Never Let Me Go….

I currently find myself spending a lot of time listening to film soundtracks/scores, the likes of Aaron Zigmon, Dario Marianelli, Johan Soderqvist,Danny Elfman, and of course John Williams. They are consuming my ears throughout my working day… the only downside to my music choice is that the extremely emotive nature of some of the tracks can cause my hormonal self to tear up, this can be a tad embarrassing on the tube, but I do like my music to make me feel something.

Last week I went to see David Finchers (who I love) latest cinematic foray which is the ‘Story of Facebook’, Social Network. I was actually quite impressed with it, although it is quite different in topic and style to Finchers usual choice of project. While I think it was cleverly directed it was Aaron Sorkins engaging and witty screenplay which stole the show, although lead Jesse Eisenberg portrays the awkward, socially inept genius extremely well. Andrew Garfield is predictably strong as the friend who is wronged (and ends up suing) Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake plays the unlikeable, money hungry Napster founder Sean Parker very convincingly. Anyway… I digresss…. I’m hardly Mark Kermode so will get back on topic.I was surprised to see that NIN frontman/music genius Trent Reznor lend his talent to the score… so this will be one I will be checking out.

Speaking of Andrew Garfield, his new film ‘Never Let Me Go’ which he stars alongside Keira Knightly and the adorable Carey Mulligan, has tempted me with its trailer and choice of music. I have been told by many avid book readers that the story the film is based on is heartbreaking and life changing, so it is only fitting that the teaser would feature a heart rending melody, in this case Muse’ Exogenesis: Part 3. Disappointingly I hear that it is not on the actual soundtrack, but I’m sure there will be some beautiful string/piano based accompaniment to get the ducts working…

See below and ice skating pairs interpretation of the music…. well why not!!!?

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