Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pixi Glow Tonic To go : Reviewed

Another week, another accaimed Cruelty Free product to share with you.

People rave about Pixi products. And I'm not using the word 'rave' lightly. Bloggers don't just say it's good in a rather nonchalant manner, they refer to the brands range of offerings as halo, hero or classic products. The reviews are as glowing as the skin of the loyal fanbase. 

I always approach testing such a heralded brand with a certain amount of trepidation though, because I’m scared that it won’t live up to the seemingly hyperbolic statements I’ve heard regarding it’s beautifying powers. And I find no pleasure in being the negative anomaly should that turn out to be the case. But while I felt a slight hesitance at the prospect of experiencing it for myself and forming my own opinion about, I was also excited at the notion I could be about to find a new beauty favourite. 

The Glow Tonic has been a firm favourite with bloggers for a while now and they’ve capitalised on this by come up with a new format that will allow the focus to be put back on this huge beauty success story. They’ve realised how beloved a product this is, and how devotee’s must detest having to leave it at home when having to cut back on their products for packing purposes.

This pot of pre soaked pads, a solution to this issue, is perfect for jet-setters, or those that like to take their essentials to their boyfriends when they sleepover. It’s also a fabulous evolution of a hero product for those that hate faff, and look for ease where possible….basically it's a dream for lazy people like me.

The pads have more than enough liquid in to cover your face, neck and d├ęcolletage and leaves you’re skin feeling refreshed, soothed and nurtured. But what does it actually do I hear you cry?

I know the addition of acid may sound scary and give the impression that the product might be harsh on the skin, but not in this case. Gylcolic acid gently exfoliates and stimulates cell turnover. Where I was going wrong for many years when it came to my skin was using abrasive exfoliators, with sand, sugar or micro-beads in them - in an attempt to scrub away the zits. I thought I was cleaning off the dead skin cells and removing any matter than contributed to my acne, but in fact I was stripping my skin of vital oils and aggravating the sensitive surface. So if you are too struggling to calm or improve your acne, please do consider whether you are being too agressive. I'm sure many acne sufferers would benefit from using gentler forms of exfoliation, like this product delivers.

The Aloe Vera heals and soothes, so it’s great for those struggling with dry or irritated skin, or a surface that has been been compromised by acne and in need of recovery. It also contributes to the very pleasant and comforting smell, which is present enough without being overpowering.

The Ginseng energies and renews the skin, and it’s surprising how instantaneous this is. My face definitely looked a bit brighter even after first use, perhaps it serves as a nice little waker -upper.

Everything about the brand is very blogger friendly and you really get the feeling they have a good relationship with influencers, which allows them to ensure what they’re doing is always appealing to us, while ensuring they’re innovating too. Their collaboration collections with bloggers Aspyn Ovard, Caroline Hirons Its Judy Time and Maryam Maquillage confirm this synergy. In fact I think I've only been aware of the brand due to Caroline Hirons, who most of us would put at the helm of skin/beauty blogging. I think her affifilation/collaborations with the brand have helped to cement their position as a star brand, because we've come to rely on and trust the opinon of Caroline through her years of honest reviewing. Her willingness to be a face/mind behind the products instills confidence. 

The brand and the designers of the packaging are clearly very in tune to what bloggers like visually, and the aesthetic that is more likely to find itself feature on an artfully curated Instagram post. The combination of pistachio green, rose gold and white, makes it fresh, modern but with a notable nod to luxury. Green always connotes a kindness, as if the ingredients may be natural or gentle, and we all know about blogger’s love for rose gold and white.

The pot costs £20, and if I’m honest I really can’t decide whether this is reasonable or not - I guess it depends on how much emphasis you put on looking after your skin, and how much you want to spend on your entire daily/nightly routine. If you simply look at the pot itself you may think that it sounds a bit dear, but if you do some maths (I know, you’d rather not) you may feel a bit better about it…I dunno, you decide. 

So they advise that you can use it AM or PM (or as needed). If you use them twice a day you have around a month’s supply in one pot. If you work out the cost per pad, not factoring the cost of the packaging/design/branding etc, it works out at 0.33p (recurring). 

I can’t reveal the long term benefits of using this product yet as it’s still a fairly new addition, but I must say that the early impressions are very positive. I love the process of using the pads, in the morning it helps to pep my face up a bit, and at night it really feels like I’m ensuring all the day’s grime is removed. I love how the skin feels shortly after using it too. It looks clean and moisturised , but it’s not tacky enough with the moisture to effect the application of foundation. In fact the Pixi infused canvas serves as a lovely base for make up, and I swear my gaping pores looked marginally reduced. 

