Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Just a quick little drawing I felt compelled to doodle  in light of the devastating news from Manchester. 

Music is often celebrated for its ability to unify. Today we are unified in sadness and grief and the horrific feeling of hopelessness. ‬

‪We go to concerts for escapism or to languish in the emotions the music evokes for us. To force fear, pain, and devastation into a situation intended to create happiness and joy is nothing other than sick. ‬

‪For many of those gig goers it was a night they'd marked in their diary with enthusiastic annotations, an event they saved pocket money for, perhaps even their first experience of the wonder of live music. The fact that some of them aren't returning home is an unbearable to think about. ‬

‪Considering like many of us, I feel lost for words, I've already gone on too long, but I just wanted to send my love to all those impacted by last night's events. ‬


Sunday, 14 May 2017


I finally got round to filming the third episode of my 90's Style Icons series. For this installment I focused on everyone's fave edgy-beauty, Winona Ryder. Having featured in so many cult movies over her career, she is someone many of us look to for style inspiration, even today. I personally love how manages to pull off both oversized and tomboy and vintage Hollywood glamour. 
I'm not going to gush for too long as I want you to refer you attention to the video. I had so many issues with this video, from it not going to sub boxes, and then it not being able to view in certain countries due to a song being blocked, so please go and give it some love.

So here's a glimpse of some of the looks featured...
For this masculune oversized look, I stole Simon's Topman chino's and an old navy cardigan from my mums wardrobe. I layerd over a classic American Apparel tee and rocked a vintage bandana on my head. 

I lacked a Tom Waits tee so found another monochrome top from my collection of photographic tees. I teamed with slim mum jeans and an ASOS faux leather jacket.

To recreate this look I teamed my ASOS mum jeans with am official Ramones merch tee and a red jackets from Zara.

I layered a mesh long sleeve from Camden market under a simple maxi dress from Zara. I completed the look with a red crucifix from Amazon, a red lip and wet quiffed hair. 

For this smokey eyed red carpet look, I teamed a Topshop pvc pencil skirt with a Marks and Spencer polo neck. Her make up was very sixties sex kitten with pales lips and eyeliner. 

A simple breton top and slim line black slacks is all you need for her look in Girl, Interrupted. I'd just like to point out that my 'cigarette' was actually a rolled up receipt.

I love how cute and fresh faced she looks here. For my version I turned my buttoned A line skirt from Topshop backwards, put on some opaque tights, wore a simple M&S black tee and old Moto jacket from Topshop.

To see looks from Mermaids, Reality Bites and the red carpet go and watch the video now!

Who would you like to see in the next episode???

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


 Today's post is in honour of Mental Health Awareness week, which is meant to encourage conversation on all things MH related, so please, even if you don't usually comment, leave your input today. We will only progress if we talk, listen, and then act on the new things we've learned.
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