Back from Boardmasters….

To say I am tired is probably the understatement of the century, but it was worth the roughing it and the lack of sleep, a good time was had by all. 

I had got a train to Exeter on the Wednesday morning to meet up with Matt (host), Carl (Director) and Yogi ( Boom) to grab a quick KFC and join them in the van for the remainder of the journey to Newquay. We parked our car on the top of a cliff with a view of a spooky hotel (which featured in The Witches) and the sea. We would sleep here for the next few days. While this was fine for the boys, it was slightly less ideal for a girl who suffers from ibs! The next five days involved watching some amazing bands, chatting to some of them, a lot of dry shampoo and even more free Relentless…..

I won’t give too much away about our time at Boardmasters as a write up will be up on the site soon……. but I will post some snaps! xxxx

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