Olivia Rubin splurge 1

I was a very naughty girl last week……
Olivia Rubins pieces are ones that I find myself lusting over for an embarrassing amount of time, whether it be at a trade show, press day, on the online store or adorned by a young hot celeb. I have just about managed to stop myself splurging my poor guts out in the past but when news reached me via Facebook that she would be holding a samples sale with ‘massive reductions’ I knew I was in trouble, or more appropriately my bank balance would be.
I went with the very sensible target of buying one dress, more than likely the versatile Opie. As soon as i saw the rails of fashion glory I knew the sensible target would be obliterated. Within seconds of scanning the room, 6 hangers worth of goodies were miraculously on my hands… I just don’t know how it happened!
So after the trying on sess, which I thought in usual tradition would whittle down the potential purchases, but OR designs are all so damn beautiful I couldn’t decipher which ones to put back on the rail….. well you know where this is going now don’t you!!

So my one stop shopping trip ended with purchasing three dresses and the brick print top……. That said, with many pieces at 70% off I got a great deal, and it will stop me wasting work hours gorming at the website….

Here is me proving the versatility of the Opie, you can wear it in the day with flat boots and a cardi or dress up for night with tuxedo jackets and opaques…. Can’t wait to adapt it for summers balmier climates too… can you hear me justifying again!!!

I’ll post my other purchases soon!! xxx

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