Sunday, 31 July 2016


This video has done pretty well on my channel so I thought I best post it on my blog, just in case some of my readers are subscribers to my channel...but, if not, why not???
Hope you liked what I bought during my most recent trip to Tottenham Court Roads' Primark.


Saturday, 30 July 2016


During the mini heatwave me and my decided to act on a whim and get in the car and visit one of the most beauitful spots in Surrey. We were at home feeling uncomfortably hot, trying ot pretend we could carry on as normal during the heatvewave, while we created sweat patches underneath too many body parts and puffed like 80 your old smokers who had lived a life on 50 a day. 

We have our usual haunst like Hampton and Virginia Water, but as the weather was so blisteringly beautiful we thought it was worth travelling that little bit more to return to Shere. 

If you think you don't know of Shere, you may know it better than you think. It was where they filmed The Holiday, that sugary sweet rom com starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law. It's the cute village you saw covered in snow where Cameron and Jude's characters got all sexy and mushy and stuff. We actually stumbled upon the film set when we were on one of our family walks. At the time my brother was looking to get into the film industry, so whenever we saw a location sign or filming taking place we would go and talk to the crew and see if we could get him some work experience or some contacts. Failing that thought it meant we could have a right good nosey. 
Not to ruin the illusion of cinema, but all the snow in that scene was fake, and the cottage was built entirely for the film. 

So while we were on our walk in the lush green english countryside I filmed a little video, mum tried to help but sadly her shakey hands and inability to see if the camera is in focus meant I had  to balance the camera on fences, gates, rocks and walls instead.

What I wore 
Missguided Hat
Boohoo Top
Primark Shorts
Primark Bag
Primark Sandals



A couple of weeks ago I went to The Communication Store press day held in the swish penthouse of the London Editions Hotel. They were kind enough to not only display their clients and their wonderful products, but actually allow us to try them out and having a bloomin' good time doing so. They put on an array of pampering stations so we could get out nails done, get massaged, have our make up done and so on. Today I'm going to show you the results of my time at the Hersheson beautifying station.

The wonderful Mitra from Hershesons was there on the day to talk us through the brand's trade the tongs initiative. It's basically encouraging us to go on a break  from our tongs, instead creating hair textures using more DIY approaches. What's great about these techiniques and styles is that they are easy for anyone to create at home, even for those, like me, who lack a serious amount of skill.

While we're going for this effortless approach, they're also encouraging us to put our barrel brushes aside and use our fingers where possible. I've got to say this isn't much of a departure for me. My fairly lazy/non existent hair regime generally neglects fancy brushes and styling techniques.

 It happened to be a sweltering hot day so many of us blogger/journo types in the Hershesons hot seat were requesting up do's and braids to eleviate some of the heat induced sweaty neck and hair frizz, instead of opting for some of the styles they were there to talk about. For mine I asked to see the 'S' bend tehcnique but combined with a braid to get those flyaways from my shiny face.

 You will need...
Straighteneres.... like Hershesons Titanium professional straghteners £98
A hairdryer....why not try the Ionic Professional Hairdryer £110
Clear Snagless hair bands £6.50
(all available at www.


Sunday, 24 July 2016


Another day in blogland where I couldn't help but note what a weird life I lead.  This week I was invited to Primark HQ to meet a modern day celebrity. It's quite bizarre that a human can be an  internet celebrity, and even more obsurd that an animal can amass 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Although I have an awareness of how ridiculous the world has become I am well and truly sucked in. I love Grumpy cat and the memes she became the miserable face of. As a self confessed Victor Meldrew and as someone who has a face that naturally falls into a munge, I can't help but feel a connection to the adorable feline. 

It's a genius move that Primark have created a range of products inspired by this famous fluffy  - including bedsheets and PJ's.

Watch my video below to see some adorable clips....(Grumpy Cat appears from about 8.00 onwards)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I’ve been to a couple of Secret Cinema’s prior to this week’s, including last year’s Back To The Future event. The classic Michael J Fix movie was perfect for recreating. The town of Hill Valley, the diner, the clock tower, the road, the high-school, the iconic characters like Dr. Brown and Biff,  and of course the DeLorean, gave the creative team behind Secret Cinema so much to work reference to create a fun interactive film event. I did wonder how they’d ever top it in future though? What any other film lend itself as well?

