All Star Line -up Serving Hep C Awareness

It’s been too long since of caught up with Gemma Peppe, who does amazing work at the Hep C Trust, so I was looking forward to catching up with her yesterday.

Unfortunately my mornings work commitments had meant I arrived late to the All Star Lanes, thankfully I was not alone in my tardiness and a gentlemen, Thomas, arrived but 30 seconds after me in equal state of Kafuffle. Comedian/Presenter/Tall chap Jeff Leach had just finished his role of witty wordsmith in front of the invited guests, and it soon became apparent we had also missed the food… disaster!!

Sadie Frost had been head waitress for the day with a team of fellow celebs helping her with serving duties including Meg Matthews,Lisa Moorish, Jimi Mistry, Ray Panthaki, Johnny Harris and Jodie Harsh. Although we could not revel in the novelty of being waited on by such familiar faces, Thomas made sure he made the most of the opportunity and with me as his personal papparazzi managed to get a picture with most of the willing celebrities.

After a bit of mingling we decided we should make the most of our location and play a game, despite the fact we knew it would likely be an embarrassing display… But it would soon unfold that one of us had a vast amount of fluke on their side…

Sorry Thomas… I had to showcase this rare victory…

So once we were over the disappointment of missing what has been described as a ‘glorious’ sticky toffee pudding we got to chatting to many of the invited guests who have been personally affected by Hepatitis C. I had already spoken to Thomas, who himself featured in the ‘Face it’ campaign. Thankfully like him several of the guests are now clear of the virus. But even those who are over the worst spoke of the importance of after-care and follow ups and all hoping to continue raising awareness for a problem that is all too often misunderstood and even worse, ignored.

A common theme throughout the afternoon was how important speaking to people who also have gone or going through diagnosis, treatment or recovery is. While there are of course people who will listen and try to help, there is nothing quite like the comfort of speaking to someone who has been through it themselves. The need for more support groups throughout the country was something suggested a few times, but in the meantime there are online forums that some go to for regular support.

I’ll post some more pictures from the event soon and some more info on the wonderful work the Hep C Trust does….

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  1. December 7, 2010 / 5:52 pm

    Hi Sophie and thank you for a great afternoon the Celebs certainly worked their socks off attending to the needs of us affected with the virus…
    I run one of the online forums out there and welcome anyone affected with the virus including friends and family…

    Again thank you..Cx

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