Summer Beauty – Paula’s Choice

As followers will know I have been spending the last few weeks testing out beauty products to prepare myself for a trip abroad… I hasten to call it holiday as it seems to be filling up with more and more work daily!

I have always envied the people who can achieve the appearance of silky legs so one of my main targets was to at least try and reduce the dryness and dull nature of my pins.
So, the obvious step was to take up applying lotions regularly rather than the usual when I can be bothered/when I remember….

I’ve been rubbing in Paula’s Choice skin revealing body lotion, I use to verb ‘rub’ because it is not a cream that sinks in without manipulation, it takes a bit of time to work it in a bit….which is by no means a negative thing as it almost convinces you that it must be doing some good to be that rigid a lotion which is robust enough to tackle my extremely hard skin.

I found my skin was much smoother to touch after just one application and it has continued to improve with the duration of usage. I suffer with bumps after shaving my legs and with its antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents it does appear to soothe these although DO listen to the instructions and avoid using right after using the razor…. it does sting quite a bit if you choose to rebel!


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