Apart from the small section at the beginning of the movie where you see them in the car on route to their destination, Dirty Dancing is predominantly set at a holiday resort called Kellermans. It’s far easier to recreate an authentic feeling when you\re not having to recreate various different destinations and locations. In essence all the team had to do was recreate the lush green retreat with the Catskills mountain.

Unfortunately this was the first flaw. We had to walk through some wooded areas before entering the main site, so we did have a few minutes of feeling like we were truly out of the hubbub of the city, but the main site itself just felt a bit stark. I always think of the impressive tress, the golf course, the lakes where people are doing sport activities and paddling, as well as the lake where they practice the infamous lift. This felt too much like a plain old field. I understand it’s tricky with all the laws, permits, healthy and safety rules and so on, but it just didn’t quite capture it the feel of Kellermans, or at least how I always imagined it’d feel - like a post centre parka.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Another one of those days where I would only allow myself a break from work, if I combined my 'break' with some sort of element of work - anyone else feel guilty whenever they neglect work? So during my walk by the local canals in Weybridge I filmed the little video below, soundtracked by the wonderful Placebo. I hope you enjoy this little style snapshot!


FENWICK EXCLUSIVE - CLINIQUE Super City Block BB Cushion Compact

Last week I had an exciting delivery from the lovely folk at Fenwick, who kindly gave me the opportunity to sample their latest in-store beauty exclusive.  

The brand new Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 is now exclusively available in Fenwick stores for the next month. 


Thursday, 14 July 2016


This week I was invited to a very different and very cool take on a beauty launch event. Don't get me wrong the majority I attend are lovely in their own traditional way, offering lovely drinks and eats and opportunities to experience or view the new products - but in taking part in this one we had the ability to learn (or begin to) a new skill and ignite a passion for something new. 
As well as getting our hair braided by beauty icon Lou Teasedale or some of Bleach London's finest stylists, we were able to take a mini DJing lesson or learn how to write music using Logic thanks to the SUBBASS tutors (UK'S LEADING ELECTRONIC MUSIC ACADEMY).


Tuesday, 12 July 2016


I don't like to overstate things, but this is my favourite new product I've tried this year, so this post may come across a bit gushy - I've warned you. A few weeks ago I attended a lovely event put on by the generous folk over at Pegasus PR. They were showcasing lots of their brands and products and allowing lucky blogger people like myself to get pampered and dolled up while getting clued up on the latest beauty news. 

One of their clients are Collection Cosmetics, who you will have seen a lot on this blog in recent months because they are on fire right now. Their new lip and brow products have already received a big thumbs up from me and become firm staples of my daily routine, featuring in a large chunk of my recent beauty and GRWM videos, so I was curious to see how this Precision Contouring Stick would stack up.

Let's get the first impressions out of the way...As you can see from the image above its just a bit longer than the plam of your hand, so it's a very handy (literally) size if you are someone that likes to have their make up basics in their handbags, or if you travel around a lot and don't like bulky oversized products.  If you compare it to the size of a lot of the contour palettes you can buy, this certainly comes off better in terms of space management.

At the event a very glam and perfectly contoured make-up artist to the stars (I think she has tended to the cheeks of Cheryl in fact!) put the producs on my face to showcase it's capabilities. I was instantly impressed with how quick and easy the process of making my flat face have dimension was to achieve.

It appeared to be extremely maleable and the colour worked very well alongside my skin tone. The Medium colour I was reccommended doesn't have that greyish tone that many people seek out for  contour instead it has a warmth to it which I actually really like, particularly during these months when are faces are meant to have been graced with some sun.  It's not that unatural organey tone though, it just looks like the shade my skin would be if it was slightly altered by summer.

It's taken me a while to accept the make up phenomenom of contouring. Seeing all those extreme videos that showed people drawing all over their faces in all the different shades that are meant to do all sort of manipulating wonders, put me right off. It just seemed so extreme, and something way out of my fairly basic and minimal make up routine and skillset. But like most trends there's adaptations and different levels and approaches, and I've managed to find a way of keeping up with the 'done' thing in beauty while not embracing to a level that isn't me. My face can't take a lot of make up, so the Kardashian level of glam is too much for me. However my a face is becoming increasingly similar to an old potato so it does benefit greatly from some subtle enhancements via the contour concept.

