FBC – Dolly Jones talks to Laura Bailey

Thanks to the lovely Penelope I was invited to another FBC event at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED store. Last weeks interview turned out to be a inspiring conversation between Vogue.coms Dolly Jones and model, entrepreneur and green blogger Laura Bailey.

The main theme for the days conversation would be to ask questions regarding fair trade, green, ethical ( or many other labels given to products/companies with a conscience) within the fashion industry. While positive steps are undoubtedly being made by many there is most definitely still a lot of work to be done.

Breaking FBC records, a prolonged Q and A session post interview really proved how ardent many of the audience are in making a difference, with some voicing extremely strong theories on where we should go from here. It’s great that we have people like Laura, who due to their position have the opportunity to raise awareness on a great scale, we just need to convince more of the big name designers to consider the issues a bit more.( which will in turn influence how people shop)

I must say hearing about Lauras trips for Oxfam, her jewelry range for Made, her blogging and the many other endeavors she participates in, alongside the full time role of a mother, left me with an urge to do more myself.

My voice may not be listened to on such a scale, but what I can do is show people, via my fashion blog for Open, some of the stunning products that are on the market that just happen to ‘green’ or ‘ethical’.

Head to my blog for Open Magazine to read an in depth write up of the day…..

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