Careful Camel??

There are some trends that emerge every year without fail, think Nautical, Floral, Military and so on…… Hues described at caramel, blonde, toffee and rather more plainly… beige, are another perennial look on the runway, but this year their presence reached a new level. Like I said, camel is pretty much a constant, particularly in New York where classic, preppy and simple are always popular choices, but this year we even saw designers famed for garish colourways and kaleidoscope prints, ensure their collection featured a potential wardrobe staple in this wearable colour.

As ever the high street has more that catered for this look at with pleasantly doable price tags, however I am yet to find a coat that make me swoon as much as this Hussein Chalayan coat from the amazing I adore the mannish boxy shape (this is the most sensible choice in terms of a wardrobe longevity), the double breast that meets low on the body and the quirky addition of buttons at the base.

If like me you can’t quite afford such a sartorial splurge, and swooning is all you can continue to do for the time being, a destination which gifts you with plenty a swoon-worthy object is the aforementioned Milletre Boutique, which was voted by Vogue as one of Britains Best Boutiques in 2010.

Milletré Boutique
15 Victoria Grove
W8 5RW.

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