My 2010- The Good

When new years eve approaches you can’t help but look back on the year with its various successes and even more failures….
Here I have posted some of the good bits of my rather up and down year…. check back for a rather depressing post called ‘The Bad”…..


The year kicked off with one of my best mates weddings, with myself, Ellie and Fiona as doting bridesmaids.
It was a chilly day so underneath the Pink froth was a rather fetching pair of long johns….It was a beautiful day and made me go extremely mushy and sentimental. I felt I slightly overstepped the mark,when the bride and groom invited me to their room at the end of the night….. to help them open their wedding gifts of course!

Not forgetting my second cousins beautiful wedding too….


Another fantastic weekend courtesy of a UK festival. Always one of my favourites, Reading 2010’s lineup was a pretty impressive affair with legends and relative newbies catering for an extremely broad set of musical tastes.

Having interviewed and watched Young Guns play countless times over the year I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride when watching them open the main stage, and what a marvelous job they did too. Anyone who hasn’t checked out their extremely accomplished debut album ‘All Our Kings are Dead’ should make it a new years resolution.

My accomplices for the weekend Dan and Grant… ladykillers

I know some people lump Limp Bizkit into the guilty pleasure category but I did and still do love them so I was ecstatic to get to see them live after so many years….. it was nice to feel like a reckless teenager again…..still know every word…


It felt like one of those events in history that you would look back on and be proud that you were there. I spent the day with the lovely Lou Howells and Steve Sitkowski.. who joined me in feasting on a large amount of jerk flavoured food and donuts while taking in the ferocious sounds and opinions coming from the stage.
Fate played a part in the day when Steve bumped into Mr Matt Sharland, they’d played gigs together before and hadn’t seen each other for a while…..Matt and I got on famously and this is when I was first introduced to the concept of ‘Whatever It Takes’, a music/extreme sports show hosted by Matt and Total Rocks Kelly D……


So after various slightly inebriated talks at various gigs I was enrolled into the Whatever It Takes team. Working at many of the extreme sports/music events over the summer, the three of us plus our trusty crew (including Ross, Yogi, Becky and Luke) made memories I’ll treasure forever. If you haven’t left the blog to try and grab a sick bucket I will gush for a sentence or so longer……It has also meant that I have gained some life-long friends (hopefully)!!

Hopefully in 2011 we will have the footage edited to show all of you patient people…

The Dream team….

I had to get used to living with boys in a cosy van over the summer… which meant that as well as getting used to the warming aroma of farts, that I also had to get used to my hair becoming a matted mess, thus adopting a new nickname… Bob ( Marley)

It’s only bloomin’ Tony Hawk…. this day took the prize of my most embarrassing moment of the year.

We got to interview lots of wonderful people from the world of music…..


Myself and about 15 good pals headed to the party isle for a few days of much needed hedonism and sunbathing…. it turned out to be a trip that would gift us with a catalogue of funny moments which we will undoubtedly recount for years to come….. good times.

Diesel – BE STUPID campaign.

Myself and about 100 creatives including stylist, artists, designers and photographers were chosen to feature in Diesels online catalogue in an homage to Jean Luc Godard, featuring an incredibly catchy tune by Josep. I have put this in the good category due to the fact I met some lovely people on the shoot and it was an ‘experience’, but it in no way applies to my dancing skills which frankly could only be put in the abysmally bad bracket!!


A weekend I will never forget for various reasons….. I’m not sure I have laughed so much or looked more of a drowned rat. A stellar line-up consisting of legends AC/DC, Slash, personal favourites including Deftones and a nice little cheese fest from Aerosmith. Too many Jagerbombs consumed, too much money spent, but good times all round!


For years I have been saying I want to bungee/sky dive, but due to poor health, lack of funds/time etc these plans have never been realized. One day I was randomly looking on a site and there was a spot available, and in just a few weeks time, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and just book it. What I couldn’t predict is that we would have such a bitterly cold and snowy winter and that I would be jumping from 160ft in a blizzard… typical!!


My regular plus ones Amandine and Dave (Chandler) proved to be great partners in crime on the fashion/music event circuit. We got invited to some extremely swanky events this year including the launch of the new mini, a launch of a Playboy drink, Shortlist Magazine party, Footlocker Rev Run launch, DJ Mags Top 100 to name a few…..


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