California Dreamin…

It was nearly a year ago that I embarked on my LA based adventure. I’d just broken up with my partner of 4 and a half years and was feeling a bit lost. Rather than opt for the usual girl break up reaction and get a hair cut I decided to use the little amount of money I’d put away to book a flight and what better place to take me away from reality than the home of film, Hollywood.

It was strange arriving at LAX and realizing there was no one there to meet and in fact there would be no one at my final destination either. Due to the last minute nature I hadn’t had time to investigate anything but managed to find a bus that would drop me off pretty much right outside my hotel on Sunset. I must admit the hotel wasn’t overly appealing, but it had a bed and I’d got there in once piece so I was content. First night I had a stroll round to get my bearings, ate some chinese and found a few nice vintage shops. The next day I got up and walked round Hollywood and got smacked in the face with reality. A gang of blokes in vests and baggy ‘pants’were shouting at me ‘blondie, come o’er here’ etc. They kept shouting asking me to give them a hug, in the end they circled me. I eventually broke free and ran away, still hearing their shouts the sound diminishing the further I managed to flee. It certainly reminded me that I was well and truly alone in this strange town. On the upside I found two great maxi dresses that day : )

I had stayed at the Roosevelt with my family when I was younger so went back to have a look round and grab a refreshment and then carried on taking in the touristy sights of the area. I ended my day with an In and Out burger.

I had tweeted from my @ldnfashion twitter account that I would be in LA and received some lovely offers of company. It probably isn’t something I should recommend, but I made sure I was sensible and met up with the lovely Chris, in daylight, outside the Fairfax flea market. We hit it off straight away and trawled through the stalls , bought old vinyl, some cool clobber and hunted for an old fashioned typewriter. Next he was gonna take me for some food so waited for a bus, stopping briefly at a discount America Apparel. I can’t for the life of me remember where we went but had to most delicious assortment of foodies treats and ended with a yummy red velvet cupcake.

I also befreinded a NBA basketball player who kindly inivted me to his place to watch a game, however he seemed slightly disgruntled that I didn’t know who he was so spent time showing me lots of famous names on his phone! He had a lovely selection of trainers lined up by his front door, which I tried to take pictures of when he wasn’t looking!

I also met the extremely obliging Dan and Matt by the pool who broke the ice by offering me a beer whilst we lounged by the pool. I ended up going out with them to a Tequila Bar ( apparently featured in Entourage ) and having a lovely enchilada.

Dan offered to take me to Venice Beach, Malibu and Santa Monica the next day. I found a Zoltar machine, you know like the one in BIG and made a wish. I have a definite hippy side to me that likes to believe those sort of things can happen in real life!

I also did another shameful touristy thing and went on a tour bus , seeing how the A listers live and driving past the amazing shops on Rodeo Drive.

One constant throughout my trip was my taxi driver who said he’d come and get me wherever and whenever, he had two parrots in his car , one called Pistachio, and would make each journey entertaining by telling me amazing stories about the people he’s had in his cab .

I felt a bit guilty forking out money on such a whim, so I made sure I did some work while I was out there including a couple of interviews and touching base with Teen Vogue about freelance opportunities.

I won’t lie and say I was stoic for the entirety , there were lonely times in my run down hotel room where a few tears were shed, and times when I wished I had a mate there to enjoy things with but overall it was an empowering experience.

Sometimes you need to do something out of your comfort zone to remember who you are….

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