed to spend a few hours of my birthday with me, something that we have never managed before due to his relentless touring with the band Young Guns. Usually the most contact I can expect is Whatsapp messages and some face time if I'm lucky, but yesterday I had him from about 3pm onwards, which was an absolute treat. That being said, he is always extremely generous gift wise - perhaps feeling guilty about this enforced absence. I'd started this birthday in am empty house opening my cards in bed alone, so it wasn't the most showstopping start to my celebrations, but his arrival more than perked me up. 

At my age a birthday doesn't call for much celebration though, but the temporary reuniting with my best bud was more than worthy of a goofy smile. Now the other trend bucking that took place was the fact that he'd listened and remembered. He can't be the only guy who stuggles a bit when it comes to attention span and listening, but in booking this restaurant we have proof that there is now at least one instance where he paid attention. I am genuinly touched. He doesn't mean to go off radar, his mind just wonders, but he was obviously tuned in when we walked past this restaurant a few weeks back and I commented on how cute it looked/ how nice the menu was. 

One of our favourite walking routes is by the river in Hampton court, which is punctauted by a little walk up past all the cafes and antique shops before heading back. Le Petit Nantais is flanked by two other restaurant, but stands out due to its twinkling fairy lights. There are some seats outside which I can't wait to perch on in summer, but for tonight we settled in the light but cosy interior.

When we arrived at seven, we were the only ones in the restaurant. This always makes me panic, because you start wondering whether other diners know something we don't.  Somehow you feel like you have less privacy too, your conversation's seem to fill the space and there's no other chatter to mask it. Thankfully it filled up a lot later, I think we were just a bit eager with our dining time. 

Let's talk about the decor first. It has lots of framed rugby memorabilia on the walls, but aside from that it is rather feminine with it's white walls and fairy lights. The have lots of different styles of furniture, from rustic dark wood chairs to extremelymodern transparent ones. The other predominant colours aside from the white, is a luxe purple, with beautiful flowers decorating the tables. 
It has very flattering lighting, which would make it great for dates, and finds the perfect balance of feeling like a din dining experience but being cosy and unpretenscious.

Because of the lack of other diners at the start it was easy for us to hear the chatter between staff in the kitchen, but it didn't bother me in the slightest. It made it feel less formal and stuffy, and it felt like we were being cooked for by an accomplished French family. When I checked the website today I was informed that this is in fact a family run restaurant, which always make me happy. I like the ideal of a family working together to build up something they're proud of. I always feel like that food and experience will be more authentic too.

We were offered a drink to enjoy while we decided what to get for our starters. Simon has a habit of panicing in these situations, and ended up saying yes to Prosecco despite the fact I don't drink. They looked very pretty though!

There some many more exciting starter options, but I often order too much and ruin my appetite ahead of my main, so I decided on a simple but effective garlic bread. There were plenty of more interesting options...including snails, if that's up your alley!! Si opted for olives, which always ignites our regular debate about whether I will grow into liking Olives. He's convinced that I will (and also thinks I haven't tried them properly) but I'm not just inidifferent about them...I hate them! He very much enjoyed them though.

The bread was the perfect level of crunchy and it was very garlicy, which I love.

 So I went for the Toulouse home made sausages with the red win jus and creamy mash potato. When it arrived I was slightly alarmed by the portion size...I'm used to eating a mountain of mash. As soon as I took a mouth fall all my worries melted away, it was a taste sensation and reaffirmed that it really should be quality over quantity. I had feared the sausages would be the aneamic unappealing sausages, but they were wonderfully brown and crispy and full of flavour. The mash had a slightly gluey consistency but it was seasoned perfectly and flawlessly smooth.

Si went for a classic steak and chips with peppercorn sauce. The chips were wonderfully crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside....and piping hot to boot. The steak was cooked to medium rare perfection. Si did struggle with the sauce, which althought delicious, had a number of whole peppercorns within it. 

If you like fish, there were oodles of beautiful sounding options (as well as a lovely duck dish too). The family try and source the fish locally, a detail I really admire.

Si opted out of pudding, which I always hate because it tends to mean he'll just help himself to mine.I'm good at sharing, but not so much when it comes to pudding.  I was slightly sad there wasn't a chocolate based dessert I liked on the menu, they had a mousse but it never does it for me. I chose the Creme Brulee which was delicious. The top cracked just how you'd want it to, and had a lovely bitter sugar taste that counteracted perfectly against the sweet and creamy underneath. Absolutely delicious.

Even though Si thought his portions were slightly on the small size, he recognized that perhaps we are just a tad greedy, and overall loved his meal at Le Petit Nantais. We are in fact already planning our next trip to this quaint french gem. 

I must point out that there is very little (if nothing at all) for vegetarians and vegans, it is traditional fernch in style so specialises in meat and fish dishes. It is a wonderful menu but relatively concise so if you're fussy it would be reccommended to have a read before booking. 

I loved the use of french language during the meal, it transported you to being on holiday and made me temporarily forget the stresses waiting for me at home. 

A delightful evening in 'France' via Hampton Court.

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