Interview with IVAN INK ‘N’ ISA

Last week I headed to Dean St Studios to meet Oliver Briggs (Ivan Ink and Pen) and Isabella Summers (Florence and The Machine) who have come together to create a mesmerizing 4 track EP released via Ollies Brink Label under the logical name of IVAN INK ‘N’ ISA.

If interest in your current ipod playlist is waning and you are yearning for fresh and intelligent material to sink your ears into for the new year I highly recommend you check this captivating partnership out. There’s something comforting yet jarring about their sound, like nightmares and the softest of dreams colliding….my description might sound pretentious but its the closest I’ve got to encapsulating their sound…

I spoke to the pairing about their writing process and what inspires them…. quite the standard interview you might think….. but somehow we managed to drift onto the subject of the silver fox that is Philip Schofield and even conclude the interview with a rap……(I say rap in the loosest of terms) . I’m starting to see a trend emerge with my interviews…… cringe.

In conclusion I urge you to buy the throughly talented and nice twosomes’ EP which is available from the 7th February. In the meantime check out their stunning video for ‘Standing On A Hill’, Directed and Animated by Lewis Kyle.

Alternatively If you wish to check out their unique sound in a live forum be sure to get yourselves down to the wonderfully intimate venue The Barfly on Friday 28th January for Fly Magazine New Issue Party where they will be playing alongside Big Deal, The Laurel Collective, Jon (Vision Of Trees) DJ set, Dennis Believe(dj set), Fly Magazine Djs and Gwilym Gold (Golden Shivers).

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