So it’s relief to say that I loved my first foray with Pixi, I’m glad I’m not going to have to rally against the mass opinon of my fellow bloggers and beauty experts on this one.

 I’m already thinking about what to try next and I think it’s got to be the Double Cleanse - the unique 2-in-1 jar created by Caroline Hirons where one side contains a solid cleansing oil and the other side a luxe cleansing cream for the ultimate PM cleansing. It’s currently trending on the site and I’ve come to the conclusion I would trust Caroline with anything skin related.

Have you tried Pixi products? Let me know what your favourites are in the comments….

I thought I’d put the ingredients here, because if you allergic to awkward things like me, you may want to check the list below…..

Ingredients: Aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) seed extract, glycolic acid, ammonium glycolate, glycerin, butylene glycol, hexylene glycol (and) fructose (and) glucose (and) sucrose (and) urea (and) dextrin (and) alanine (and) glutamic acid (and) aspartic acid (and) hexyl nicotinate, panax ginseng root extract, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, biotin, polysorbate 20, fragrance.

Glow Tonic and Go £20
Glow Tonic 250ml £18
Glow Tonic 100ml


Thursday, 16 February 2017


I’ve been trying to keep you guys up to date on all the ongoing changes going on with my approach to blogging and YouTube, so in today’s post I’ll bring you another in relation to my fashion and style posts and uploads moving forward

For some, the point of clicking on an outfit post blog is to see if there’s a style element from the blogger look that you could adopt yourself- sometimes you’ll even want to imitate the whole look - a common issue for readers of Megan Ellaby, I imagine. You may see a pair of jeans that fits in the 90’s way you love, a style that you have been yearning to find for bloody ages. You’ll be able to click the link they helpfully put under their artfully posed photos and make a purchase - a link that will often be an affiliate and reward them in some way - lucky devils. It’s so/too easy.
Other people will click on the blog links because they merely enjoy looking at aesthetically pleasing photographs, a feature of blog posts which is common, if not expected, in the blogosphere these days. Gone are the simple and innocent days of phone pictures in your garden. I still pose in the garden but with a fairly ok camera…so I’ve slightly moved up in the quality stakes, OKAY?? I digress. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Love Letter to All Bloggers

Dear Blogger,

I am one of many people who care about you…the person you are, the words and images you put out there to offer escapism, joy, inspiration or creative satisfaction. I see so many things that make you unique and special, those quirks and traits that make you stand out and have a special place in this  tricky and complicated world of being an influencer. I'm guessing you hate using that word as sounds so cold, so inhuman, but you are a multifaceted human, one that is rampant of feeling...feelings that have fueled your insecurities of late.

Valentines is upon us. Another ‘special’day of the year we are encouraged to make content in honour of, whether it’s in support of it's heady consumerism- giving eachother tips on how to dress, do our make-up or how to date, or whether it's showing a rebellion towards it, vocalising our anti-Valentines slant, or embracing it in a less obvious way - like sharing the important of self-love.

This blogger that loves you has decided to use this day to to try and encourage you to love yourself, as I’ve noticed you haven’t seemed to be all that fond of you lately, and although it’s a feeling I find all too relatable, it still makes me feel incredibly sad that your facing this inner battle too. Particularly when it’s in your power to do something about it.

Despite an glaringly obvious need to listen to my own advice, in honour of the tradition of sharing feelings of love for others on February14th, I wanted to put my efforts into making sure you really feel it, and to ensure you do all you can to restore some reality too.

Every day I log online to see posts talking about how you feel inferior, ugly, less-than, old, too big, too small, too different, not different enough. I need you to remember, and embrace, your oh so unique value.

If we were to think of social media/blogging industry as someone your sleeping with, seeing, dating or in a committed relationship with, and they were making you feel as bad as you seem to be feeling, we’d tell you to walk away from this toxic relationship. We’d tell you they’re a rat, a player, or no good for you.

Relationships are never going to be perfect - even the overly saccharine romantic movies are frequently reminding us of this .There will be bumps, rocky terrain, doubt, occasions of stress, times of taking the stress out on each-other, and moments where you'll need a bit of a time out. We are often told anything worth having doesn’t come easy, but I don’t completely buy into that statement in all situations, some things shouldn’t be this hard, so keep that in mind when trying to move forward.