As well as applying to the cheeks and jawline, I particularly loved the effect it created when applying to the side of my forehead and hairline. It made my forehead look less like an IMAX cinema screen and the outline of warm brown just gave my face a healthy boost.

I've tried the product with a brush and with fingers and both work incredibly well. It's ability to blend is frightfully good, it's almost as though it was formulated so that ANYONE, even appallingly bad make up lovers like myself, could achieve a smooth and well blended sculpted cheek. It really is fool proof. I should know!

The great thing about a product that is soft, buttery, and blendable like this, is that it doesn't move the foundation or concealer that may be underneath the product. No force is needed to turn the drawn on line into a darkened haze of contour so you don't have to worry about shifting or moving the products underneath that may have been applied to cover blemishes or mask pores.  This has always been the difficulty for me when it comes to other contour products. The consistency has always been stiff, waxy, or thick, and required a lot of working into the skin, thus disrupting my acne coverage. No such problem here. Even if it did, the product is so light that having to reapply concealer over the top wouldn't leave you with a thick or cakey texture.

So, have I tempted you to give it a try? If not, I clearly didn't gush quite enough, because if you're into beauty or a quality contour you really should be racing down to the high street to get one immediately! I went on the website to find out what the price is but couldn't see it on there, but I think it was around £4.99 - a steal!



If you follow me on social media you would have presumed I was going to 2000 Trees, but alas it wasn't meant to be (long and rather annoying story). However things find a way of working out, and I ended up having a fabulous two days at Wireless Festival. Do you know what? I think it did me good to go to a different type of festival to my normal rock-heavy ones. I was able to completely separate myself from work and enjoy the festival like a normal non working attendee - and it felt very freeing. 
Don't get me wrong I love my old faithful festival and the bands that play, but it can be a pretty intense experience - with hundreds of familiar faces that you have worked with, emailed, interviewed etc. If you suffer from anxiety like me, you'll understand how overwhelming that situation can be. St this festival, I only saw a few bloggers and celebs I recognised, as well as a handful of faces I was genuinely happy and relaxed to see. 

I attended on the Friday and Sunday so I was lucky to see performances by Fergie (who was a badass and rocked the hell out of the stage), Martin Garrix (who looks young enough to be my son), Calvin Harris (who has so many 'tunes' it's ridiculous), Kygo (who transported me to Ibiza), Yelawolf, Big Sean, Will Smith (although no one knew it was him till they looked at the screen, then it got very loud) and Jess Glynne. I think that's it....although don't quote me on it, I'm still very much in drowsy recovery mode. 

Anyhoo, enough of my chatter - watch my video to see what me and my pal Grant got up to at Wireless.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the Legend of Tarzan, held at the Odeon Leicester Square, alongside some other self confessed move geek YouTubers. A few months ago you may have seen in a vlog that I attended an event where we were given an exclusive sneaky peek at some scenes from the film as well as a Q and A with the two main stars as well as the Director and Producer. At that stage there were still some final tweaks to be done to the film, like colour grading and some special effects malarky. However, even with the little taster we came away knowing there would be some pretty epic fight scenes between Tarzan and the apes, and that there was palpable chemistry between Alex Skarsgard and Margot Robbie. You almost felt like you were an awkward third wheel when watching 'those' kinda scenes. 

I was tempted to go for some kind of animal print for my premiere look, then I decided to tone that idea down a bit. I though this Zara print hinted to animal makings without being too obvious. After-all it's not fancy dress, I'm not going to go to a War film based in camo, or a romantic comedy in a wedding dress. 

I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to my hair, always opting for soft waves created with my GHD'S. I dared to try something a bit trickier as I had quite a few hours to get ready, and paniced flapping would be minimal. My braided look was inspired by a tutorial I saw in a Fleur De Force GRWM recently. She made it look really easy, coaxing me into aborting my usual routine. Turns out she's just a lot better at beauty then me...but it was still definitely on the easier end of the scale, and most of you would be able to nail it. 

My evening ended up being fairly random one. I usually head over straight after events as I live out of London, but when someone suggested drinks I thought I'd stay a bit longer, rather than maintain my party pooper status. Ended up having a nice chat over a drinkie with Jason Maza and Dapper Laughs. 

