Virgin Trains Bloggers Challenge

As I start my epic 8 hour journey back from St Andrews I thought now would be the ideal time to tell you all about the challenge I have been set by Virgin Trains. They are handing over 250 smackeroonies which I can spend how I like as long as it incorporates a Virgin Trains journey.
The challenge part being that I spend no more than the allocated money on my trip and try and nab as many deals, bargains, freebies as I can to ensure it is a fun but thrifty escapade.

I thought it would be more fun to bring a friend so I am making it a Cheer Up Clothing morale boosting trip and bringing my ‘boss’ Ed along for the ride. As my other job away from the fashion industry is as a music journalist I thought it would be only right to incorporate a gig or musical event into the trip…. so we are currently scouting gig websites to see who’s playing when and where so we can decide on a date and city to splash our cash at.

At the moment it’s looking like Manchester but I will keep you posted…. expect lots of photos and piccies of us on our Virgin Adventure….


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