Consider this…. If your friend was having issues in their relationship, you’d probably weigh up the value of said relationship, whether it’s something worth salvaging, if it was truly right for them, or had the goods to make your dearest friend happy. If the answer is/was yes you’d encourage them to work on it. You’d ask them to consider to make changes to the relationship, how it functions or how they function within in. You may tell them they need to be stern with the partner to ensure they make necessary changes too, ones that will make the road a little less hard to traverse. If the answer was no, you could see that the pairing was mismatched, detrimental to their mental or physical health, their confidence, and hopeless with no possibility of remedy or improvement, you’d tell them to walk away….and fast.

Surely, it makes complete sense that we should apply this to our relationship with our career/social media, after all we probably spend more time with our laptops and the people we communicate within our working worlds, than we do our sidelined partners.

I’m not saying you have to swiftly and harshly dump your blog (a blog that you may have been with for a long time and brought some happy things into your life), channel, social media, and this industry as a whole, but you may need to make some changes that ensure you can feel happy and confidence within this weird webby world, and not let it fool you into loving yourself or your abilities any less.

Maybe you need more space - create more distance between you and this fantasy realm...consistently or via regular breaks. How many couples function better when they’re not in each other pockets all the time?Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Maybe you need to change it’s position in your list of priorities. Perhaps it's position at the top has caused this shift in your perception of yourself and/or what's important. Perhaps you're so intent on being the biggest, or the best, you haven’t noticed how well you’re actually doing or really appreciated the amazing stuff you have and continue to achieve. Perhaps you need to change the content you make so it positions you differently in the industry, in a space less vulnerable to certain industry pitfalls or situations that appear to build or bolster you insecurities.

I want you to read over this letter whenever your feel that your mind is clouded by social media noise, and when you get tricked into thinking your negative feelings about yourself are true, fact or rational. Remember you’ve actually just been warped by the stream of edited, faux, or enhanced text and images you see all day, every day, during your work time as well as your few minutes of down- time in which you still choose to scroll or view. The industry may have already persuaded you to put emphasis on the wrong aspect of being a human and existing in today’s world of heightened pressure, with it’s elevated view of numbers, popularity, status, the possession of objects and status symbols.

Think about what your closest or oldest friends would say about you, or that relative that knows you scarily well, including the uglier sides of the complete you. I’m sure they’d say they love you because your kind, funny, wise or thoughtful, hardowrking or charmingly ditzy, it wouldn’t be because of those amazing freebies, your follower count, what campaigns you’ve got.

If you love someone you set them free - one of many cheesey clichse that’s used as a guiding message in romantic novels and movies. But, if being happier and finding that comfortable sanctuary within the blogging world means seeing a bit less of you on social media, on YouTube or on Bloglovin, then I’d rather that. Of course I’ll miss you, crave your presence (in a not stalkery way), but I imagine it would just leave me wanting more…which is never a bad thing. And knowing you were more content in your  headspace ,which has always been prone to overthinking, questioning and wanting more….then that’s a sacrifice this admirer would happily make.

Despite popular belief that blogging is easy, or barely even a job, it can be really tough on ones grasp on reality as well as ones grasp on themselves. It’s so easy to forget what’s great about yourself, when the system has become a relentless and constantly evolving mechanism, increasingly proficient in making us focus on what we don’t have, do, own.

Remember the mere fact that you post makes you a special person - it means your self motivated, you are a sharer, a giver, perhaps you allow people to view vulnerability in order to help others, perhaps you share you incredibly style to help others embrace their own or find some confidence via fashion, perhaps you offer relaxation, humour or wisdom. You have chosen to use your voice to do or say something, or simply share your talent with us… that’s pretty awesome. Yet another things to love about you…

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on looks, because I love you for more than your vessel, but just know that even if you don’t match what you believe to be ideal mould for a successful face or body on social media, in no way does that mean you aren’t beautiful. Straight teeth, wonky teeth, smooth noses or ones with a sharp bump on the bridge, thick brows, thin brows, short hair, long hair, natural coloured hair, neon bright hair, curvy, slim, pale or dark…every possible variant can radiate beauty.

