Do I Dip-Dye??

I’ve never dyed my hair… wait that’s a lie, when I was about 13 and well in my ‘metaller’ stage I decided one red strip might be a good look…..even then I was a bit timid though, using one of those wash in wash out dyes that were supposed to last for three washes…. ( mine lasted for a 5 too many washes….)

As I enter a new year, and hopefully a new lucky period of my life, I thought a new look might be in order. I know I am way behind a trend here, but I thought 2010’s dip dye look might be a good way to ease me into the dyeing world…. and when I can’t afford a repeat treatment it will just look like a holiday bleached grow out….. ideal!!

What do you guys think…. should I dare to dye???

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