New Years Resolution

We shouldn’t have to use this day as a spur to make positive changes, but it does seem a suitable time to start making amends, making improvements or changing habits.

In a break from wolfing down chinese take away and playing X box Kinect during my low key new years with Ms Hoggins we discussed what we hope we will do differently in 2011…. which we hope will be the ‘year of the Egg and Hog’… something we say every year then end up having disaster, after crisis, after drama….

So mine go as follows…… (they veer from the frivolous to the valuable)

Try and find local love…. and with a nice guy. This was one has been appointed by my friends as they’d like me to find a suitor that I actually get to see on a regular basis who might treat me nicely…. believe it when I see it!! (did that sound a bit bitter?)

I’d like to go back to my old self, the one who believed in the fairytale and would see the good in people and the possibility for change. Unfortunately the last few years I have become a tad cynical and dark, although there is still a bit of a hippy inside, waiting to be revived…..

I am going to start doing things… when I say things, I mean the stuff you say you’ll do one day but never get round to. It started with a bungee jump in December and I have a sky dive booked for April….

I will do more charity work.

I shall be less self critical….. I am always going to put too much pressure on myself and feel I could do more or better, but I am going to try and let it affect me less.

I am always happy to help and do favours, but in the past it has been extremely detrimental in terms of financial gain in my career. I need to be more ruthless and start concentrating on jobs that will help me progress and aid the dream of affording a pad of my own.

Unfortunately in the last few months I have abandoned the rigid diet I have been put on by the doc to help with my stomach/allergy issues. and therefore have found myself looking and feeling pretty rough. it pains me to say I shall have to say goodbye to some of my favourite foodie delights again because I need to feel well enough to keep up with the massive workload of 2011.

I might try and do some exercise.. (this one appears every year and fails pretty promptly)

Stop worrying so much.

I will stop squeezing my spots!

I will be more inventive with my hair…. dye job coming right up!

The list could go on and on quite frankly…..before I bore you to tears in your hungover states I’d love to hear what all your resolutions are…….

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