Deano’s Dare

I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time with Deano currently . Our regular cinema trips are generally successful, for those who are yet to see Kickass go and see it now, but our nights out and dinner adventures are definitely less so. An attempt to join in and have an alcohol beverage a few weeks ended up with a rather painful and embarrassing night of vomiting. I didn’t even make it to the club, shamefully I had to direct the offending liquid out of a taxi Window. Can I be quick to point out I am neither one of those ‘binge drinkers that you see scorned in the Daily Mail, neither am I a complete and utter light weight, I am allergic ok ! Luckily Deano was kind enough to look after me back at the girls house, and until the party returned to house I had free reign of the make do lounge floor bed, in-between toilet visits. Unfortunately once everyone returned I had three extra, drunken and sprawling bodies sharing my snug and another 12 littering the lounge. To cut a story short I ended up wrapped up in a towel lying on the landing floor outside the upstairs toilet. Not the most fun I’ve ever had!!

Last week I met up with Deano at the pub across the road for a spot of dinner. He said he’d pick and came back saying he’d ordered platter, and despite knowing me for 20 years and knowing my likes/dislikes and allergies it turned out his chosen selection contained pretty much every food item I hate in life.

So if you know Dean the next part was inevitable…. and with my finances in the sorry state they are the £10 incentive was enough on this occasion…..

It may not sound too bad a combination to some people but trust me it was not pleasant…. black olive, green olive,duck pate, something that resembled dog food, something that resembled cat food, salami, ham and some other questionable gunk…

His partner in crime Si, who wee see in sharp installments when he is on leave from the Marines is even more of a liability. My life generally revolves around them and their various pranks and annoying behaviour. With Simon you live in fear though, he has that glint in his eye which could connote insanity, he nearly always goes too far…..

This KFC bag on my head was actually a high point in our freindship !

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