I guarantee the things you list as things you’d like to change are often the things people think make you cute, endearing, loveable, sexy, or serve as a statement (intentional or not) of unwillingness to conform to what people /media are trying to tell you is right/perfect/flawless/cool/ideal. But with anything that makes us insecure, it’s about how you feel about it. But I urge you to be really thorough when asking yourself why you dislike ‘insert feature.’ I only ask because your unique face/body adds its own element to the blogging landscape that would be missed, and by embracing those so called flaws you are also telling others that theirs are beautiful and worth treasuring too. All I’m really saying is, like Colin in Bridget Jones, I love you just as you are. But if you need to make changes to feel better, do it for you not because you feel you need to in order to veer closer to that perfect blogger mould.

I'll bring this rather wordy message of love and affection to a close by saying that I really hope that today and every day moving forward, that you feel loved. But I hope that warm fuzzy feeling isn’t cultivated from a stream of online comments, likes, retweets or PR gifts (as lovely as these things are). I hope that its  because you’ve been able to waft that unpleasant fog of social media idiocy away and have  truly remembered to love yourself. Trust me there’s lots to love. If not I hope you find that love within you soon, as it's important you channel it into you as well as your work and your online devotees.

Forever yours, with love


Saturday, 11 February 2017


I've had a stressful few weeks...months...years. In short, any opportunity for a moment of relaxation or pampering, of any degree, is always needed and welcomed. When I found out that I had been invited, along with fellow YouTubers Becca Lammin and Amber Doig Thorne. to have a girly day at the iconic Corinthia Hotel, and attend the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker, I was simply ecstatic. 

What a treat!

 Since the email came through I've been wishing the days away, so this lovely day could finally take place and I could leave work/life/health stresses behind for a few hours.

As I write this it's sunday and I'm working non stop from bed, soundtracked to the screams of my boyrfriend shouting at Liverpool FC.... Take me back to Thursday the 9th and my suite at the Corinthia... please!!

The Corinthia's position is ideal for those coming into London from out of town. Visiting from Weybridge in Surrey, it was a rare treat only having to take one stop on the Tube to reach my final destination.  If the weather has been more favourable I would have been able to walk from Waterloo with ease. Just a short distance from Trafalgar and Leicester Square it is a location for tourists and those likely to be busy in the centre of our great capital.

While impressive a building it is, it is nestled in rather subtly amongst the other historic building on Whitehall. The friednly but finely dressed doorman being the giveaway to it's entrance.


The body Shop Vegan Brushes: Review

As you guys know I'm slowly but surely trying to find products to replace any non cruelty free items I currently have in my beauty routine. I think it's important I find ones I genuinely like and think are just as good as the ones I have used and loved over the few years, because I really want to be able to share the message that you really don't have to feel like your missing out if you go down the Vegan/Cruelty free route. I don't want to reccommend below-par products just because they're ethical or kind, for you to them try them on my reccomendation, be unsatisfied, then make the assumption that all vegan/cruelty free products are lesser than their opposite counterparts. That would be counter productive in spreading awareness, plus I don't want to be held responsible for you not being happy with your make up look.
This means that this process hasn't been immediate and swift, and is more a case of trial and error. For instance, it has taken me a while to find a cruelty free foundation that gives a great finish, matches my skin colour and doesn't cause breakouts. In fact I've had some serious breakouts while experimenting with cruelty free foundations, I think due to the fact I have intolerance to a lot of natural products. We are all so wonderfulyl unique, in every way, so nothing is one fits all, so that's is why you need to do your own homework. But it will be worth it for you (and your face), and for the world we live in. 
I've now found a cruelty free foundation that I love more than any other I've tried in my make up wearing years (which is over 15)....and now, thanks to The Body Shop, I have brushes that allow it to look even better on my skin.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017


The show must go on
The show must go on
Inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on

These Queen lyrics ran true for me last week, as many of you will know if you were able to sit through the misery of my most recent weekly vlog.

The benefits of freedom and flexibility are spoken of regularly in reference to the life of a freelancer. However one of the humungous negatives that goes with being able to work from home, and largely self manage your own career on a day to day basis, is the fact that the buck generally stops with you. If you can’t work or something limits your ability to work as efficiently as you’d like, it’s you that is going to suffer the consequences. Those consequences being less money coming in and not being able to pay bills, missing out on opportunities, or putting across a negative image in front of potential future collaborators/money givers.

