Whatever it Takes

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So its exciting times at the moment….. I am involved in a dream new project which I’m hoping you will all support and enjoy.I have joined Matt Sharland of idiom, and radio DJ Kelly D of Total Rocks ‘The Really Good Rock Show’ to host brand spanking new Extreme Sports and Alternative Music show ‘Whatever it Takes.’

Here’s some info on the show…

Whatever It Takes is a behind the scenes documentary of the lives of the people who risk everything just to make their passion their day job.The program will focus on extreme artists such as; pro Freestyle motocross riders, skate boarders, BMX riders and bands of the rock/alternative genre.

Following the artist/athletes through their daily routines and to events will show the viewers what it really takes to do what they do. The show will be aimed at the young music/extreme sport fan where the scenes are merging more and more every day.

Film crew will be headed by Carl Shanahan of Pangaea Productions, an up and coming film director who has been working in the field for the past few years and has produced many music videos that air on Scuzz and Kerrang TV channels on rotation.

Hopefully viewers can understand that these people really do “Whatever it Takes”

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