A decade on from my first girlie holiday….

Dreaming of holidays and looking back at old photos has got me feeling rather nostalgic. I can’t believe it is about ten years since my first girls holiday, without the watching eye of the parents. We went to Estartit in Spain to stay at my friend Alices Nans apartment. I had stayed there their the previous year with her family, but of course we were on our best behavior on that occasion, apart from a few sidewards glances at the dashing poolside Italians.
This time round it was me Alice again but joined by Jo, Nat, Caroline (Barn) and Laura. Some of us were still innocent and naive girls, others slightly less so. It was a big deal to be let off the leash and our first taste of real independence you might say.
As soon as we arrived at the apartments we knew it was going to be an interesting week. All the residence had come out onto the balconies, as if they were all part of some weird cult and accessing the sight of the new additions , and deciding whether we were suitable to join the commune, of course we definetly weren’t. With the sight of a gaggle of young girls in short denim skirts carrying a large supply of alcohol – because at that age you think volume is everything- we were in trouble. They hated us, unfairly I might add, from the start.

This initial dislike for us lead to many an amusing story which we still recount whenever we get together, many other unmentionable events also rear their heads whenever we play the ‘I have never’ drinking game. We received a call from Alice’s mum during the stay saying that a resident had reported that we had been naked swimming….. various other laughable accusations came our way.

One Day whilst having a nap, post big night out we heard a threatening knock at the door. We opened it and saw a stern looking policeman at the door, we had presumed it was on account of us being rowdy or anti social, but in fact it was far more serious. He had been tipped off that we had been hoarding a criminal in our apartment, information said whilst he held up a wanted poster of said felon. Realizing the seriousness I woke up the rest of the girls, who rose and rushed to the door with haste, bleary eyed and with hair in complete dissaray.

After the Policeman had gone, we sat on the balcony to calm down. All the residents were out on their balconies, having spied a policeman leaving our abode. They all stared with distain, arms crossed but almost pleased as if we had had our comeuppance or something!

Not all the inhabitants had a dislike for us however, opposite us were a couple of chaps who had facial hair resembling Musketeers . They would attract our attention with those laser pens that were the craze at the time, shining them on our balcony curtains. Unknowing to me, my fragile young eyes were about to get burned, not by the laser but by a naked Musketeer who on this time round had got my attention with the intention of showcasing his deadly weapon. This was when the phrase ‘all for one and one for all , look away’ was yelled out by the girls. Certainly a memory from the holiday I wish the alcohol consumption had erased!

I don;t know if you too can recall the friends episode where Monica and Rachel get locked out after confusion as to whether ‘got the keys’ was a statement or questions?? Well this happened to us and we realized the mishap over a buffet dinner. We wondered what to do and suggested perhaps we’d sleep on the beach till the morning which was responded sharply by Nat ‘ I’m not sleeping on the beach , I’m wearing white trousers”. Barn had a deep moment during this period on quandary stating that how it was ‘like the friendships at War’, a grossly inaccurate statement and something we rib her for to this day. It was only after hours of stress Alice looked at her phone and sheepishly confessed that she had the landlords mobile number on her phone the whole time, thus eradicating the problem!

Our tender age was definitely mirrored by our actions in a lot of ways during our stay. i developed an unhealthily strong crush on an Anthony Keidis lookalike at the beach, and felt almost heartbroken at the thought of not seeing him again, Jo would replace Milk with Martini in her cereal in the morning and as a group we were all united in the fact that our quality control in terms of men hadn’t quite kicked in quite yet. It seems the combination of raging hormones, freedom and most probably beer goggles lead us to ‘snogging’ all sort of unsavory characters, including one who was on repeat asking ‘got any gange’ over and over, another who i swear to this day had no teeth, and one which I managed to anger with my poor use of the Dutch language…..
We all came away from the holiday having learned something, dogs don’t usually drive cars, never do a headbanger and televisakika should not be said to Dutchman than looks like Paul from S Club 7!!

I wish I could share some of the funnier, dare I say more risque anecdotes from our first holiday but I fear it could ruin lives, or at least the dignity of some of my dearest friends……
It’s very strange to think that at least half of the girlies below are now either married or engaged…. today I feel old !

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