Joanna Parkin- Not On The High Street

If you are manically trawling to find those annoying last gifts before Christmas, but fed up with what the high street has to offer, wanting to hunt down something a bit more special for your loved ones, what more appropriate destination than Not On The High Street. I’d love to keep it to myself but I am generously going to point you in the direction of one particular designer who has a range that lends itself perfectly to a gift for your girlfriend, sister, Mum etc….

Jo Parkin spends her days working in a a silk shop in central london surrounded by the highest quality fabrics from all over the world including luxurious brocades, intricate embroideries and the finest silks from china, india, and europe. At work her tasks include having to help costume designers from west end theatres and blockbuster films to come up with concepts for their shows. By looking at their drawings and pulling out all the fabrics she found herself constantly inspired, cultivating a library of ideas of her own. Excited by the possibilities her situation gifts her she decided to put her textile degree to good use and stay after work to create her own pieces.

Her range started with the small make up bags and after they started flying off the virtual shelves she began to make bigger versions and lining them with the beautiful silks. By adding the leather bases they became a more durable product and spurred Jo to continue using leather, the most notable being the covetable clutch bags. I’m going to order one as a naughty end of year treat , although I feel a tad guilty as the designer confessed ‘the hardest item to make is the clutch bag…it takes hours and the lining is all hand sewn which KILLS my fingers even with a thimble.

But as we know with killer heels Jo, fashion and pain quite often comes hand in hand…..

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  1. December 16, 2010 / 2:31 pm

    Awesome. Jo's products are so lovely. The quality is second to none and I use her make up bags and brush wraps everyday. The materials she uses are exquisite and her sewing is flawless.

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