NEED!!! Birthday treat perhaps….

When I was trying to waste time in Carnaby street, after being overly punctual for another event (as usual), I had a quick look round some of small shops I don’t usually go into, the ones that look intriguing from the outside but that I’m more often than not passing in a hurry when dashing from one appointment to the next. My favourite had to be SuperSuperficial which has a very cool contemporary gallery space vibe about it, filled with humorous illustrative/graphic print t- shirts and jumpers. This isn’t what cemented itself as a new favourite however….. My hunt was finally over… yes I’d found it….. a t-shirt featuring a beloved sloth… and in three colour ways no less. Readers of this blog, twitter followers and friends will be aware of my slight obsession and ambition to go to Costa Rica to visit the sloth orphans. But alas I am currently trying very hard to curb my spending so Costa Rica is most definitely not on the cards and the t shirt will have to reside on my birthday wish list for now.

P.S When I expelled my happiness to the lovely shop assistant, she said that lots of people come in the shop and say how horrible they think sloths are!!! How can this be???

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