Disposable words- project 2004

After a failed relationship you often left wondering what you can salvage from it. Perhaps you have learned from mistakes you’ve made or have learnt not to continue to put up with the mistakes the other person seemed to make on an all too frequent basis. Should the relationship have met its demise do to sort some sort of lie or deception, part of what you had together feels destroyed. Did they mean anything they said, were they merely words to keep me sweet at the time or hide the lie?
I wanted to look into the disposability of words and tried to find a way of showing this through objects and images.

Firstly I set one of my treasured love letters in wax and melted it, then went onto setting them in ice.

Taking inspiration from my time as a Brownie and Girl Guide and created a sash with badges that you gained every time you saw a sign that something was going wrong with a relationship e.g he’s always late, you find someone else underwear etc…

I also produced a series of photographs using perfume as a symbol for each relationship. Smells are so successful at evoking memories and often conjure recollections that link to someone you were once intimate with.

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