I was completely overwhelmed with tiredness last week.. I not only had my usual level of CFS tiredness to deal with, every night had been unsettled due to Si coming back from work at 1, 2am, disturbing me with his snoring, or because I was unable to sleep due to excruciating ear-ache.
I was also trying to launch to new sides to my working life (a shop selling my art and photography prints), maintain my blogging/YouTube presence, attending numerous events in London (YouTube work) while helping Si create new Merch designs for their upcoming tour, answer interviews for people’s Dissertation and University projects (which I always try to do as I remember how hard it was to get replies when I was younger), trying to be a good girlfriend and friend on top of that, all while keeping an eye on the emails from my network…..In short, it was just too much. 

Why not say no to some of these things? I know, it seems simple. It’s something my Dad and BF say to me all the time. But I think you’re either one of those people that can think selfishly and just do what you want to do, or you are someone that likes to keep people happy and would rather stress themselves out than feel guilt about not being helpful to someone else. I think it’s something that’s more likely to be innate to women too. If you’ve been watching The Secret Life of 5 Years Olds on Channel 4, you may have seen the recent episode comparing boys and girls. Their experiments showed than girls are more empathetic, and have a tendency to be aware and care about the feelings of others. I know I personally hate the feeling of letting people down, so tend to say yes to too many things, just to avoid any feelings, even if I know it may make my life incredibly stressful and leave me feeling pretty ill.

Also I think when you’re in working within Blogging/YouTube/Creativity there’s always this fear that if you don’t go/do it, whatever the opportunity/event may be, that you may regret it. Perhaps you’ll have to see pictures of those who did go/do it pop up on your Instagram and feel a huge amount of regret. Perhaps opting out will mean you’ll miss out on making a hugely beneficial new contact with a brand for instance. Perhaps you’ll never be invited again because the person that went in your place did such a great job. These industries are so saturated now, that’s always this constant tension that there’s someone hot on your heels to nab anything that you even just hesitate about. 

I find a commute exhausting to London at the best of times. Last week on route to photograph some Behind The Scenes shots of Mallory Knox at Radio 1’s legendary Maida Vale Studios, my commute went from a hassle to a nightmare. Due to a couple of very sad and unfortunate incidences on the line, my commute took 4 hours (meaning I was arrive two hours late). I’m not irrational about things I can’t change, I’m generally very calm in situations involving travel that are out of my control, but because I was so intensely tired I found the situation very capable of inducing a chin wobble. Some of it was spurned by frustration - the fact that there were no staff on the station to offer information or advice and that I was stranded until I could get hold of someone to pick me up from the station. This frustration went up a few more notches when I got home and called the customer services to try and reap some valuable updates that would guide me in my next step. 

Eventually I was advised to go to Shepperton station and try and head up from there (something I wouldn’t have been able to do if Dad hadn’t have been around to drive me). Yet again the station had been closed up, there was no-one to ask about upcoming trains. The train times listed on the electronic board game and went without the arrival of an actual train, a factor which was made more stressful by the fact that my IBS decided to flare up and there were no toilets available to use at the station. In stealth manner I creeped into a working mens club to use theres before returning to the bitterly cold station platform. The horrible weather conditions, tiredness, frustrations with the no existent train staff and IBS combined with the stress of letting Mallory Knox down (and all that could mean to future opportunities) I felt myself start to lose composure. Unable to ease the aches in my legs that had tensed due to the cold snap, due to a lack of seating or warming waiting room, I copied down on the damp concrete and felt the tears stream down my face. It sounds overdramatic and probably looked it to the rest of the waiting passengers similarly delayed at the station, but I simply didn’t have the energy to maintain emotional strength at that time.
When I finally got on a train, a ticket inspector questioned why my ticket said Walton rather than Shepparton, and started to be resistant to my reasonings. I couldn’t believe that with the terrible service the train companies had offered us, the absence of staff or any help, that he had the gaul to question it. So frustrated, I felt myself wobble again. 

Anyway, I finally got to my final destination, after a near IBS disaster at Waterloo after the loos were out of action for cleaning purposes, I then had to head out into the rain and attempt to job to the studios.
Despite the horrendous and lengthy journey I was glad to made it because I felt it proved that I’d tried my best, but I was disappointed that I’d missed much of the opportunity to take pictures of the occasion. The situation was more stressful because I had a YouTube commitment, which meant I needed to get to at the 02 after taking pictures at Maida Vale. So I can only imagine I seemed a little bit on edge for the whole time I was there.
Despite the anxiety to get to my next assignment, and the pain I was feeling in my dampened bones, I tried my hardest not to expose the anguish to the people I was working for though. I tried to be jolly and smiley, even if through gritted teeth and pain killers.

