My 2010- The Bad

Unfortunately as well as the various aforementioned joys there was much to mourn in 2010, most of which I won’t include in this post. I did however want to mention a genius and inspiration, Lee McQueen. I also wanted to remember the departed pets that have given so many smiles and furry cuddles to their owners…..




This was one trend in particular I just couldn’t master, it just didn’t feel right and every attempt to venture out the house in a double denim ensemble resulted in a quick discard of shirt or jacket before shutting the front door behind me . Knowing the risks of getting the look wrong really hindered me.. 80’s wardrobe disaster territory was just too possible a place for me to end up. The models could pull it off with ease on the Chloe catwalk, their patchwork jeans combined with laid back shirts looked effortless. Others designers made it work via contrasting denim textures instead of clashing denim colours. Despite the fact celebrities and cool street folk managed to sport the look with aplomb this has no inspired me to try again, I will carry on leaving this look to them….


I will not go on to mention names as I don’t think really they should be given more press for their disgraceful behavior, but also because the intensity of tabloid culture in 2010 leaves a distinctly horrible taste in my mouth. While I must be honest in the fact that I read the articles in the tabloids and trashy magazine, which throw comment on such ghastly incidents despite the fact that a lot of the ‘facts’ are based on hearsay, gossip, half truths and so called ‘reliable sources’, I have a real problem with what has become news worthy in recent years. While it might make for an escape and entertaining reading, these are peoples lives. Why is it our business what is going on in their love/personal lives? More importantly how does it affect the children and families of the people who have never asked to be put in the spotlight! Rant over…..

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