Video Void

After years of experimenting with mediums by the time I finished my three year Fine Art course at University I had found that my passion lay in video work. There was so much scope for manipulation using the moving image, and not only did I enjoy the act of capturing the footage I found the editing strangely addictive. I would spend hour after hour in the darkened room, in the winter months there were days I didn’t see daylight ( not healthy). One thing my tutors would comment on is how when I was really into the concept of the work I was doing I would almost become obsessed, therefore becoming extremely prolific. Instead of making one video for my degree show piece I embarked on making multiple films that would be played simultaneously and I ended up with about 20 in the end. Not satisfied, I then decided I would make a space with which to hold the screens, hopefully an environment that would recall a dystopia seen in many a sci- fi flick.

Getting hold of and transporting the equipment with no car was no mean feat either. I would take regular trips to the local dump and see if I could find any TVS, and the guys that worked there would call me if any good ones came in. I also met up with some dodgy characters who had garages full of technological equipment, who let me borrow for a small fee. Luckily the all nighters and expense was worth it and I ended it up with First Class Degree. Unfortunately there is no footage of the installation working due to an exploding hard disk and my stupid decision not to back up…. lesson learned!

Unfortunately I’m somewhat hindered, although I am lucky enough to now earn a Mac after many years of working on a ropey PC I don’t have the money to buy a video cam or Final Cut Pro, and thoroughly miss making films. Hopefully soon I’ll earn enough to treat myself!!

The piece was called Cognitive Overload, Interrupted Interruptions and commented on humans reliance on technology on a daily basis and looking at the concept of the cyborg.

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