Sisley release new lip shades…


The lovely people at Sisley sent me their two new phyto lip shades to try out Sheer Beige and Sheer Fuschia which were both strong colour trends for the S/S shows.

Before I even get down to how the lipsticks are to wear I have to comment on the beautiful way they are realized. When you take them out of the pretty standard cardboard Sisley branded box you get to another layer, a luxurious red velvet pouch. When you pop the lipstick from its soft protective sock you are greeted with a striking metal outer. It is weighty too, which always makes things feel more expensive and precious.

The Fuchsia shade, think S/S Jil Sander and Fendi, has been my staple for the last week, adding a much needed bit of warmth to my wintery pale face. The sheer nature of it makes it less dramatic than other lipsticks out there and far more wearable for me, someone who can’t take an extreme lip look. It also has the added bonus of leaving your previously chapped lips feeling looked after and moisturized.

For evening I often like to go for a smoke eye and a muted lip, so this beige lip colour has proved the perfect new addition to my make up bag and helps to imitate the beauty looks seen on the Chloe catwalk.

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