Minimum effort… Maximum Impact

I’ve found a new crush, and they’re just my type…sexy, slightly edgy and innately stylish…. with the added exoticism of being Scandinavian … the extremely cool Minimum . Founded back in 1997, based in Århus, Denmark with showrooms in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Canada and Australi, the company is an intimate affair with just minimum 30 members of staff.
I was advised to check them out by a couple of enviably stylish friends of mine… and they were right, the looks featured on their website are right up my street!
It’s not exactly a fashion revelation…. but it’s reappearance season after season says something about its wear-ability… the boyfriend blazer… I love the over-sized nature of this particular one from Minimum, it’s masculinity enhanced further by the boxy shoulders ( although exaggerated shoulders are great for balancing wide hips). The sleeves rolled up also help to achieve that nonchalant…. ‘I don’t need to even try to look chic’ appeal. You are already aware of my t-shirt obsession if you are regular to this blog, my favourite designs tending to be of the quirky illustrative persuasion.. so this one ticks all the boxes.Teaming denim with smarter garments, the black blazer in this instance, is also a great way to relax a look, keeping it young and making sure the look isn’t too stuffy .
My Look for attending Krystof and Jasper Garvida show….
Although I’ve been a tomboy for years the addition of the androgynous look in terms of how the catwalk interpret boy meets girl aesthetic has only filtered into my wardrobe the last few years.
When you are young it is not unusual to think that bare skin = sexy , as I have grown older I’ve realized that feeling comfortable in what you wear will help you to exude confidence and that checking that your boobs haven’t popped out or having to hoist your skirt up or down all the time makes you look less than comfortable in your own skin..

I’ve found that I feel far better wearing tuxedo jackets and shirts with slim fit trousers, leaving my hair down and teaming with heels to ensure the look still has a touch of femininity. The catwalks have been awash with said looks… check out this cracker from Jason Wu… wonderful!

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