Art by David Shrigley

This last week I was awoken by a dream, one where my computer died and I had failed to back up my work. I have had far more distressing nightmares, tragic ones depicting loss and destruction on a larger and more emotional scale but this was one that instilled a undercurrent of worry when I woke. I was housesitting and had left my removeable disk at home, so the next day I planned to go back and back up.
Unfortunately I turned on my Mac in the morning and heard this very unsettleing flicking and crunching noise coming from the top right corner….. this wasn’t good…

I turned it off, the next time I turned it off the screen was blank….

Well you can guess the rest of the story…. it seems some dreams do come true, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the glorious ones you hope for!!

So sadly I have lost videos and photos, many of which are irreplaceable as the subjects are no longer with us….. it’s quite devestating.

So everyone make sure you learn from this and back up your back up… and regularly!!

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