Just after 9pm I made it to the O2 to see Sabbath and tried to be jovial (and awake) for the people I was meeting, despite the fact I felt like i’d aged about 40 years in the space of the last few hours and was finding it hard to to carry out any sort of cognitive behaviour.

After the gig at the O2 I headed home and faced more delays, meaning after midnight I was sitting on another damp station, in tears, on my own, and not sure when I’d make it to my bed. Also feeling slightly regretful that I’d spent Si’s one day off away from him and might not even get to say goodnight to him that day.

This was one day of the last week. But the theme continued for the rest of the week, with the cumulative effects worsening my existing state of ‘emotional wreck’. However, I continued to go to events, interview film directors, take photos, vlog, communicate with new people, and try and smile and appear appreciative throughout, despite my exhaustion and lack of financial gain. It was only when I was on the commutes or at home in my bedroom that I let the mask slip and lost control of the tear ducts. 

This week didn’t make me realise anything new - I’ve always known that I don’t prioritise in the right way and that my lack of energy effects my ability to cope - but it did make certain people in my life become a bit more stern with me about making some changes.

It cant’ be nice to see me in this state if ‘not coping’ so I guess I owe it to them (my bf and family) as well as me to start putting me, my work, and more importantly work that will pay first, before helping others with theirs. But I also have to make sure I find a balance within my diary that prevents, or at least doesn’t contribute, to a state of bad health and tiredness that doesn’t allow me to have a decent grip on my emotions.

Last week’s events made me ponder my ability to deal with stress. It’s become very clear that it depends hugely on my level of fatigue, but I wondered what else my contributes to it. Could I be making some more changes, or doing more things, that will help me stay strong, not just in the public view, but in private times or on my commute.

Here’s some things I’ve come up with to try and help pr
event stress but also deal with it should it arise….

Coping with Stress

Don’t overstretch - Even if you’re motivated to work, it doesn’t mean your body will be able to match that level of motivated. Think rationally about what your body can cope with and don’t book more things than you know you can deal with.

Remember that it’s not just about going to events - you have to factor in the stress/time of the journeys either side, and the work that may follow attending.  E.g if you do a shoot remember you may have to edit the photos that night to get them to your client for the next day.

Make sure you sandwich in things that make you feel relaxed or happy in your week. Whether that be a long bath with Lush products, or a dinner with closest friends.

If you have work to do that just can’t wait, decide whether it’s better for you to stay up late or get up early to do it. I generally prefer to stay up late and get it done as I know I don’t sleep too well if work is left unfinished.
Don’t commit to deadlines you know will be difficult for you with your particular schedule/health issues/limitations.

Re-access your approach to work. I used to try and upload to YouTube about five times a week. I am currently only uploading once a week and it doesn’t appear to have had a detrimental effect to my growth, and feel a lot let stressed for it. 

Get off social media. I now barely check my socials, which is not ideal for someone doing my career, but for my mental health it has been hugely beneficial. I still tweet, upload , and interact sparingly, but I don’t obsess over catching up on the feeds.

I made a huge mistake of missing out lots of meals (and washing) because I simply didn’t feel I had the time. Always make time, because a weak mind and dirty body won’t make you feel work-ready or ready to ‘smash it.’

If you’re feeling guilty about neglecting you bf or friends during this time of work stress then just send a message or make a small gesture that will let them know that this is an intensely busy time for you, but you love them. I just sent Whatsapp messages to my group chats saying that I was sorry I’d be a bit quiet for the next few weeks but I loved them, and made sure just to give Si a nice welcome when he’s back from work, even if I have to spend the whole night beavering away on my computer.

Take time out to meditate - I should really do this but I’m a workaholic and need to almost retrain myself not to feel like I need to use any downtime I have to be productive in a career sense.

Re-access your work - If you could be objective and look over your schedule of work (maybe get someone else to take a look), is there something that you could remove without any major negative repercussions that would free up some time or remove some sort of stress.

So there’s a few of mine….Can you offer up any more that we could share in the comments? Do you think you deal with stress well? 
And remember it's ok to be a bit selfish sometimes - althought selfish doesn't seem like the right word. 
Simply remember to value your well-being and your own goals as well as those of others. 

© Sophie Eggleton. All rights reserved.
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