Absolut Limited Edition

Those who know me well will no of my aversion to Vodka and why…. a river and singles that turned out to be triples are the only clues I’ll give to the drama that was my 18th for those not lucky enough to witness or hear about it. Anyone who’s had a bad experience on a certain beverage will know how a mere sniff can take you back to the horrendous moment of drunken doom, and just under a decade on I still try and stay away from the deceptive alcohol.

Doing what I do you get sent various freebies, some of which are useful, some that are indulgent and some that are completely irrelevant. The alcohol bottles might seem to fit into the last category for a music/fashion journalist, but in recent years more and more we are seeing collaborations between big names in fashion and music with various drinks brands. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of bottles and drinks from various events including Cointreau from an event with immaculate Dita Von Teese….. see myself looking decidedly sweaty next to the uber groomed burlesque star !!

So despite my wish to make sure Vodka stays out of my blood stream, the beauty of it’s new design was enough to make me want to mention it on my blog. I used to collect perfume bottles for the beauty of the design and it seems that the people behind alcohol/soft drinks ( see former post with Johnny Rocket customizing coke bottles) want you to see their products in a similar vain.

We are used to seeing ABSOLUT vodka with its smooth exterior but with their Limited Edition bottle we are treated to dramatic facets. This bottle will be the basis and inspiration for series of yet to be revealed artistic collaborations.

The bottle was launched exclusively last month at Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street, but can now be bought for a limited time in further prestige stores.

If you want this attractive piece of glass architecture to add some glamour to your drinks cabinet it retails at £22.99.

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