Jessie J at the Hoxton Bar and Grill

Despite feeling pretty much horrendous after two weeks of working every night, without stopping to sleep or conduct normal human life, I could not pass up the opportunity to see Essex born 22 year old Jessie J. She has been one of those names that keeps popping up amongst music enthusiasts and industry folk, and after checking out her pipes on YouTube (where she communicates with and sings for her army of dedicated fans) I wanted to take the opportunity to witness, in the flesh, the artist I believe will be the big story of 2011.

It is boggling that someone with talent of her magnitude is not already enjoying the dizzy heights of success/fame, particularly when she she possesses the factor that so many TV shows are tirelessly hunting for, often with no avail and ample humiliation. What compounds the mystery is the fact that Alicia Keys has already cottoned on to her writing skills with Justin Timberlake naming her as the ‘best singer.’ She has also toured with Chris Brown and penned Miley Cyrus smash hit ‘Party in the USA’, but whatever your feelings about the two aforementioned artists don’t put this against her, for it is you who will suffer!!

But she is not just a voice, her onstage presence is huge with banter to and fro between her and the crowd (including her mum), as well as her band frequent throughout her show. Her outspoken nature and frank turn of phrase is at no times harsh but genuine, light hearted and refreshing. While it will undoubtedly make her a colourful character for us to watch evolving she is self aware enough to know that it might also get her in trouble in interview scenarios, commenting on her the need of Media Training during last nights show.

Her debut has already picked up airplay from the likes of Twin B, 1Xtra and Mista Jam, Radio 1, with the white hot remix from man-of-the-moment and good pal Labrinth sending Jessie J straight to the top of the HypeMachine chart in under 24 hours – all an impressive 3 months ahead of release…. surely this is a sign of things to come for star in waiting…

‘Do It Like A Dude’ is out on December 6th…. Be sure to check it out…

In the meantime watch my vids from the gig or see Jessie J talk/sing from various locations, including an LA bathroom, on Youtube….

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