Nail Rocks

I’m not one for spending much time on grooming or beautifying in general, in part due to a hectic schedule but also due to laziness when it comes to my personal upkeep. That said, when I get some spare time, I do find some of the processes of improving or maintaining looks quite relaxing. I have a make up routine which has stayed pretty much the same for the last ten years or so (apart from the fact some of the tools are from now sadly from age defying ranges), I don’t pluck my eyebrows, I only go to the hairdressers once a year and you will often find me with chipped nails….. Not much of an advert for a fashion/beauty writer you might think….

Despite my apparent disregard I have tested out samples for years and know what are good additions to the beauty shelves. I can also review from the angle of someone who’s not particularly accomplished in using/applying beauty paraphernalia, so for novices out there I can tell you which products might be a bit too tricky for you to do at home.

When I spotted Nail Rocks at a press day I knew straight away this was I product I wanted to try for myself having admire the outlandish hand and feet accessorizing of katy Perry, Rihanna etc. Nail Rocks are a new way to decorate your fingers and toes, a new technique away from the standard of polish. Before you start , if you neglect nail care like myself you will have some preparation to do: Push down the cuticles, shape the nail and rough the surface of the nail so that the sticker will adhere better once applied. I have quite a small nail surface so I was required to trip down the stickers considerably to fit. One mistake I made was taken the sticker off the backing to do so, therefore touching the adhesive on the back, this affected how well it adhered later, so make sure if possible you trim while still attached to the backing. Next you place the sticker of the nail and heat using a small hairdryer, starting with one side of the nail, adding firm pressure, then to the other side. It warns that that sometimes there can be creases but I didn’t find this an issue at all, they all were completed with a smooth finish.
I found it slightly difficult to trim to neaten the ends once they were all applied so make sure you either have very sharp scissors or a good file as you don’t want to rip the whole nail sticker off, I also found doing the right hand a bit difficult but thats always the case when doing anything with your left hand.

It was quite a fun process, perhaps due to the novelty factor of the process, and surprisingly it didn’t actually take very long to do….and that says a lot coming from someone as cack handed as me. Inevitably the more times you do it the faster you’d become and the better the finish would be. It will be interesting to see how long they last for….

Each set has two sets and clear instructions and there are numerous amazing designs to choose but I think the next design I’m going to stump for with be the metallic set to try and ease my scrooge tendencies and get in the xmas party mood!

Head to ASOS Beauty or Topshop to buy …. starts from £6.50

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