Cypress Hill-Brixton

Gallows have certainly been busy the last few months, appearing on every line up imaginable, something which is due to carry on throughout the Summer months. It’s no bad thing, with these guys you can rely on the fact that you will be treated to an impassioned show, full of vitriol and well… balls. It’s quite rare to come away from a Gallows gig without a story of someone suffering an injury or losing a piece of clothing, they seem to stir similar fire and energy into those that come into their musical contact. Frank Carters addresses to the crowd also amuse with their old school punk attitude and regular use of profanity, often jeering icons of popular culture who are infecting the charts. Whether you agree with his comments is irrelevant, it’s just comforting to see we still have colourful characters in music willing to rock the boat and say what they really think.
Once again, despite anxieties that their particular sounds might be a mismatch in terms of Cypress Hills fan-base, they deliver a stellar performance and receive a good reception from a crowd which featured everyone from teenage grungers to the loyal forty-something fans. They are clearly still buzzing after what must have been a career highlight, supporting legends Rage against the Machine at both the the historic Finsbury Park and Dublin dates.

I’ve been to tens of gigs at Brixton, but never before have I been part of such united euphoria, in part due down to the fact we were witnessing a rare musical treat but also because much of the packed out venue were indulging in a substance that the band are famed for championing! It was impossible to ignore the haze that spread throughout the space, let alone the aroma. Half way through the set when the stage was aptly lit with a green tone, a stage hand came on stage to hand B-Real what can only be described as a sizeable spliff. He promptly brought the joint to his lips for enjoyment. The drag, which was of course greeted with raucous appreciation lead predictably into ‘I Wanna Get High’. This segment of the evening shortly evolved into what can only be described as a medley of stoner anthems with ‘Hits from the Bong’ and ‘Dr. Greenthumb’ featuring in the mix.

Throughout the gig the two frontmen bounded youthfully around, covering all surface area of the stage and lifting their baggy trousers at the crotch when they wanted to stoop and gesture to the admiring pit dwellers.The two MCs frequently worked the crowd into a hand waving frenzy, displaying every bit of their famous cocky showmanship that we have become accustomed to over their illustrious career. It was good to see that despite our own depleting energy levels and increasing wrinkles that vigor and sprite hasn’t waned for Cypress Hill- perhaps they are onto something, if you know what I mean??

B-Real spoke to the jammed auditorium on numerous occasions throughout the evening, introducing his fellow musicians, allowing them to show off their talents, and stating his marvel at the response from the London crowd. He talked about the bands history saying they have been in the game since 1992 and how they can’t wait to come back and play for us again!

It is their vigorous onstage antics alongside their party anthems( who doesn’t enjoy ‘Insane in the Membrane’ blaring out the speakers!)that these guys are still considered not only legends, but relevant. Whilst some of their songs are singed with nostalgia for many of the older audience goers, including myself, for the younger gig goers the hip/hop stoner rock sound sounds as fresh and vibrant as ever.

The show came to a perfect end with 2000 chart hit ‘Rock Superstar’, the perfect sing along!! And the through the haze we left Brixton on a high, in more ways than one!!

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