Eighties Matchbox B line disaster

When the email came through a few weeks ago regarding EMBDs return I emailed back straight away with a resounding Yes to both attending the intimate gig at the Macbeth and to the opportunity to interview the Brighton rockers.

The day prior to the gig my mother took over the cooking reigns from my Dad who over the last few weeks has very sweetly been making homemade curries minus all of my allergies, just so I have at least one exciting meal a week that won’t make me ill. Unfortunately my mum was not so vigilant on the offending ingredients and my evening spiraled into a rather painful and unsightly mess of illness.

The itchy rash and misbehaving bowels kept me up most of the night so the idea of trekking into London, interviewing a band and standing in a stuffy pub for hours did not seem terribly sensible. I tried to find someone else on the Bring the Noise team to cover, to no avail and emailed Mark (Press man) explaining I wasn’t sure I’d make it. Although he was very kind in his response I could sense it would be a missed opportunity and I do hate to let people down, so I jizzied myself up and decided to just agree to stick to the arrangements, warning that I wouldn’t be on top form.

To add difficulty my editor said he wanted me to think of a different format for the interview rather than just straight forward chat regarding the music, productions, and writing process. I wasn’t sure this was a band that would enjoy Popworld style alternative interview techniques but I did as I was told as I didn’t have the energy to oppose. In honour of their new single Love turns to Hate I put together a list of objects, people, things of which they would respond by holding up paper imprinted with either Love or Hate….. I know ingenious right??

So I got dressed, wearing clothes that would hide as much of the oh so sexy red bumpiness and headed up to town, having to stop in various questionable toilets on route. I was preying my body would behave for the 5 minute interview- a dash during the chat might make for a YOUTUBE classic but wouldn’t do much for my dignity!

So I arrived at the venue with my trusty camera woman, blonde bombshell Sandy, and waited on the leather couch while various techs, staff , managers, band members milled around.

The time had come and I shook hands with tall and softly spoken Guy Mcknight and another member of the band. They had just received their brand new records so were like exciteable kids at Christmas and wanted to start the interview holding them up to the camera. I began with a simple enquiry about how it felt to be back on the road, which was greeted with quizzical expressions and a silence, a few more awkward Qs and As followed so I decided to give up and go straight into the interview concept of Love/Hate. I won’t give away what happened after this point, but let’s say it should make for a funny/cringey watch…

I wasn’t on top form so awkwardness wasn’t dissolved by witty banter on my part I’m afraid. I want to point out though the last time the band were about and doing press, video interviews and internet magazines weren’t as prevalent, so it was kinda new for them . Please don’t interpret their lack of response to rudeness either, they weren’t rude at all, in fact they were extremely nice, pouring me a drink afterwards and having a nice chat , even sitting down to watch the interview on the camera, repeatedly asking if it was okay! These guys are the real deal, the genuine article. There’s no facade, they are their eccentric selves and all about the music….

Interview and Review will be up on Bring the Noise soon….

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