When I got home and took of my wedges (what a feeling) I flopped into bed (with a bag of Wotsits) and had one of those sparks of life is very odd sometimes. Tonight was one of those good odd nights though.



Sunday, 3 July 2016


Today's video is a completely Cruety-free make-up look. I've done oodles of grungey/rock looks so thought it was about time I did a summery face, even if the weather is making us forget that's actually the season we are in. To be honest there's even more reason to want to create a bronzed glowy look, afterall that sun's not allowing us to do it naturally! I certainly felt a bit better after brushing on my faux glow, so I hope it does the same for anyone who tries to recreate this look!

I won't give away how I created this look in this blog post as I want you to click play on the video below. However I will tell you that I once again turned to my current favourite products from my pal Jenn Im's collaboration with Colour pop.

Jenneration X has become my go-to summer lip colour, I love how bold and punchy it is, and it's that fabulous orangey tone of red that looks great in summer (with white dresses and floral prints) and winter (with military hues and all back outfits). A huge benefit is how white it makes your teeth look too!

Inika provided contour and sprakle to the look via their mineral foundation and bronzer.

Other cruelty free brands used during the tutorial include Elf, Kat Von D, Sonya, Natural Collections and B.

Watch the video below to find out how to recreate this look.....

Make sure you tag me if you do recreate this seasonal look @sophieggleton and please let me know if you'd like to see more cruelty free based tutorials.


Friday, 1 July 2016


It's still raining. My knowledge about meteorology is non existent so I can't explain or rationalise it., but to me it feels pretty bonkers how relentlessly soggy the UK is at the moment. I'm guessing another result of some pressure somewhere or rather, and the effects of global warming. Let's be honest most things can be blamed on global warming. 

Aside from turning into an even more morose version of myself, and let's face it the starting point was pretty terrifying, it's really putting a spanner in the works when it comes to my....well, work. 

I had so many summery style videos and photoshoots in mind, ones that require a certain level of dryness and sunshine. I think that's a bit part of why I'm in a bit of a YouTube funk at the moment, I was kinda looking forward to time out of my bedroom to film some pretty outdoorsy videos, and the bloody weather has put a right dampening on that...literally. 

Like I said at the start, it's still raining, but today I had a ten minute window to rush to nearby, fairly attractive location, to try and squeeze an outfit post out of it. 

After a few steps in the boggy ground I knew my Missguided sliders were a foolish choice but there was nowt I could do about they went with my favourite Empty Casket Necklace.

So anyways, let's get down to the outfit. I'm loving the layered dress/t-shirt thing and it's a pretty useful trend in this current climate. You want to feel summery but know the condition don't quite allow you to get overly fleshy - this is the perfect solution. I actually wore this sort of thing in the nineties, so I guess you could say my style hasn't evolved at all, but we won't dwell on that. Hopefully I have better hair!

Talking of hair I had these braids done at the amazing Pegasus PR press day by the Viviscal team. While I was in the hot seat I told them about my problems with hair loss and asked them whether it's hereditory and such, but I'll save that for another post. Why do you always get your hair done when you have no place to go? Thank god for instagram or no-one would have seen it! 
Knowing that I would never be able to create such a look EVER, I wanted to make sure it featured in an outfit post, so slept rather uncomfortably last night to ensure it lasted another day. 
So, you'll be glad to know I am unshowered and gross in all the pictures below.

I have my eye on a oversized denim jacket from Boohoo at the moment, but due to my lack of funds I wore an old one I got in LA in 2009, which is a bit too fitted for my liking. To make it a bit more appealing in the meantime though I've decorated it with some of my pins/badges, although my favourite Nancy from The Craft has gone walkies somewhere on my travels. It probably had a spell on it or something....

I thought about putting on a choker, but it's been done on this blog way too many times now, and perhaps was a bit too obvious a style note. 

So what do you think of this comfy every day look?  If you can't be bothered to answer because you are also in a weather induced grump, let's unite in praying to the sun gods!

H and M Dress
H and M Denim Jacket
Primark White T-Shirt
Missguided Silver Sliders
Badges/Pins are an assortment including Dead Heroes, Empire , LaLa Land, Trekstock.. 
Happy Plugs earphones
Empty Casket Necklace

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