To do Tattoo??

The last few years I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo….Whenever I am out with my friends I am generally in the minority with my blank canvas of skin ( apart from its sporadic showcase of freckles, blemishes and scars) and always spend time admiring the various ink scrawlings and artwork that add interest to their arms, neck, fingers etc etc.
My thoughts of joining them is not about fitting in or looking a certain way to show an allegiance to a certain genre of music or scene…. I’ve personally always had an issue with people who say have piercings, tattoos or dress ‘alternative’ to be unique or different, because more often than not they are dressing like everyone else within their scene…. I’ve faced opposition before because I don’t always embrace the typical stereotype of someone who likes heavy music…..but then again I don’t like just heavy music I like songs that fall into pretty much every genre going! When it comes to my fashion choices the same rule applies, if I like it I like it…. and if I get a tattoo it will because I like it or have an occasion/person I want to celebrate and for no other reason…

That said, I am struggling with the concept of permanence… would It be possible for me to find an image or piece of text that I would like for the rest of my life, one that won’t tire, become irrelevant or even offend me in years to come? There’s also the the task of finding the best artist to produce your ideal skin design….

To be honest I think all the aforementioned things are enough to result in me never seeing this idea through….I’m indecisive by nature which doesn’t bode well for such an important decision… I know my parents will be extremely pleased with my constant procrastination, my innate lack of impulse means I am unlikely to visit them with any surprise additions to my body, and for that they will extremely relieved !

If I was to dare the below are what I would go for….. some black illustrative delicate design…. or a relevant or poignant phrase or lyric….

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