Time To See Who’s Really Good In The Sack…. (all for a good cause of course!)

A Night at The Sack Races for Red Nose Day

When I first saw an email land in my Inbox with the bold words ‘Jump In The Sack’ I thought, ‘Oh great… another dating spam mail reminding me of my single status’ or even worse a sexually charged mentalist on the look out for some action. Thankfully, it was of a far more innocent nature, albeit with the PR, Andrew Soars tongue firmly in cheek.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy any excuse to feel like a responsibility-free youngster again, so when the mist of intrigue cleared and I realized I was actually being invited to watch and even take part in a Sack Race I felt a tinge of that childhood pre-sports day nervous excitement ( although this instance, however unwise, is likely to be combined with a bevvy or two).

The ingenious London Comic Relief event is being held in conjunction with Caf├ędirect, a social enterprise that was originally set up by Oxfam almost two decades ago to support millions of small scale tea, cocoa and coffee farmers across the developing world. As the company’s plantations are in Kenya, they are doing ‘Jump In The Sack’ races in the original coffee bean sacks, direct from the company’s Kenyan plantations. Most importantly all the money raised during the night will be going to Comic Relief.

We are used to seeing celebrities looking enviably cool, so rather than looking brooding or sexy it will be refreshing to see some of them on their knees… from falling during the race I mean! Music acts in attendance so far are reported to be the hotly tipped Dog is Dead and Roll Deep with funny turns delivered courtesy of Jeff Leach and T4s Rick Edwards. After the week I’ve had I’m in the mood to let my hair down in a big way, thankfully It sounds like the night will require my dancing feet too with Jameela Jamil, Gemma Cairney, Mat Horne and Ronnie Joice spinning tunes on the decks.

It’s a sad case of affairs when a race is the the only sort of sack related action one is getting , but it should be a right old giggle and beggers can’t choosers !!

The event takes place at Village Underground on Wednesday 9th March from 7-11pm

Head to www.cafedirect.co.uk/rednoseday

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