Battersea Dogs Home Collars and Coats 150th Anniversary Gala Ball

On Thursday night, wrapped up in as many layers as humanly possible without looking like Michelin Man, I headed to the chicly decrepid location of the Battersea Power Station, which was playing host to the nearby famous Dog and Cats Home Collars and Coats 150th Anniversary Gala Ball. With legends of music Brian May and Roger Daltry on the performance bill I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do a report from the red carpet. Alas, the fact that they would be taking the stage that night meant they would bypass the chill of the red carpet interviews and head straight into the venue to set up.
I still managed to grab a chat with a few celebs including the lovely Shane Ward, Mark Foster, Catherine Tate and Su Elise Nash. Unfortunately some guests weren’t in the most cheery of moods due to the numbing climate we were challenged with on this particular evening. My performance as reporter was further hindered due to temporary mouth/jaw disablement and brain freeze, a result of being in the arctic conditions for over 2 hours, which resulted in an inability to construct and sound out sentences. Despite the fact I was flanked by some bolshy journalists and my poor camera women (Amandine) was trembling profusely we managed to get a few bits for your viewing pleasure……

Not one to particularly care about looking cool, as it has proven near impossible for me over the years, I have included some outakes at the end which showcases my inability to say simple sentences….. ENJOY

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