Interview with Sean Mackin of Yellowcard

Yesterday afternoon I headed to Brixton Academy to meet Violinist extraordinaire, Sean Mackin, of punk heroes Yellowcard. After announcing their return last year they have finally reached our shores and put an end to the itchy feet and frustrations of their devoted fans, playing a pleasing set following one of the UK’s most promising acts, Young Guns, and before headliners All Time Low stormed the stage with their joyfully juvenile banter and impossible catchy pop-punk.

I wanted to find out more about their 2008 ‘indefinite hiatus’ and their new seemingly optimistic record ‘When You Through Thinking, Say Yes.’ Sean was also kind enough to tell me what he has been doing during the break, what it’s like to work with top producer Neal Avron and what music is currently floating his boat.

If you can’t wait till the 21st March for the release check our their first singles from the album, ‘For You and Your Denial’ and ‘Hang You Up’.

I was lucky enough to get to stay for the show after our chat. I felt a warm sense of pride watching Young Guns command the stage with such confidence . The glee they felt from the playing such an iconic venue, one that they have all attended for so many years as audience members, was obvious…. lovely to see a band obviously appreciating and reveling in their hard earned position. Another warming of the cockles was achieved when witnessing the crowd embracing Yellowcards’ return with such vigor, even the new material which has not yet had time to gain classic status was answered with enthusiastic bouncing and clapping.(For your information they are sounding better than ever). All Time Low rounded the night off perfectly with their trademark brand of feel-good youthful joviality and everyone left the venue looking pretty chuffed with their night of music.

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