Make Me Up

You’ll have realized from the drama that surrounded my recent dye-job that I am not one for drastic beauty treatments or regimes.. I don’t even risk fake tanning in case the result leaves me looking jaundice or as if I have an infectious skin disorder… and that’s for a mere few days. You can imagine that tomorrows semi permanent treatment may have me feeling a tad apprehensive. As a natural blond by eyes lack definition without make up… I am being generous with this description, the most accurate would be that I look haggered, almost as if I have taken part in a sleep deprivation challenge a la Chris Moyles. With my less than perfect skin I feel unable to pull off the no- make up, fresh faced thing, so for summer I was looking for a way I could have the appearance of someone alive and awake, without the risk of running should I be frolicking in the sea (or sweating profusely).
I have tried the home eyelash dye kits which are fine in terms of result but messy for a clumsy fingered beauty amateur such as myself. I have also had my eyelashes dyed professionally and even more impressed with the result of that treatment, yet still found myself adding layers of mascara and eyeliner… which kinda defeats the object!
I’m hoping tomorrows Eyelash Definer treatment with Tracie Giles might leave me with an effect that allows me to step out of my house with confidence sans eye make- up…..
I’ll update tomorrow evening with some pics!! Wish me luck… I’m hoping my ‘after picture’ won’t be one of those pictures people Google when looking to gross out their mates… with my extensive list of allergies you never know what could happen!!

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