Summer Beauty – Ark Invigorating Body Scrub

Picking up from where I left off in my last Summer Beauty post…..Every year I vow that I will make a concerted effort to groom myself thoroughly in preparation for the skin exposing sunny months. Unfortunately laziness inevitably sets in and I find the prospect of getting into bed far more appealing then a few extra minutes slathering on lotions and potions etc. I always see women and celebs that appear to have flawless legs, ones that have such a silky sheen that it creates the illusion of a slimming white stripe down the bone of the leg where sun hits it. Unfortunately the reality of a newly shaven bare leg for me is rashy, porous, with a cut or two, dry knees and cellulitey thighs… sexy huh!

So before shaving and to add to my new leg beauty regime ( alongside Paula’s Choice and cellulite products) I have been using Arks Invigorating Body scrub. With Loofah, Multifruit Acids and Mint is great for reviving dull, dry looking skin which is caused by our bodies shedding skin cells every day. They recommend we use the rejuvenating scrub 1-2 times a week to restore the skin’s health and balance (but I feel mine needs some extra attention so I have been using whenever I shower). The natural sloughing particles gently lift dead cells and remove debris from the surface.

This is one of the satisfying products where you see and feel results straight away. My skin feels incredibly soft and blemishes that often appear on my chest,upper arms and calves have noticeably reduced.

ARK Invigorating Body Scrub £23.65 (200ml)

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